18+ | The world's most inhumane rites, or how the devil mocks people

18+ | The world's most inhumane rites, or how the devil mocks people

In our world, much that already seems commonplace is in fact a crime against humanity. The narrow-mindedness of consciousness does not allow us to see the essence of things. Only pure Knowledge can dispel the fog of ignorance and free people from the oppression of the system.

Today we will talk about rituals that have existed in our society for centuries, have already become part of culture or religious dogma, and are skillfully used to maintain the slave psychology of the masses.

Teeth filing

Some traditions of tribes living in a remote area are surprising and incomprehensible to inhabitants of developed countries. If, however, we consider them more deeply, from the perspective of primordial Knowledge, it becomes clear where the substitution has taken place.

For example, representatives of the Indonesian Mentawai tribe, as well as some African tribes, have their teeth sharpened so that they become shark-like. This is a kind of initiation for girls.

Teeth filing

Teeth filing is done with stones, without any anesthesia. Girls endure crazy pain, but they go through this procedure to seem more attractive to men. The sharper the teeth, the more beautiful they are considered.

A similar ritual is performed in Bali. There it is called "matatah". The difference is that in Bali the teeth are not sharpened, but, on the contrary, they file their canines, not only for women, but also for men. This is done by local priests, also without anesthesia. 

It is considered that this ritual helps to get rid of the animal nature in a human, the manifestation of his brute nature, such passions as lust, greed, anger, a craving for alcohol, arrogance and envy. The six sins fall on the six upper front teeth, which are subject to filing.

It is interesting that the number six, according to the primordial Knowledge, is the number of dimensions of the material universe with all its temptations, distractions and vices, but in the seventh dimension the laws of the Spiritual World are already in force. But in the seventh dimension the laws of the Spiritual World are already in force. 

In Bali matatah is an important event in everyone's life. As a rule, the ritual is held with the age of puberty. It is carefully prepared for: choosing a special day, dressing up, inviting guests and musicians, and preparing food.

The original essence of the Balinese ritual will be clear to those who have read the AllatRa book. It is just a substitute for the knowledge of the necessity of personal spiritual work on oneself, fighting against the manifestations of the animal nature for a symbolic ritual. Instead of inner transformation, it is enough to get rid of the outward sign of animal nature.

In the case of the African tribes and the Mentawai tribe, I cannot assert, but perhaps, with the same knowledge of the dual nature of human being, it was an attempt to degrade woman in comparison to man, to equate her in this way with animal. Over time, the meaning of this tradition has been forgotten, and none of the locals wonder why women have to go through this painful ritual at all. It has just become the norm.

Doesn't it remind you of the monkey experiment "That's the way it's done here," which was described in the "Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally alive" video?

If the thought goes through your head that this comparison to monkeys applies only to members of wild tribes, remember how many rituals, whose meaning and significance no one else has a sense of, you perform on the sacred holidays of your religious tradition…

As for the "fashion" for this or that kind of teeth, even in developed countries public opinion can be manipulated. While girls in Europe, after watching Hollywood movies, massively replace even healthy teeth with unnaturally white veneers, in Japan there is a cult of crooked teeth and canines. And it is not so cheap there to ruin your bite and build up your "triplets" to make your smile look like a cat's smile.

We will come back to the topic of the popularity of this or that particular kind of body part later in the article, but for now we will continue to review the rituals that are performed by people on our planet.

The torture of human flesh

Throwing babies from great heights, testing men with poisonous plants or ants, ritual whipping of women with birches - we have invented all sorts of things to increase suffering in an already joyless world where human life is worthless.

Let's begin by looking at the rites of self-abasement. These are common to some branches of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

A rite of self-torture

In all cases they are regarded as a spiritual discipline, a sacrifice to God of one's flesh, a practice of purification.

Philippine Catholics perform the rite of self-beating during the Holy Week of Lent. The practice is condemned by the highest clergy in the Philippines, but every year there are quite a few religious fanatics who walk out into the streets and torture themselves with whips.People make cuts in each other's backs, act out scenes of Jesus' journey to Golgotha, and nail themselves to crosses, sometimes using real nails.

Participants in the processions note that afterwards they experience a burst of strength, their material desires begin to come true, and some of their relatives recover.

In Italy since the 13th century there has been a movement of flagellants (from the Latin "flagellum" - "lash, whip"). Religious fanatics in white robes and cone-shaped balaclavas covering their faces, beat themselves in public with whips with metal tips. They dedicate their suffering to the Virgin Mary.

Some Muslims practice self-beating with sharp chains during Muharram, the first month of the Muslim calendar. In this way they atone for the suffering and death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who was killed in battle in 680. 

I wonder how the Prophet, who in his lifetime sincerely forgave all his enemies and dreamed of a world of goodness and joy for all people, would have reacted to this?

Hindus perform equally impressive rites. Around the temples dedicated to the bloodthirsty goddess Kali, they carry young men suspended by hooks by the skin of their backs. Sometimes those hold babies in their arms. Processions are accompanied by songs and dances. The believers express their devotion and love to the mythical half-human bird Garuda, who, according to legend, was sent by the god Vishnu to quench Kali's thirst. Garuda sacrificed a few drops of his blood to satisfy the goddess of death and destruction. Piercing their backs like rags, people in the twenty-first century try to do the same…

There are many ritual traditions practiced in India. They range from the ridiculous, such as dressing the inhabitants of an entire state as tigers, rolling in the scraps of the priests, or piercing tongues, to the absolutely horrible, such as "sati"...

Sati Rite

I remember when I first heard about sati about 10 years ago, I couldn't get out of shock for a long time. At that time I was fond of Vedic culture and I was trying to follow some of the customs myself, I was taking some ascesis. And so I was told about this ancient custom of burning widows...

The tradition began to spread at the end of the fifth century. At that time Indian society was already divided into castes, and the "privilege" of dying the day after one's husband belonged to women of the higher caste. Most likely, the wives of rulers took their own lives so as not to fall prey to the enemies who killed their husbands. It happened that immediately after the death of the maharajah several thousands of his wives and concubines were sent to the funeral pyre. In time the context was forgotten and the ritual spread to all estates.

Sati Rite

The ritual was nominally voluntary, but in fact there is ample evidence that widows were forced to perform it. Those who refused became social outcasts. They were mercilessly humiliated by being told that they "ate their husbands" and deprived of their livelihood. Their heads were shaved, they were forbidden to wear women's clothes and jewelry, they had to sleep on the bare floor and fast for the rest of their lives.

The Brahmans "fueled the fire" by concocting myths that a surviving widow brought misfortune to all who met her. That her husband's death was the result of bad karma, and now the burden of that karma fell on all relatives. Therefore, family members on both sides were interested in having the woman kill herself.

There have been known cases, where parents of deceased men have drugged widows with opium, tied their hands, and thrown them into a ritual fire to restore family honor. As a bonus, the sati's property went to the family of the deceased and to the brahmans.

Usually the procession with the corpse and the woman still alive went to the bank of the river (ideally the Ganges), and everyone who met her had to join the procession. To prevent the poor woman from running away, people surrounded her with a hedge, and when the altar was erected, she was shackled, the corpse was placed on her right side, and so the cremation was carried out.

In some parts, in the backwoods of the country, this attitude toward widows still persists. Although sati was officially abolished in the first half of the nineteenth century, and there is a law about the involvement of even those who watch the process, there are still isolated cases of female self-immolation in India.

The name "sati" (translated from Sanskrit as "chaste woman") was given to the rite in honor of the consort of the god Shiva. Sati's father Daksha Prajapati disapproved of his daughter's choice and tried to humiliate Shiva in every possible way. One day he held a great feast where he invited all the gods except Shiva. In protest and wishing to elevate her husband in the eyes of the gods, Sati burnt herself in a sacrificial fire. On hearing of this, Shiva cut off his father-in-law's head and became mad with grief.

I was struck at the time not so much by the tradition itself (young people, not without the "help" of fiction and movies, are inherent in romanticizing death) as by curious facts about the history of its origin.

My mentor (at the time), a very literate woman who had long and deeply studied the Vedas, shared that sati would not have been so widespread had it not been for one "mistake" of the priests who interpreted the sacred texts and tried in every way to entrench the tradition.

As a rule, they referred to the Rigveda, which allegedly commands a woman to leave after her husband. But the fact is that in the ancient texts of the Rigveda, it was in that sutra that the ending of the word "ag...." was erased. Accidentally or deliberately it was blacked out, but the Brahmins began to interpret the word as "agne," which means "fire." Later, Sanskritologists got to the bottom of the truth and proved with the help of modern technology that the word in that place was "agra" - "bliss, pleasure".

And it turns out that this sutra does not teach women to burn themselves with the corpse of their husbands (to go inside the fire), but to devote their lives to God (to enter into inner bliss). For above the text there are also these words dedicated to widows: "Arise, O woman! Come back to the world of the living. Fall asleep at the corpse, awake again." Plus there were and still are mentions in ancient Indian sources that widows can remarry. But for some reason they were ignored by the priests, and it was not proper for the illiterate society to study the sacred texts themselves. 

Another interesting point is that the Bhagavad-gita does not encourage acts done for the purpose of obtaining a reward, it prevents one from obtaining God, and the sati ritual is based on the fact that widows are promised a reward for self-immolation in the afterlife…

This story made me wonder at that time - what kind of responsibility lies on those who interpret the scriptures...Thousands and thousands of lives ruined because of just one word!

Do you think this "typo" was an accident, or was it an elaborate manipulation of people's worldview in order to equate women with things and reinforce the patriarchal order of society?

The answer is obvious to me now. There is a wonderful program on ALLATRA TV with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov called "The Truth and Chaff", which uses another religion, Islam, as an example, but describes how small changes in the translations of ancient sources, interpretations from the mind affect the fate of entire generations of people, depriving them not only of life here, but, what is much more serious, - closing the way to spiritual salvation.

Female Circumcision

This extremely painful procedure is still performed massively in some countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, the Caucasus…

Female circumcision is defined as any genital crippling surgery of the female genitals without medical indication. Most often it is the total or partial removal of the clitoris and labia minora, cutting and stapling the flesh. If male circumcision is somehow justified for hygienic and preventive purposes, in the case of women, this tradition does not bring anything but pain and humiliation.

What can I say, most often these operations are performed forcibly, in unsanitary conditions, and without anesthesia. They cause serious health problems for girls, including blood poisoning, menstrual disorders, bladder disease, inability to give birth naturally, and lifelong psychological trauma.

Why is this necessary, you may ask? Just so a woman doesn't have to look at other men, to control her sexuality and deprive her of the opportunity to experience an orgasm.

Of course, in this case, too, the maintenance of tradition is motivated by lofty ideals, distorted understandings of female purity and chastity, fidelity and piety...

Only according to official UN data, more than 200 million (!) women have been subjected to this cruel practice in the 21st century. Now imagine the scale of these atrocities, taking into account that the vast majority of these operations are carried out underground, and the women who have suffered them are ashamed to confess it, let alone openly defending their rights. They often live in closed communities and are completely subordinate to their husbands and elders. Incidents of female circumcision are reported by gynecologists, obstetricians or after the death of the girl.

As a matter of fact, one of the UN's goals is to eradicate this custom by 2030. And until 2030, do girls and young women have to endure abuse of their bodies?!

To answer the question of why this practice has been introduced in so many countries of the world, will help "Sex and the Spiritual Path" video, which talks about the inner power of women, about the nature of sexual energy and the role of the female orgasm.

In the consumerist format of society, everything is done to belittle and insult women. According to some reports, about 87% of women in Afghanistan alone have experienced domestic violence. Since last September teenage girls in this country have again been forbidden to go to school, the practice of early marriage is flourishing. Deaths of young mothers in childbirth are already the norm.

In Cambodia, girls are sold for sexual favors. Virginity trading is common in a country where three-quarters of the population live below the poverty line. As a rule, children are sold into sexual slavery by their mothers or other family members. Minors are in high demand among wealthy Cambodians and foreign tourists. In this country, as well as in South Africa, there is a belief that one can be cured of AIDS by sleeping with a virgin. There are known cases of babies who are only a few months old being raped. 

"Lotus Feet"

Since the 10th century, the ritual of bandaging feet for women was widespread in China. 

Lotus Feet

In wealthy families, before girls' feet reached 7 centimeters (usually at the age of 5-6 years), mothers or specially trained women began the mutilating ritual of swaddling the feet.

To do this, all of the child's toes except the big toe were rolled inward and bandaged very tightly to stop the growth of the foot. Then special tiny shoes were put on and the girl was forced to walk up to five kilometers a day without leaning on her heel, despite the terrible pain. 

The bones would break, the nails would grow into the skin, and eventually the fingers would rot. It was considered great good fortune if they eventually fell off. The vault of the foot deformed and became rounded. The ideal of perfection was considered if a chicken egg could fit under it. This shape of feet with a narrow nose and convex arch was called the "golden lotus". 

The whole process took several years. Each year the bandages became tighter and tighter. The girls were severely punished for trying to unwind the bandages to ease the agony. Some died of blood poisoning and gangrene.

When the foot was formed, or rather deformed, a girl could look for a groom.

The marasmus of this tradition seems unbelievable, but there is a great deal of evidence from literature and fine art where the "exquisite beauty" of the bandaged foot is extolled and worshiped. Men literally went crazy at the sight of their beloved's "lotus" foot. But it was not recommended (and no one was in a hurry) to take off her shoe and unwind the bandage. After all, mutilated and rotting flesh could discourage all desire. So women had to sleep all their lives in special shoes to maintain the passion in a man.

It is clear that because of deformed limbs Chinese aristocrats could not move on their own. This raised the status of their husbands in the eyes of society and spoke of their wealth - after all, they could afford to keep servants in the house. 

Unfortunately, concubines also had to endure the painful ritual of bandaging their legs, for otherwise they would not have been taken into a rich house. Girls from peasant families were not spared this fate. Of course, their feet were not maimed too much, at least tried to make them narrow so they could still work in the fields. But often, the family sacrificed a girl's health in order to marry off their daughter successfully. Healthy, large feet were an object of ridicule in society.

Surprisingly, there were also "excuses" for the foot-bandaging ritual. It was believed that "lotus feet" had a positive effect on women's reproductive function, hips and buttocks swell due to difficulty of movement, becoming attractive, and vaginal muscles allegedly remain toned.

But more important was the Chinese ideology of that time. A real woman should be weak and helpless, so much so that she could not stand in the wind. It was important for a man to feel like a hero, someone to whom one obeyed, on whom one depended, and whose whims were always carried out.

It is hard to believe that the tradition of "lotus feet" was terminated only in the 20th century, having existed for ten centuries. Can you imagine how much daily pain and suffering it cost Chinese women?

The curious fact is that this fetish, though in its less cruel manifestation, is still present today. And it is widespread not only in China, but in all civilized countries. Have you guessed what we are talking about

About shoes. The fact is that at the end of the 17th century in Europe style "chinoiserie" (translated from the French "Chinese") began to gain popularity. Images of Tianxia (Celestial Empire) life and leisure were depicted on the subjects of the interior, clothing, dishes made of porcelain. So sharp-toe women's shoes which curvature the foot has become an invariable attribute of European fashionistas. Already in the 18th century in Paris there was a cult of the small foot and aristocrats were tightening their feet as much as they could to fit them into smaller shoes.

Sharp noses combined with stilettos are in demand to this day, even despite the fact that it has long been known what great damage they do to the structure of the foot and the entire musculoskeletal system.

The Lotus Foot Rite and Modern Heeled Shoes

Single cult brands (headed by men) compete in the production of more and more sophisticated high-heeled shoes, and millions of women around the world are attracted by catchy pictures of models and actresses from magazines and television and try to imitate them. The power of images is so strong in our heads that we are willing to pay not only in money but also in health to maintain them.

Thinning to emaciation in some countries and fattening brides to obesity in others, pumping up body parts with silicone, removing ribs to create a thinner waist, all sorts of piercings, tattoos and other imposed on us nonsense...The question is, who benefits from this kind of abuse?

But it is not so terrible what this "someone" is doing to our flesh, as the fact that true spiritual Knowledge is being substituted, distorted and displaced in this process. After all, going back even to the "lotus feet," they were considered a sign of femininity, tenderness and chastity. They were compared to the young moon... These are not just allegories.

These are echoes of the Primordial Knowledge of the Lotus Flower practice for the spiritual self-improvement of human, of the sign of Allat (the crescent horns upward), of the special power of a chaste (having the whole knowledge) woman and of the role of man as her protector from the dangers of this world.

Who but the devil could have substituted these concepts to such an extent that women began to mutilate themselves by turning their feet into pig's hooves? 

Who else but the devil could have drummed into people's minds that in order to be united with God one must wear certain clothes, kiss the hands of priests, and sip alcoholic wine in the temple - something that completely deprives the Personality of any connection with the Soul?

Who, if not his servants, replicate and justify the torture of people, forcing them to endanger their lives and the lives of their children, supposedly in the name of God?

We are not even touching the subject of the ancient cult of Satan, which still succeeds today. What his followers, idols of billions of people, are doing is explained in detail in the program "About the Ninth Circle". I honestly don't understand why the whole world isn't already talking about this.

Ignorance, immorality, the cultivation of suffering, and the trampling of feminine nature are the direct interest of Satan, who works through our thoughts and enslaves our spirit.

When are we going to throw off these shackles? When are we going to look soberly at what is being done in our world? When do we start questioning these "celestials" and "worshipers" what this is all about and where it will lead us?

After all, the way to God is simple and natural. And that's what the Great Ones talked about...

"In the end, the most important thing about these truths is: how well have you loved? How fully have you lived? How easily have you let go?" 


“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your Soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

(Jesus Christ)

"My Lord, I ask of you such deeds that will give me your Love, the love of those you love, and love for you. My Lord, make my love for You more precious to me than my desires and passions, my family or cold water."

(Prophet Muhammad)

Not rituals, not suffering, not death, but love for God is what elevates us above animal selfhood, what transforms us from a mortal zombie into a alive and eternally joyful being.

"Let's love one another. It's simple," Igor Mikhailovich Danilov tells us today on ALLATRA TV videos.

So let's open ourselves to love already. Let's stop mocking one another and ourselves. Together we can build the Creative Society, a world where we can weed out all of the bullshit imposed on us by those who benefit from our servility and stupidity. A world where truth comes out in the open and where our lives are happier and freer with each passing day! 

To learn more about the Creative society and the stages of building it, visit creativesociety.com

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