I have got a lump of sugar or what is a Spiritual life?

I have got a lump of sugar or what is a Spiritual life?

Maybe, not all but many people will agree that nothing in our life is given for no reason. There is such an interesting allegorical determination of life:

"Life is a huge supermarket, where you can take everything you want, but you should pay for it on the way out."

The right of choice is sacred and it was given us by God. Everyone is free to choose himself, but everyone will be responsible for a personal choice. If you chose mortal, you would get it, if you chose Eternity, it would become your award. Going along this way, it is important to remember (and to remind yourself as often as possible ) that the only thing that we have is the right of our choice: either to invest attention into death or into Life.

"Attention is the cutting edge of your fight for Salvation. Attention is a key to the unveiling a secret of beingness. Attention is an indestructible shield against thoughts. Attention is a sword for demons seducing you. Attention is the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven."

(Monk Simeon Afonskiy, "Slaves of mind and winners of death")

It is important to take a stand that the consciousness is a subordinate, and I, the Personality is the Master. A lump of sugar is the attention which I have. The consciousness cries, whimpers, wears out, attacks only for the sake of one thing - to get the attention. But I have the lump of sugar... If internally I firmly decide not to feed my enemy, which craves for my death (unfortunately, we do not always perceive it seriously), then everything becomes more simple. I have got a lump of sugar after all. Why should I give it to someone, who after "eating" it, will begin to strangle me? Isn’t it better to tame it, making it do what is useful and needed for me as the Spirit? For example, making it work, distributing Primordial Knowledge (using all accessible and convenient methods), as by doing that I strengthen my Spirit, besides, I increase, many times, my Chances for Salvation.

The sooner more people will know about Primordial Knowledge, the sooner the Monad will turn over, that is, the sooner the society will transform for the better, and it means, the world will become safer. It means, we and our dearest won't be annihilated by cataclysms and wars. Everything is interconnected. Nothing passes without leaving a trace. Helping other people we actually help both ourselves and our dearest and nearest.

A Spiritual life isn't a permanent sitting in meditations, prayers, renouncing the world. First of all, a spiritual life is an active position in every day! An active position in relation to consciousness (the Personality is a master, the consciousness is a subordinate, a lump of sugar is the attention, which I have as the Personality!) is distribution of Primordial Knowledge, really good deed. It is one of the most meaningful and significant thing in the eyes of the Almighty. Because it increases chances and contributes to the fact that all creatures of the Lord acquire a chance to come back to their Creator! That is why it is so important to invest your attention to the most important things. The most important is to make this essential number one! It is possible only when you invest your attention to the most important! After all, I have a lump of sugar.

Author: the member of IPM "ALLATRA" Elchin Ahmedov

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