ALLATRA Vesti International Portal is a unique social initiative aimed at creating global creative information space. The main purpose of this portal is to strengthen spiritual and moral values, develop a high culture of human interaction in today’s society, as well as timely notification of the population of the world about current events.

Let’s gather good news together!

Informative, popular science and inspiring articles, positive news, examples of good deeds and actions. This and many other things are unselfishly created by the volunteers of ALLATRA IPM from different countries of the world on the ALLATRA Vesti portal.

Thanks to the primordial Knowledge from the books by Anastasia Novykh and the programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, various aspects of life of society – history, archeology, ethnography, astrophysics, medicine, biology, psychology, quantum physics, sociology are highlighted by people through the prism of their own experience of working on themselves, studying their consciousness and cognizing themselves as Personalities.

We invite you to join the international volunteer ALLATRA Vesti team, to develop together, to cognize and to do good: [email protected]

Good begets good!


About ALLATRA Vesti

Objectives of “ALLATRA NEWS” International Portal are to:

  • popularize the creative ideology of good and mutual help, and unification of people on their basis;
  • cover positive news to create spiritual and moral world community with an optimistic way of thinking;
  • provide informational support of good deeds and initiatives and the best human actions of both a Personality and groups of people.

Let’s gather good news together! Every day, the world sees many events and moments filled with kindness, beauty, sincerity, and love. The majority of them haven’t made news yet, and only became sparks of joy in people’s eyes for a brief moment, making more light appear in the world. But today, thanks to you, millions of people around the globe can find out about them. Submit your stories to the website or send your news, notes, comments or questions and mention them in the message subject to our email: [email protected]


Our motto is “Good in Action!”