Alexey Alexandrovich Lyubushin. The Earth is preparing for a mega earthquake

Alexey Alexandrovich Lyubushin. The Earth is preparing for a mega earthquake

On July 24, 2021 an unprecedented online conference "Global crisis. That already affects everyone" was held on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement, which was broadcast in 180 countries around the world with simultaneous interpretation in 72 languages. The conference raised the most acute and urgent topics concerning the impending threats and the survival of mankind.

Alexey Alexandrovich Lyubushin, PhD in physic and mathematics sciences, professor, head of the laboratory of physics of test mass oscillations at the Schmidt Institute of physics of the Earth RAS became one of the speakers.

In his speech, Alexey Alexandrovich voiced that since 2003 there has been an increase in the number of strong earthquakes and the synchronization of seismic noise. All data indicate that the Earth is prepared for a mega earthquake.

Analyzing the earthly noise, Alexey Alexandrovich managed to predict the 2011 earthquake in Tohoku, Japan, three years before him.

Quote from Lyubushin from the conference 'Global Crisis. This already affects everyone

The preparation of earthquakes is manifested in the fact that seismic oscillations are synchronized in the area where earthquakes are being prepared, and the noise itself becomes simpler, more likely. Alexey Alexandrovich spent an interesting analogy between seismic noise and a heart rhythm:

Quote A. Lyubushin

The preservation of the synchronization of low-frequency noise after the catastrophe of 2011 gives reason to believe that Japan is waiting for another earthquake, no less crushing. Everything indicates that this will happen to the south of Tokyo, along the rip out of Nankai, with the expected magnitude 10, based on the trends of increasing seismic hazards.

It is possible that all this will end with a big Japanese catastrophe.

After the speech of Professor Lyubushin, questions arise: why did the 2011 catastrophe forecast be ignored? How long are we gonna turn a blind eye to the facts? The lives of 126 million people are threatened. Residents of Japan must be warned about a new impending catastrophe. After all, human life is the most valuable. Building a Creative Society, in which human life is the highest value, is the only chance for humanity not only to survive, but also to build a safe and happy world. We need to forget about any divisions and unite in a single goal of building a creative society. After all, only together we are able to build a better future!

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