Who are we, why are we here, 
are we alive or not. 
Wild bee doesn't care, 
for her world on the bottom is just a path of flowers. 
Bulat Gabdrakhmanov “Path of flowers”

When you look at the sky, you can see how beautiful and immense it is, however if you learn how to look within yourself, you will see that something truly beautiful and immense is located only inside you. 

Childhood is a time when each of us experiences many moments of rejoice, happiness and holiday! Even though these periods (moments) are rather like a dotted line than a straight one, nevertheless positivity, kindness, goodness are still prevailing no matter what. Because our bright side is strong, clean… While consciousness (means dark side) is just starting to develop. It’s not polluted by stereotypical mindsets yet. It studies and explores the world and therefore does not put much pressure on Personality, our true identity. However, as we grow up, these dotted lines become less and less common and gradually we become mature, reasonable, intelligent, but not always happy... And then a lot of people wonder. Where are feelings of pure Joy, Happiness, unconditional Love and Feast? Happiness which is not provoked by some external material factors. Like it was when we were kids. There was a clear feeling of Joy and Happiness. When we looked like small and kind bees. You know, like fluffy, sweet and chubby ones, not aggressive. As a matter of fact, a bee's belly is fluffy. And although during this period of our lives we do not do much good in the visible world, still what we emit is mostly light and joyful. But as we grow older, serene feelings of joy and love slowly vanishes. There are more and more external factors that influence our inner state. And we are becoming more like wasps than those happy bees…But let us return to the question: why does the feeling of festivity vanish inside? And I, as well as many people, in certain periods of my life wondered and looked for Happiness.

I walked on different paths and not always there were the paths of flowers… Different trails… Some of them were crooked, and only thanks to Grace of God I didn't get lost on them completely. Considering that time is a very valuable resource, I will not describe all these twists and turns but get right to the point...

In the conversation with one erudite and pretty smart man, we touched a few topics regarding the meaning of beingness and relationships in society. And then my companion said,

“Read this author. You will like her books. The information here is  objective and versatile regarding these and many other questions.”

Then on a piece of paper he wrote: Anastasia Novykh. “Sensei of Shambala. Book I”.

I have never met that person again, but if he suddenly reads these lines, I want him to know that I'm very thankful to him. Without any high-sounding words, I’m just very thankful.

From the first lines there was kind of jubilation… Quiet joy, all-absorbing happiness as that was what I had been looking for my whole life. Freedom! Real Freedom and real Joy, answers to the most sensitive and important questions, and most importantly is the Knowledge – everlasting treasure. When the “AllatRa” book was published, one quote from it completely confirmed my internal understanding.

“Knowledge is the real treasure which accompanies the one who possesses it everywhere.”

From “AllatRa” book A. Novykh

It's actually true. Both my experience and that of millions of people around the world is proof of that. AllatRa is a real Happiness! Which no one can take away or steal, because it is within every person. Because it’s a deep internal Love which awakens in you. Real Love, comprehensive, unconditional and engrossing! It’s that love that makes you Free from bonds and paths of this corruptible world. That Love that gives you lightness and serenity, in other words Freedom! Because AllatRa is God's Love! AllatRa is a Feast, which is always within you! Love, that you feel and know within you. Knowing of God and living Loving Him!

And again, Knowledge in this context does not mean book or intellectual knowledge. But Knowledge that you start to know and feel. It’s not a theory. It’s a firm Knowledge, because you can feel it inside you. It's extensive and it's not a blurry philosophy. You just know it and that is all.

What is AllatRa? Feast

Also I think it’s very important to clarify the next point. Not just significant, but fundamental: 

Human without God, without His Mercy and Love is not capable of anything. He’s powerless, helpless, and only care of the Creator, His Grace, brings us to true and eternal Life. When we start to Love God even a little and open up in front of Him internally, the God's Love lights up and warms us! God’s Love is AllatRa. And when AllatRa awakens inside, life becomes a Feast! Because AllatRa is a Feast of Love and Happiness inside you!

But there must also be a person's desire to live in Love to God, because Love should be mutual and reciprocal. Otherwise it's not Love. There must be, first of all, desire and sincerity of the person himself. And when the spiritual world sees this, it begins to open up to the human...

This thought is beautifully expressed in hadith Qudsi*. I will give it’s short version. Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him ) said:

“Allah the Almighty and Great said: “He who comes closer to Me one span, I come closer to him a cubit; and he who comes closer to Me a cubit, I come closer to him a fathom; and if he comes to Me walking, I come to him running.”

So when this need appears in a person, this thirst, this desire to Eternal Happiness, then Love to God begins to wake up in a person. In fact, this is a genuine and only real desire of every human. His real purpose is to achieve eternity! However the counteracting side (consciousness, nafs, ego, shaitan) is not slumbering either, and this aspiration is skillfully substituted for external actions and desires. And here we just need Knowledge in order not to be deceived and to achieve our goal. It is necessary to have precise tools in order to cultivate Love within oneself… It is necessery to know and understand a lot… Because many questions arise on this path… AllatRa Knowledge gives more than just comprehensive answers to those questions. Thanks to this Knowledge every human can discover his internal AllatRa which is God's Love that in fact is real Happiness! Never-ending Feast of Love inside you!

This Feast does not require orchestras and fanfares, music, delicious food and drinks, but you feel the fullness of Life. All its colors! Its true taste. For this Feast you don't need gala dinners, toastmasters, any crowds, money or favorable circumstances… Just one thing – Choice! What a person chooses. Suffering from his consciousness or the Feast from the Spirit. And if you choose the Spirit, then you want just one thing – to become a part of this shoreless ocean and share this happiness with other people. Life truly opens up, because Life without AllatRa, that is, without God’s Love is just an existence. Miserable and slavery (even if the cage or shackles are golden ) existence in matter...

What's interesting is that there are no strangers at the Life Festival. If you have come to the Feast you are already a part of it, you already exist. This Feast of perception of Life through feelings, it's your Feast and nobody can take it away or steal it from you. Only you decide by your own choice, by investing your attention to the presence at this moment at the Life Festival.

If we return to the question posed at the beginning and formulate it as follows: What is happiness? What is true happiness? The answer is as follows:

Happiness is God’s Love! Happiness is the Freedom from beast's dictatorship within yourself! And this Freedom gives birth to the internal Life Feast!

To Live means not to let the consciousness encroach on your feeling of internal Freedom, lightness and happiness. Once again, but it is important. True Happiness, Freedom and Feast come within a person only when he begins to know God. That’s what Knowledge is. When you know, meaning you feel God inside you. It’s the only genuine Knowledge, everything else is derivative. To know God, to feel His Love and learn to Love in return, that's how you reach neverending Feast of triumph of Spirit, for this human has to take the first step. He has to desire this even if not always consciously. To feel that he needs it. And then he learns how to always have an internal Feast! Because everything is inside a human, including suffering from consciousness and Eternal Life Festival from Spirit!

There is an obvious difference between formal ”festives” and internal Feast which never ends. I mean, it can last exactly as long as I want it to. Just as long as I invest my attention in it. Again, I will repeat what I said above, all of this is possible if it’s acceptable by the Almighty. As it is said in Quran (28:56):

“Only Allah guides to the straight path the ones who He wants to. He knows better the ones that follow the straight path”.

It sounds somewhat paradoxical and some people might misunderstand, how is that so? If I determine my presence at the Feast what is that got to do with whether it's acceptable or not acceptable by God?

It is my understanding and I have described it how I could. And if you see it differently, then it would be great to discuss this aspect in comments below the article. Or even better I offer to write an article about how you understand this aspect. Because by sharing our visions we enrich each other.

By the way, speaking about formal feasts, I don’t want to devalue the significance of ancient religious holidays. Certainly, there are holidays throughout the year when you are being filled with grace and happiness. But even then, all the most beautiful and important things happen first within a person and only then externally. Because first of all, the Feast of Spirit makes us actually happy, and external happiness is a result of the happiness within… Getting Ra is what Joy means! To get Ra out of yourself! And then there is a Feast and Glee of Spirit!


 Also, about Spirit… Have you ever thought why we call it the Holy Spirit? Thanks to the videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov now I know that the Holy Spirit ( Svyatoi Duh in Russian) comes from the word “svyato” which means “feast”.

Feast of Spirit when Spirit is triumphing within a person. Also the word AllatRa itself is an ancient interpretation of the Holy Spirit and God’s Love!

The whole essence of human existence lies in his choice between the beast and the Spirit within a person. It’s really very simple. The whole essence of beingness on earth is concluded in words Beast or Spirit… A person will receive what he chooses inside. And it’s fractally reflected on the entire humanity.

How beautiful the Earth and life on it will be if it is inhabited by people who always have a Feast within. People with AllatRa in their hearts never-ending eternal Feast of Love and Joy! Earth will become a garden of Love again! Eden… After all, a creative society, a society of free people can be built by free people, people with Feast of Spirit in their hearts! And the more such people there are, the sooner we will build a creative society. And we are really able to achieve it! It only requires, just think about it, two conditions:

  1. To discover this Feast of AllatRa which is always with you! To Live with the Love for God and to all people. After all, if there is Love within a person then how he can be angry, harmful or bad...
  2. To share this Feast with all people on the Earth! Sharing means first of all emitting Love, just like when we are kids we emit light. And,of course, to take an active human and civil position. To share actively with everyone the AllatRa Knowledge that changes the human being and the world for the better. The Light of Knowledge is able to dispel the darkness of ignorance all over the world, but in order to spread the Light the Seekers of Light, people who bring It into this world are needed.

Just like from one match or a candle, however you like to phrase it, lights up another one. There is going to be so much Light that there won’t be any place left for darkness. Because if everyone lights this fire at least inside himself, the Light will illuminate the whole Earth.

There are many different things on Earth, but when a bee flies over the ground, it only sees flowers, it follows the path of flowers… So let’s be like bees, my friend. Let’s fly the flower path… Let's recall the words of the last Prophet (peace be upon him): “A believer is like a bee, it consumes nothing but the good, and leaves behind nothing but the good”.

Wise words. Let’s be like those bees, my dear brother and sister! We all have been wasps for too long, and the result is obvious… Just a bit more and Anger will wash everything away, but today we have a chance to change everything. It’s enough to change and turn from wasps to bees! And we have AllatRa Knowledge, to accomplish everything! So let's follow the path of flowers and then the whole world will turn from a violent desert into a beautiful flower garden! Just how the Creator had Planed… We still have a Chance and we must use it!

“The Knowledge has been given to man, and his choice and action depend only on him! And changes in the whole global society depend on actions of every person! For all the living people, this is really the last remaining chance to spiritually save themselves and the civilisation”. 

Rigden Jappo from “AllatRa” book

Elchin ALLATRA IPM participant

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    Thank you ❤️ for putting it so beautifully! I is quite nice and refreshing to some of us. This is what Allatra knowledge does for any believer Allah: It kind of remove the tiny but opague curtain that leads you god or your final destination. In other words, Allatra knowledge finalise one's entity for/to the infinite world of god/spirituality/happiness.

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