ANNOUNCEMENT | Kaleidoscope of facts "Power of images"

ANNOUNCEMENT | Kaleidoscope of facts "Power of images"

What do you know about power? What is it like? Do you think that someone controls man and all humanity? What are the main tools used for this?

Who controls those who control practically all of humanity?

What role do you think images play in controlling our lives?

13 June 2022 Kaleidoscope of facts "Power of Images". In this edition, we find out about:

  • the unexplored radiation of the brain;
  • the infovision or “brain vision” with eyes closed;
  • the holographic nature of the Universe and the unified information field;
  • the amazing power that man possesses, so much so that the whole system is sharpened to steal that power;
  • the system's attention-grabbing tool and the main tool of magicians and witches;
  • the use of vivid images to manipulate people, their behavior and public opinion in the media, advertising and the film industry;
  • the prohibition on images and idolatry in religions;
  • what prevents a person from living 1,500 years happily and not getting sick.

Have you ever wondered where and how thoughts come from? How do you think? Why is it so difficult to get rid of obsessive thoughts? Is it possible to learn to control them?

Why does the body react equally to identical events in reality and when watching movies, news, daydreaming and dreaming? For what purpose has television been introduced everywhere? What does one lose when experiencing emotions?

We die before we understand what real Life is!

Watch the Kaleidoscope of facts "Power of Images" on June 13th at (15:00 GMT) on ALLATRA TV.

The issue was initiated by volunteer members of ALLATRA International Public Movement from Italy, Spain and Latin America.

It's time to give the truth back to the people!

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