ANNOUNCEMENT. International online Conference "Creative Society. United we can"

ANNOUNCEMENT. International online Conference "Creative Society. United we can"

Today, every right-minded person can see that our civilisation has reached a dead end. The absurdity of what is happening is such that all it seems unreal. But sadly, the reality is that we are all hostage to a ruthless consumer mindset. And this, unfortunately, has become an everyday routine for us. Many people, realising the perniciousness of the situation, ask themselves the question: what to do next and whether anything can be changed?

We have long been convinced from high tribunes, through cinema and the media that we cannot change anything. But we can! And it is already happening. Every person reading these lines can become part of this global process of human unification and creation. The question is, do we want a happy future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren? If the answer to this question is yes, more information is available at the unique International Conference "Creative Society. United we can" which will take place online on 20 December 2020 at 15:00 GMT, on the platform

By joining the live broadcast and sharing this information with as many people as possible, we are doing our part to build a world that we would really like to live in! The title of the conference "Creative Society. United we can" speaks for itself.

At the conference, people from different countries will come together to find answers to vital questions:

  • What is a real unification of people? How and on what basis can people from all over the world come together today? 
  • What is a Creative Society and how to build it? 
  • What is the role of each person in building such a society? 
  • Why did attempts to build "ideal communities" fail in the past?
  • What is the absurdity and cynicism of the consumer format of society? Shocking examples of our reality.
  • What are the stages in the process of building a Creative Society?
  • What role does awareness play in building a Creative society as soon as possible? 
  • What can you do to ensure that you, your family, children and grandchildren live in a society worthy of Human?

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  • Ф

    Очень правильная и важная конференция. Я буду)

  • О
    Оксана М

    Мы выбираем жить в счастливом, справедливом обществе! В таком обществе, где решения принимают сами люди! Мы поддерживаем Основы Созидательного Общества! И стараемся воплощать их в нашей жизни каждый день! В быту, образовании, в точках обслуживания!

  • А

    Общество будущего или уже настоящего? Каким ты его видишь, в каком обществе ты и твои близкие будут счастливы? Как построить такое общество? Жду конференцию. Уже в это воскресенье 20.12.2020

  • Т

    Давайте объединяться в единой цели, постороение Созидательного общества. Ведь так классно будкт в нем жить всем всем людям. Это наше будущее, будущее наших детей. Это наш шанс начать жить, а не выживать. Жить по-человечески!

  • Е
    Елена Л

    Спасибо. Очень важная конференция и те вопросы, которые будут на ней подниматься близки и понятны всем. Это действительно касается каждого. Вместе мы можем!!!

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