ANNOUNCEMENT. International Online Conference “Global crisis. This already affects everyone”

ANNOUNCEMENT. International Online Conference “Global crisis. This already affects everyone”

Today, mankind has come closely with natural, economic, geopolitical changes, which came into the life of every resident of the Earth.

  • What is happening to our planet and climate?
  • What will happen in the near future with the economy?
  • What are the forecasts of leading world professionals in different spheres of human activity in the era of global climate change and crises?

We as mankind have the right to know the truth.

The International online conference “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone”, an event of global scale, will be held on July 24, 2021, at 15:00 GMT on the Platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

The conference will consider topics current for everyone:

  • The implementation of high technologies based on artificial intelligence in various spheres of life of the World Society: benefits and risks.
  • The fourth industrial revolution and the threat of mass unemployment.
  • The problem of overpopulation.
  • Ecological crisis. Intensive depletion of our planet's resources.
  • Global climate change.
  • The cyclicality of geological events related to global cosmic processes.
  • The significance of the choice and actions of each person in the construction of a creative society.
  • Survival of mankind and the possibility of updating civilization.

International Online Conference “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone” organized by volunteers from around the world.

The conference will be attended by world-famous speakers. Live broadcast will be carried out on thousands of international media channels and platforms with synchronous translation into 72 languages.

It's time to become aware about the reality of global threats. How do we see the future of mankind: self-destruction or development? This is the challenge our civilization has not yet faced.

Only together we can find solutions.

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  • J

    It's the most relevant topic today!

  • Е
    Елена Л

    Спасибо. Обязательно буду смотреть конференцию "Глобальный кризис. Это уже касается каждого" и всем своим знакомым тоже сбросила ссылочку на трансляцию. Чем дальше, тем меньше скептиков и сомневающихся остаётся. И радостно видеть как люди по всему миру живо откликается на проект Созидательное общество.

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