Now, more than ever, most people no longer feel confident about the future. This happens for various reasons. Crises are growing all over the world: economic, social, climatic and others. Many people have questions: what to do? what will happen next? what are our prospects?

People need truthful information to understand how events will unfold if we, as humanity, do nothing. It is also important to understand what each of us can realistically do today to improve the situation. How our lives will change when we, as a society, come together.

On April 22, 2023 on the platform of the international project "Creative Society" there will be an online forum "GLOBAL CRISIS. THERE IS A WAY OUT".

At the forum you will learn what events will happen before 2036:

  • How will climate disasters unfold in the near future?
  • What changes are occurring in the Earth's core and what is causing the climate crisis?
  • What scientific evidence explains the demise of Mars and why might Earth face a similar fate within the next 14 years?
  • What signs point to the activation of the Yellowstone supervolcano and what are seismologists and volcanologists hiding from us?
  • What could lead to the impending collapse of the world economy and completely change our comfortable lives in the near future?
  • What threats does the development of artificial intelligence pose to the current consumer format of society?
  • What consequences might the growing energy crisis have?
  • What is the probability of the death of humanity and the entire planet by 2036, and what can we do to prevent this catastrophic scenario?
  • Why is changing the format of society from a consumerist to a creative one capable of solving all of humanity's problems at once?
  • What benefits will the Creative Society bring to each of us?

This will be the ninth global forum to be held on the platform of the Creative Society project. Much of what has been predicted and warned about in previous forums is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

The forums are organized by independent volunteer researchers from 180 countries who have been conducting interdisciplinary research for 27 years. This research is beyond the capacity of any institute or organization in the world.

Today, natural disasters occur in full accordance with the previously presented mathematical model, which confirms its correctness.

There is a chance for salvation, but time is running out. That's why it's so important that everyone knows about the forum "GLOBAL CRISIS. THERE IS A WAY OUT".

The information that will be announced will allow you to make a conscious choice. Now the future of all mankind depends on the choice that each of us will make.

Join us to watch the forum live on April 22 at 3 p.m. GMT.

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