ANNOUNCEMENT | Kaleidoscope of Facts. The Power of Attention.

ANNOUNCEMENT | Kaleidoscope of Facts. The Power of Attention.

Each of us has enormous power. Using it in everyday life, most people are not even aware of its existence. What is this power? How do we learn to control it? Why don't people know about it? What wasting this power by human leads to? How to find happiness in life and defeat death?

The answers to these and many other questions will be sought together on August 13, 2022, in the 25th broadcast of the Kaleidoscope of Facts, "The Power of Attention”.

During the broadcast we will also learn:

  • why the important role of the power of attention is hidden from people?
  • why is this power constantly being hunted?
  • what discoveries in physics led to the discovery of this force?
  • what possibilities are open for all of humanity when this power is united and channeled toward creation?
  • In what ways is man like God and what is the most valuable gift he has received from Him?

This Kaleidoscope of Facts will be broadcast on streaming platforms on the Internet and will be simultaneously translated into different languages of the world.

The release is initiated by participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement from Romania and Moldova.


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