ANNOUNCEMENT | Life of the Worthiest. Kaleidoscope of Facts

ANNOUNCEMENT | Life of the Worthiest. Kaleidoscope of Facts

Does humanity often find itself in critical situations and is on the verge of destruction? Yes it is! History is full of facts of this kind.There are objective natural phenomena associated with the changing cycles of the Earth and the Sun, which leads to global climate change, resulting in a change in the face of the planet. 

In this period, if people do not develop spiritually, remaining merely intelligent animals, they destroy themselves in wars by the time such global cataclysms begin. And those who remain are finished off by cataclysms. If people choose the path of Spiritual development, they are given the Knowledge of how to go through this difficult period for people and the planet. 

In difficult situations, people have always asked for help from the Spiritual world. Did they get that help? Of course, they did! The Spiritual world never left people alone with their troubles. In the most difficult periods for human civilization, the Spiritual World sends the best of the best to help people. These were messengers from the Spiritual World or Prophets. They brought Knowledge about how to get out of difficult life circumstances and make the life of absolutely every person happy. Why is humanity, possessing Knowledge, still writhing in agony? What went wrong? What prevents people from living in harmony with themselves and the world around them? 

We are going to seek the answers to these questions together. The Kaleidoscope of Facts | Issue 24, Life of the Worthiest, will be held on July 13, 2022.

In this issue we will also learn:

  • how our Prophets lived, what difficulties they faced;
  • how they comprehended the Truth;
  • who gave them the Primordial Knowledge and how they passed it on to people;
  • what was the value of this Knowledge to humanity and society;
  • who opposed the spread of the Truth and why;
  • what choices do people make when they get to know about the Truth?

The conference will be attended by specialists from various fields of science: religious scholars, historians, representatives of various religious denominations, and public figures. 

The conference is initiated by participants of the "ALLATRA" International Public Movement from the United States, the Netherlands, and Uzbekistan. 

The broadcast will be streamed on many platforms on the Internet and simultaneously interpreted into different languages of the world.


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