“There’s so much we can do

When our hearts come shining through.

Let’s be the change that it takes to save the world!”

These are the words from the new song “Save the World” by Avraam Russo, which he dedicated to the international online conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of”. The conference took place on March 20, 2021.

Avraam Russo, a famous and popular singer, four-time winner of the Golden Gramophone Award, took an active part and was one of the speakers at the conference. In his address to people from 180 countries of the world, he spoke about the importance of integration and unity.

Avraam Russo said that the world now is on the verge. Many people  forgot what the Prophets had bequeathed to us. For many people the main thing is money and a career. But we are able to change everything when we understand that all the most important things are within us - Love and respect for one another. Avraam Russo also reminded us that all the Prophets who had come to earth to people had spoken about one Truth, had spoken about Love. And the most important commandment is also about Love for God and for one another. This Truth is the Light within us.

Due to the choice of people to speak, due to openness and honesty, an understanding comes that we can build the Creative society, the society that the Prophets dreamed of and spoke about at all times, only together, uniting. And people who have understood this simple truth are already acting!

As Avraam Russo said: “What does the Lord require of us? To unite under one sky, under His protection, under the wings of the Lord. Interaction is really a victory! The creative society! Unite, create good deeds... 

Truth, my dears, is one and the truth with God, without Truth we live in darkness, in obscurity. Truth is Light. Truth is the door to God, to Eternity. Therefore, love one another, just as the Lord loved us."

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