The "AllatRa" book reveals exclusive information:

  • about the Personality of man and his Soul;
  • about subpersonalities and the related phenomena;
  • about the dual nature of man:
  • about the processes of his Spiritual and Animal origins;
  • the importance of the dominant ideology and its influence on the choice of Personality, which predetermines its after-death (of the body) fate.

For the first time in history, in the "AllatRa" book, we can see unique pictures of the human's Soul in a state of transition after the death of the physical body; it contains unique primordial knowledge of the multidimensional human structure in the invisible world, about the human's connection with other dimensions, about his exceptional capabilities in addition to the third dimension. It answers the question of why a person needs an overabundant brain and the existence of multi-level consciousness, what is an altered state of consciousness, how a gradual immersion in it happens. The book describes ancient spiritual practices for working on yourself and for achieving merger with your Soul, for development of the sixth sense, and contact with the spiritual world. It tells about the nature of supernatural powers (clairvoyance, clairaudience, reading other people's thoughts, prescience) and the duality of its manifestation for human; the importance of work on oneself in cognition of the processes of the invisible world. And also about the Personality's dual position and influence on the world as an Observer. 

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Sensei. Book I

This book reveals the inner world of a sixteen-year old girl who suddenly finds herself face to face with death. This prompted her to rethink her life and the search for answers to eternal questions: "Why does a person live, what is the meaning of life? Who am I really? Why are most people on earth - believers? After all, if they believe, that means they are hoping for something. How do the great ones achieve inner immortality? What is hidden behind the concept of the essence of Human?"

The unbridled energy of her inner search leads her to a meeting with an unusual, highly erudite man, a master of martial arts and a very mysterious Personality - Sensei.

Impacting one to the depths of the soul, Sensei's extraordinary worldview, his fascinating philosophy and knowledge about the world and man, about dynamic martial arts, his wisdom in everyday situations, the alternative medicine and ancient spiritual practices (including effective techniques of combating negative thoughts), the phenomena of human capabilities. By coming into contact with the Sensei's world, the heroine comes to know all this and more. But most importantly, she finds the answers to her main inner questions.

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Sensei. Book II

The book tells about the third day of vacation of the martial arts group  led by Sensei. Amusing adventures of young people, enthralling philosophy of Sensei and his exceptional demonstrations. The wise parable about Bodhisattva, unusual view of man's essence, stunning story by Sensei about the famous Saint of Kiev Rus – Agapit of Pechersk, the unmercenary healer, whose miracle-working relics are to this day kept in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The reader will be able to learn much more and to unveil a completely different view of the world, history and eternal questions of humanity.

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Sensei. Book III

The book tells about one more exceptional day that the martial arts group spends at the seaside together with Sensei. There a rich and unusual guest visits them – Ariman, who has his own worldview, his own philosophy and his own methods to survive and achieve wealth in this world. Besides Sensei's worldview, one more strong opinion is put on the scale of youngsters’ personal choice. Who the reader himself chooses – that is what the book's plot is about.

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Sensei. Book IV

The book tells about the final days that the martial arts group led by Sensei spends at the seaside. Apart from the ancient cognitive practices of Sensei and his demonstrations, the book contains fascinating disclosure by Sensei of sensational history secrets which have been thoroughly concealed for thousands of years. In addition, it reveals the teaching of Imhotep and the mystery of origin of "Freemasons" society; the shadowy power of Archons over emperors and rulers of the world as well as methods of their influence, actively applied up to present, the mystery of "pontiffs'" origin; unknown information about life of Jesus; the mystery of Grail in the past and the present; lost ancient concept of the essence of allat; the original knowledge of Phaeton; a scientific sensation.

The reader will be able to discover this and much more if he views the history of this world from an absolutely new point of view.

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Birds and a Stone

The legendary personality of Sensei, in one way or another, unites these three stories: "Duty", "Everything is so simple", and "Birds and stone".
"Duty" tells about one unusual day in the life of Major Rebrov. On that fatal duty, being in danger of his life, he suddenly faced a phenomenon, absolutely unusual to this world, but that gave him a chance not only to save people's life but also to survive in this situation. From that moment on he has got absolutely different view on world.

"Everything is so simple" is a sory about an old man fishing at the riverside to whom an unusual young man has rejoined to. During their conversation they have concerned a lot of issues that are vital for every man in his old age and also a deep ancient parable has been revealed.

"Birds and stone" is the most striking and impressive by information story. It tells about an unusual meeting of the main hero-Sensei with Maks, who once in the past spent with Sensei quite a long time.

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This fascinating book is full of humor and adventures of the main heroes. It contains impressive information about the world, secrets of time and phenomenon of teleportation. It has the information about the hidden side of social life, and those who are really in charge of many accidents, suicides, prolonged “groundless” people’s diseases, unexpected depressions. The main hero-Sensei-reveals the unique information about real structure of these forces, the reasons of such behavior, the methods of their manipulation as well as about those brave, highly spiritual men (Geliars), who withstood these  “evil spirits” in the past.

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Report on climate. On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” was read out by Kristina Kovalevskaya, Head of the Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement (headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine), at a closed meeting of the department of strategic planning and security of ALLATRA IPM.

The material is published in an abridged version and is intended to be introduced to participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

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The report "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS" was prepared by the international research group ALLATRA SCIENCE of ALLATRA International Public Movement under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. The report contains information on the origin and structure of elementary particles, basic building blocks which make up matter, interrelation of elementary particles and cosmology in relation to uniform field theory, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, alternative energy sources, etc. It shows importance, scale and timeliness of the latest knowledge in the field of fundamental and applied physics. It gives answers to the main unsolved questions of contemporary physics and relevant explanations.

Material is intended to familiarize the members of ALLATRA International Public Movement with the fundamental principles of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS.

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Spiritual practices and meditations

This collection includes the main meditation techniques (meditations/prayers) and spiritual practices from books by Anastasia Novykh, which have become, for many people in the world, a guide on the road to self-improvement, self-knowledge, and of their spiritual path.These are, in many respects, unique books. They make it possible to perceive the basic underlying keys to much secret knowledge about the world and man, understand the spiritual essence of the various religions, to broaden their horizons in practical matters of the spiritual formation of the person, and to achieve inner peace and happiness.

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Predictions of the future and the truth about past and present

The latest events in the world - the economic world crisis and the geopolitical changes make everyone wonder about the causes of their origin. If we arrange the whole mosaic of the current events out of separate news fragments, it may seem that behind all of these messes and sudden changes which are bursting into the life of every person, are the forces, concrete people, possessing the main part of the world assets, whose names are not announced.  Nevertheless, they are the real "puppeteers" of the world multimillionaires. They are the ones who have decided to provoke actions, the purpose of which is to destroy a major portion of the world’s population in this difficult for humanity period of global climate changes on Earth...

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