All of us, while in bodies, take part in the theatre of matter. The spectacle is shocking, but it is edifying. The Truth reveals itself to the eyes of some, while others are absorbed by the performance acting. The only difference is whose side your consciousness is on in this place of illusory shows.

(Rigden Djappo)

The Eternal Wisdom allows the human being to transform himself spiritually and to know the hidden essence of past and future events." (From the "AllatRa" book)

The "AllatRa" book reveals exclusive information: about the Personality of man and his Soul; about subpersonalities and the related phenomena; about the dual nature of man: about the processes of his Spiritual and Animal origins; the importance of the dominant ideology and its influence on the choice of Personality, which predetermines its after-death (of the body) fate. For the first time in history, in the "AllatRa" book, we can see unique pictures of the human's Soul in a state of transition after the death of the physical body; it contains unique primordial knowledge of the multidimensional human structure in the invisible world, about the human's connection with other dimensions, about his exceptional capabilities in addition to the third dimension. It answers the question of why a person needs an overabundant brain and the existence of multi-level consciousness, what is an altered state of consciousness, how a gradual immersion in it happens. The book describes ancient spiritual practices for working on yourself and for achieving merger with your Soul, for development of the sixth sense, and contact with the spiritual world. It tells about the nature of supernatural powers (clairvoyance, clairaudience, reading other people's thoughts, prescience) and the duality of its manifestation for human; the importance of work on oneself in cognition of the processes of the invisible world. And also about the Personality's dual position and influence on the world as an Observer.

The book contains unique scientific knowledge which modern scientists are yet to discover in the future. However, it can radically change people’s conception of the world and themselves. This is sensational information about the artificiality of the external world, about the information that creates matter. It’s astrophysics of the future! There are peremptory answers to the questions about the origin and artificial creation of the Universe, about its multidimensionality, about the mystery of black holes; exclusive data on the electron, on the secret of its instantaneous transition from the state of a particle into a wave; about the illusion of space geometry, about the amazing phenomena of quantum physics. This knowledge helps to scientifically approach the evidence of the primacy of the eternal Spiritual World over the temporary material world. The AllatRa book  also contains other astonishing information that outstrips even the most advanced modern studies. The AllatRa book sets the vector for the science of the future.

The AllatRa book provides a universal key and decryption of ancient signs that contain spiritual knowledge of ancient people who recorded it in petroglyphs as long ago as in the Palaeolithic times. It is richly illustrated with images of archaeological artefacts of various ancient civilisations (proto-Indian culture, Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, different cultures of Ancient Europe, the Balkans, the Near East, the Urals, cultures of Africa, Asia, North and South America), which indicate the presence of one and the same spiritual knowledge in different millennia among different peoples that lived on different continents. The book reveals unknown pages of the history of ancient civilisations, contains a key to understanding of antique images, of the spiritual knowledge reflected in the symbols of cult structures: pyramids, temples, pagodas, and so on. It unravels the secrets of millennia, tells about the signs and symbols which activate aggression or sensation of hope for the future in the masses, about the examples of utilisation of those by priests in the history of military campaigns, on banners and shields, in present-day cult and religious institutions. The AllatRa book discloses the manipulative technologies of religions; the mechanisms of influence over human subconsciousness of ancient signs and symbols that are actively used in the modern consumer society.

The AllatRa book gives a valuable key to understanding of the universal grain of Truth, of one and the same spiritual path described in different ways in world religions. It reveals the spiritual knowledge ciphered in associative ideas of one or another religion, the unique data forgotten by people, which have been available in all religious systems of the past and the present. It points to the primordial spiritual Knowledge with no chaff of ideologies of political and priestly management as accumulated over time. It gives answers to major human spiritual questions regarding the attainment of one’s spiritual liberation without mediators.

The AllatRa book unmasks the true face of the global political and priestly system, tells the Truth about who deceives and separates peoples, and how it is done, who manipulates their consciousness, and what one should do in order not to succumb to such provocations. 

This is a unique book in all respects! This is a live encyclopedia of primordial spiritual Knowledge of the world, society, and human being. It does not just speak to everyone about the innermost. It answers the most secret, deeply personal, and disturbing questions that a person hides inside and does not reveal even to the close friends. AllatRa book immerses one into a wonderful state of versatile knowledge of the Truth; it quenches the thirst for the search of the meaning of life from the eternal, vivifying Source. The book gives main keys to the understanding of the processes of both visible and invisible worlds.
It is a foundation of primordial Knowledge for the spiritual awakening and radical transformation of a Person and the society as a whole.

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