Everything starts from the human and his or her Choice.

From the film «ATLANTIS. The Elite in Search of Immortality»

I want to share with you an understanding of how easy it is to build a creative society, and that one person, acting with an open heart, can create a chain of events that will lead to this.

Only one condition is important – the chain should not be interrupted. And I learned it from one example in my daughter’s life.


She went to a children's camp not long ago. It happened after she had dreamt about that for a long time.

We travelled in such a way that by the beginning of arrival we should be the first to come. I did not argue. So be it. To my question “why” my daughter replied:

“You see, mommy, when I was younger and went to the camp for the first time, I was very worried about how they would meet me, if I would find friends and so on. And it turned out that all the children were worried too. So, I will come first and hug everyone as an old friend, and they will realize that they are welcome here and everyone is a friend.”

Wisdom is a virtue of the soul

So it happened like this. And what was curious, the children who arrived immediately got involved in this process and already the whole crowd ran to meet and hug the newcomer.

Children helped and supported one another throughout the camp session and took care even in small things. And they were truly happy. At the end of the camp session, neither the children nor the teachers wanted to leave the camp. Even now they continue communicating, when everyone has school days, and exams are ahead.

They will grow up, but for some reason I’m sure that if any of them needs help, others will come and help without hesitation. 

This small team is an example of how an open heart finds a response and reveals its true self in every person. It is the present moment which makes a person happy.

What is the future?

Communicating with my daughter, I see the world through her eyes and understand that children really see this world without distortions, just like it is. We are talking about everything in the world: about what we feel, about what is happening with the climate, about what makes a person happy and much more.


In the camp, the children also shared their views and understandings on various issues in order to leave their message in the book for the next camp session.

My daughter wrote an essay about how she sees our future. I want to share it with you.

“I wonder what lies ahead for humanity and what we cannot live and grow without in 100, 200, 500 ... years?

This is a very interesting and broad topic that can be developed for a long time. As for me, I have thought more than once about the future of our planet? What is hidden behind the next turn of the tape of time?

Nowadays, the wheel of technological progress is gaining momentum. There are more and more devices and gadgets.  Computers, smartphones are being improved, the media is developing, and the Spider of the Internet is spreading its threads further and further. This makes our life much easier. But along with this, many people become introverts, locked in virtual reality, lose their self-esteem and faith in humanity, forget what true friendship and love are, lose such important qualities as tact, politeness, sympathy, lose their ability to support and help, be respectful and honest. Precisely these and other similar traits make us truly Humans. We see a trick in the selflessly offered help. It becomes honorable to trick, deceive a person, to set someone up, getting away with it, to benefit at the expense of others.

We will definitely not be able to live in the future without things we can hardly survive without now. The number of cataclysms and ecological disasters has recently increased. We will be able to go through all these trials with the least losses only if all the people of the Earth unite.

all the people of the Earth unite for the future

We will not be able to survive in the future without mutual help, love and friendship. And not only in the future. There is no present without it.

Right now at the camp, I feel sharply the point that unites all of us. From the first day, our group became a single family, ruled by the spirit of friendship, mutual understanding and support. But before meeting, we were complete strangers and unfamiliar to one another.

So, the most important thing without which we cannot live not only in the future, but also in the present, is the desire to see a part of ourselves in another person.

Then a person will not be able to raise a hand against another person, then there will be no someone else’s misfortune and then the joy, divided among all of us, will violate the laws of mathematics and will be infinitely multiplied."

Her daughter’s experience was shared by Olga, a participant of ALLATRA IPM

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    Mike and Ken

    Great and Awesome article. This is very inspiring. Indeed Wisdom is a virtue of the Soul and not of age and truth be told, one person can do a lot. Thanks very much for sharing this Beautiful message with us all.

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