What will you answer?

What will you answer?

Hello, friends. I want to share a very inspiring story today. I know a professor who asked students to reflect on how they see a Creative Society and how to build it. After all, it's important to talk about good things because it's a topic that concerns everyone. It is interesting to learn how people imagine a world in which they and their loved ones would feel happy.

It has recently dawned on me that we know very little about the inner world of those around us. What are they really dreaming about? What are they genuinely reaching for? Something that is not commonly spoken about nowadays. We seldom even think about what the real, happy world is like.

Below are the answers of the students. What unites them is that everyone wants to see a world without evil and wars, where there is no violence and consumerism. A world where one person is a friend and a brother to another. Where you can be real and not hide your feelings.

* * *

This is a society where Person is supreme, and the supreme is Person!

This is a society where evil and envy do not exist!

This is a society in which people bring good to one another!

This is a society in which everyone starts with himself!

I aspire to such a society within myself!

We need to spread goodness and become better people in order to live in a Creative Society!

This is a society where people will not fight each other! It is a peaceful society!

A society where you don't have to hide your feelings, where you can show your true self!

It is a society where other people are valued, not betrayed, not cheated.

* * *

I want to live in a society of peace and prosperity!

In response to the question, "What can I do to live in a Creative Society?" one student said: " In order to do that, I try to be an honest, good person. And I will always try to be better."

* * *

"In such a society, where children would not be parentless!"

A Creative Society is a society where one person respects another one, where people are not divided into religions, into rich and poor, where people's lives and nature are valued."

* * *

I want to live in a society where honesty determines everything, not money!

This is a society where people are filled with conscience, courtesy, and kindness!

In response to the question, "What can I do to live in a Creative Society?" the student writes, "I have a responsibility to be kind and peaceful. I will be the source of all this so that my society will be the same!" and another answer, "We have to change people's worldview and start with ourselves!"

* * *

This is a society where Good comes back to each other!

* * *

A creative society is a society where there is no place for betrayal, cruelty and hypocrisy!

Integrity must be the foundation for such a society! Class inequality, seperation of people is unacceptable in it.

* * *

I want to live in a society where people would learn to listen to each other, solve problems together, be aware of their every action and every deed.

A creative society is a society where people respect the honor and dignity of others.

* * *

This is a society where belief in the Creator will prevail. Such a society is based on kindness, justice and understanding.

This is a society where people live in unity!

In response to the question: "What can I do to live in a creative society?" the student writes: "Become a little smarter than now, and understand that it is impossible to live the way we live now."

If we do not build a normal society, then the third world war is inevitable.

* * *

I do not want to live in the society we have now. I want to find ways to change this society.

The answer to an exciting question

It would be also interesting to find out what kind of ideas young people will suggest, to build a creative society. After all, they also want to live not only according to the standard program: "school - university - work", but to reveal their potential in freedom and security, to live a normal life.

Thanks to the guys for sharing their insights into what society should be like. Their sincere answers made me very happy, because most people want to live peacefully and happily.

These surveys showed that everyone feels the truth and knows exactly what kind of society should be in reality. Today, anyone can participate  in building a Creative Society.

For the past 10 years, all over the world, participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement have conducted social surveys, according to the results of which, 8 foundations of the Creative Society were formed.



These 8 foundations are the pillars on which the Creative Society is built.

There is a suggestion to all those who have not yet asked their relatives, friends, acquaintances, and strangers: What should be the world where one wants to live? How do they see the Creative Society? After all, when a person thinks about this and begins to tell, he or she switches to the good and opens up like a flower. Everyone has the opportunity to ask everyone  this question, so that everyone can think about this and answer.

All people want unity, friendship, and peace. Everyone wants to discover their potential, wants to learn about the world, to understand why we are created. After all, everyone feels that we are here for a reason, that something good must happen. And the realization of this good, creative world is in our hands. And together we are a tremendous force, a wave of immense possibilities and accomplishments. But everyone has the choice! And what will you answer?

Olga, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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