Yellowstone supervolcano (USA) will explode. Proved by scientists

Yellowstone supervolcano (USA) will explode. Proved by scientists

74 000 years ago, a gigantic volcanic eruption in Indonesia shook the Earth. The explosion raised a cloud of volcanic ash to the height of 3 000 km and caused a global volcanic winter. The area of the newly formed crater was bigger than the territory of modern London. Because of that supereruption, the human race ceased its development, although there were only several thousand people living on Earth at that time.


But what will happen if the next super eruption occurs in the middle of a country with 300 millions of residents?!

Yellowstone Park (USA)640 000 years ago, the biggest volcanic system of North America - the Yellowstone caldera – was formed as the result of catastrophic volcanic eruptions. Yellowstone is a large volcanic field that happens to be a National Park of North America. There are about 3 000 lakes on its territory, which makes Yellowstone the home of two thirds of the world’s geysers. According to American scientists, a supereruption of Yellowstone could annihilate more population on Earth than all the previous eruptions together.

During its previous eruption, the top of the volcano literally fell into the depth of the Earth. That is why the volcano itself is invisible before it erupts. Such a kind of volcanoes is considered to be the most dangerous on our planet, as they explode during an eruption. They are ten times more powerful as compared to usual volcanoes. Scientists believe that an explosion of the Yellowstone volcano will be 2500 times more powerful than the eruption of Etna, and its consequences can be compared only to a simultaneous explosion of a dozen of atomic bombs.

The Yellowstone Caldera: Prediction of Scientists

Under the most modest predictions, a supereruption of the Yellowstone Caldera may lead to a sudden climate change on the whole planet. But the worst part is that it can instantly destroy life on almost the whole continent. Scientists have simulated this situation and came to the conclusion that all living within the radius of 1,200 km will be destroyed already in the first minutes after the eruption, as the area adjacent to the volcano will suffer from pyroclastic flows, consisting of red-hot gas and ash. They will spread at a speed close to the speed of sound, destroying everything in its path. The second zone, which covers the whole territory of the United States and Canada, will be covered with ashes, which will lead to deaths of people who will be in that area at that time from suffocation and from the collapse of buildings. These are not all the deadly and devastating consequences… (report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”)

Given the imminent events, we have several decades at most! 

Global map of seismic hazard for 2014All this brewing catastrophic situation on the North American continent is currently compounded by the economic crisis of society living on the abovementioned territories. It is an open secret that in the near future, the world currency will “suddenly” cease to exist and will be cheaper than the paper on which it has been printed. Although attempts are made to hide this fact, today it has become public knowledge. This will happen suddenly, yet, as always (the handwriting of world script writers is recognizable), and hundreds of millions of people of not only this leading country but also of other countries of the world will become beggars overnight.

The collapse of the world currency will trigger a serious economic crisis in the whole world. This will especially affect the population of those countries which were not prepared for it. And it is a known fact that, due to the oncoming events on the planet, the number of climate refugees will increase dramatically. Natural disasters, climate change, and economic crisis will force people to leave their homes in search of a safer place to live and a way to feed themselves and their family.

The modern world is dominated by selfishness and possessiveness. That might lead to discomfort and an increase in enmity and aggression to the point where people would kill each other for shelter and a piece of bread. The human race may come to self destruction.

Changing the dominant values of society will help us to cope with the disasters 

It is of utmost importance for us to change the values of society from the consumer format to the spiritual, moral, and creative format based on goodness, humanity, conscience, friendship, and mutual help. It is essential for mankind to create a global society in which spiritual and moral values prevail, and ignore all the barriers with which the system is artificially dividing people. By striving to make the life essentials equally available to everyone, we will save ourselves and our future. As it was said by Eduard Asadov:

“With any tough decision and in all communities,
Approach's the same in all the seasons:
Your willingness begets your opportunities,
Unwillingness creates just empty reasons”

That is why people ought to change their attitude to themselves and society here and now. After all, you never know who you will be tomorrow – a refugee or a host, and what your chances of survival will be in this situation.


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    Such a good article, I am very touched by the philosophy that the humans can survive the climate change only if they unite and become one nation! 

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