The days of equinox. Transfer of knowledge about the human energy structure.

The days of equinox. Transfer of knowledge about the human energy structure.

In 2016, the date of the vernal equinox was on March 20th at 4h.30m pursuant to the Greenwich Mean Time.

According to a historical data, the various archaeological findings, and information from the myths and legends, we know that all the peoples considered these days to be special, symbolizing a certain transition. For example, the Slavic peoples considered these days to be a transition from winter to summer, from the death to the spiritual birth. Many archaeological sites, megalithic complexes are built taking into account this astronomical phenomenon, for example, the complex of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Not so long ago it became known that the pyramid of Cheops has 8 facets, and not 4, as was previously thought. It became known due to a picture, accidentally taken from the board of an airplane in the day of equinox. In the remaining days of the year, the concave facets are not visible.
Пирамида Хеопса. На фотографии видны 8 гранейTo the left is a picture taken from the board of an airplane, made in the 1930s, in the day of autumnal equinox. The refraction of light is seen, the southern edge of the Great Pyramid is divided exactly in half (taking into account already partially destroyed surface).

Another interesting structure is the Kukulkan Temple in Mexico where a rather unusual phenomenon can be seen.

"On the pyramid an amazing phenomenon can be observed during the days of the vernal and autumnal solstice, called a "feathered serpent". At about three o'clock in the afternoon the beams of the sun fall on the western balustrade of the pyramid. Light and shadow form seven triangles on the staircase which resemble the body of a 37-meter dragon. Together with the movement of the sun Kukulkan moves as well, the head of which is carved from the stone at the base of the pyramid".

Храм Кукулькана. В дни равноденствия можно наблюдать явление, названное пернатым змеем

Also such ancient megalithic structures as dolmens point to the astronomical events. One example is the dolmen from the Mamedov canyon, located on the right bank of the River Kuapse (Russia). It is considered that the very word "dolmen" originated from the Breton taol maen - a stone table. However, the dolmen in Mamedovo has a rather unusual shape. It resembles a pyramid.

"It is hewn in a huge block of a dark gray sandstone. The width of the rock is more than 5 m, the length is 8 m. Most of the block remained unrefined, but the dolmen is hewn the way that it has the shape of a pyramid on the western side, the top of which precisely indicates the point of sunrise over the ridge in the days of the equinox - March 22nd and September 21st. The angle at its top corresponds exactly to the same one of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The top of the dolmen pyramid is cut in such a way that the first beam of the Sun in the days of the equinox appears on its facet, and the full disk rises in the center. The first beams of the Sun, having touched the facet of the pyramid, fell into the middle of the dolmen juncture".

("Secrets of the ancient civilizations", Volume 1. Collection of articles)

Фотография дольмена, расположенного в Мамедово

Given the incredible number of the ancient structures located in all corners of the planet and constructed using unknown technologies, naturally the same number of infinite questions arise. Why did the ancient peoples pay so much attention to the location of the buildings in relation to the star map, and also took into account the astronomical phenomena? Why were there so many customs, rituals, connected with the days of equinox and solstice? After all, in order to build even a dolmen, not to mention the Great pyramids of Egypt and other megalithic structures, it requires the tremendous efforts (It is interesting that our civilization with the current level of technological development can not replicate such a large-scale constructions). On the other hand, precisely such structures can exist for millennia. Therefore, it is perfectly natural to assume that in this way the previous civilizations tried to convey an important information. And there has been a great interest of scientists recently trying to get to the core of this knowledge. In the internet, the results of researches appear more and more often that reveal amazing facts about the purpose of the ancient buildings and the importance of decoding the messages of the predecessor peoples. When analyzing the scientists conclusions, the understanding comes that for a vision of a large-scale picture, they lack a key to decipher the discovered facts. To date, for a person with pure thoughts, seeking the truth, the books by Anastasia Novykh can become such a key. For example, interesting data about the days of the equinox and connection of this phenomenon with the energy structure of a person can be acquired from the book "AllatRa". Here is a short excerpt:

"Rigden: Exactly right. But let us go back to the ancient designation of the human being – an equilateral cross with a circle in the centre. The lines of the cross conditionally designate the four Aspects of a person: the lateral Aspects (the horizontal lines coming from the centre), the Back aspect (the vertical line going down from the centre), and the Front aspect (the vertical line going up from the centre). As I have already said, in associative comparisons the characteristics of these Aspects were allotted to certain forces in space, for example, the four elements, the four seasonal winds and also the four cardinal directions. At that, the three forces were usually closely interconnected with each other or had negative characteristics of the back and the lateral Aspects. And the fourth one was the leading one, a very special in its properties, and it had the positive characteristics of the Front aspect. All these forces were also designated with a cross, which is the sacred symbol of the human being as of the being in whose structure the spirit and matter are combined. The vertical line of the cross was associated with the solstice, a movement towards the spiritual world, with the aspiration of a man for the Spiritual nature to prevail in him. That is why on the head of sacred gods in the religious traditions of the ancient peoples of the world, a solar disc was often depicted as a symbol of supremacy of the Spiritual nature and the Knowledge introduced from the Spiritual world. The horizontal line indicating the lateral Aspects was allegorically called the axis of equinox, associating it with the movement of the Sun (when the Sun crosses the celestial equator at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes).

Anastasia: Yes, this can be traced even now by monuments of the ancient cultures. For example, a very interesting bas-relief has been preserved in the ancient Persian city of Persepolis (there also exists its more ancient name, which, when translated from the Persian language, means “the throne of Jamshid”). It depicts a symbol of the Zoroastrian New Year holiday (Navruz), which the Persian (Iranian) and the Turkic peoples celebrate in accordance with the solar calendar. So, the most interesting thing is that this symbol is a bull (the Right aspect) and a lion (the Left aspect), “permanently fighting each other”. In ancient times it was believed that on certain days of the year their powers became equal.

Rigden: That is right. This is exactly why later on people began to link these symbols to the days of the solar equinox in nature. Although all this has a different underlying message…"

(From the book "AllatRa", read the continuation online)

Барельеф в городе Персеполе - символ зороастрийского праздника нового года (Навруз)


Four Essences of a person, forming a pyramidal energy structure.
A shot from the video "The Energy structure of a person. Primordial knowledge. The Structure of a person in the invisible world"

A careful study of the information from the books of this writer, expanding the horizons of knowledge on the topics raised in the books and, most importantly, the practical mastery of the spiritual practices - these are the keys that will help each person to understand why he lives, what a visible world of matter actually is, which knowledge the previous civilizations have tried to convey to us. And, in the end, these keys will help a person to become a Human Being with a capital letter, that one in whom a true Love dominates.

Author: Arina Kalinina

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