Today I want to share with you that inner joy, inspiration and happiness that I can only tell to my best friend about.

I am sure that you have heard, know and watched the unique international forum "Global Crisis. Our survival is in Unity". And I will tell you about the amazing experience that I gained during its preparation. This forum is unique in the topics that were covered on it, but the most unprecedented thing was that it was interpreted live into 150 languages for the first time! On the eve of the forum, a message appeared in one of the chats asking for help editing videos into other languages. I know the editing program quite well, I have experience editing different videos, but I don't know languages. Immediately there were thoughts in my head: "how will you do it, you will not succeed." But the inner impulse was "I'll try, I'll take this step." I joined the team. I'm sure you've never seen anything like this: there are almost a thousand editors from all over the world in the chat. What I noticed was that those responsible for translating the video structured the information in the table in a very accessible and simple way, and prepared training videos with the most frequently asked questions. All the preparatory work was carried out with such care and so uniquely that the tasks were marked by complexity and everyone could take for themselves what they could do. The first fears began to go away.

The first video which I edited was in Kurdish badini. I downloaded all the information, got to work and was faced with the fact that when substituting text in this language, the editing program distorts the text. Immediately there are a lot of thoughts in my head: you see, nothing will work, you didn't listen and only picked up problems. I wrote a request to the chat, described the problem, and immediately the guys offered a solution. Someone suggested that if it fails to mount again, you can take another task, and he will take this one. Fear melted like snow. I made it! And most importantly, with so many tasks (150 languages) and a huge number of people, not a single question asked in the chat remained unanswered. 

Then I noticed that I myself began to answer questions that arose, to help other guys. One girl took a video into editing. She has very little experience, but there was a great desire to share with each inhabitant of our planet the unique information of this forum in his native language. Her computer didn't have enough power to get all the programs installed, so we edited this video together. I took over some of the editing, she synchronized the voice acting, and everything turned out to be easy and simple. By the way, the girl lives in Australia, and I live in Ukraine. We don't know each other, we've never seen each other, but we worked and understood each other perfectly, it feels like we've been interacting together for a very long time. It's phenomenal.

The chat in the last days before the start of the forum buzzed like a beehive. And more and more often you could find the message: "I am free. Who needs help?” And since we are all volunteers from different countries and different continents, the work was in full swing around the clock. Also each of us has a job, a family and many other worries and problems, and we participate in projects in our free time, as saying, by the call of the Soul.

And what I noticed and felt was that we all had a common goal: to prepare this unique forum with interpreting into 150 languages. When people have a common goal, they are sure to achieve it. Here it is, the phenomenon of unity. People united by a common goal act as a single team in which you do not feel "I’m", but there is "we", in which there is always a shoulder of a friend. In this great flow of UNITY, you acquire new skills very quickly, your fears go away, you become more and more confident, and most importantly, a great desire to act is manifested!

We often hear such assumptions that in the Creative Society people will not want to work and will begin to degrade. But my little experience, which I have described, clearly shows that this is not so. You can’t stop acting, you can’t just observe, it won't work that way. After all, each of us has an inner need to be useful, and when it can be manifested and realized like this, then you will not be able to sit, because the state of happiness is simply overwhelming and there is a constant need to do even more.

I also noticed that no one pulled the guys responsible for preparing videos for translations in the chat during editing, because everyone took responsibility and tried to help the other as much as possible. In our work, no one waited for instructions, requests, but took a certain front of work and acted. It also gave a huge understanding of how the authorities (those who know, those who will tell you what to do and how to do it) vanish, how the ego is erased, because it cannot appropriate anything to itself. There was no "I did" because it was a huge team effort. Such a unique experience makes you a real human: proactive, responsible, kind, happy and joyful. This is the phenomenon of UNITY.

Friend, check out the forum if you haven't had such an opportunity yet, and join the Creative Society project. Let's build a new world TOGETHER! To feel this PHENOMENON, you need to start acting by yourself, because no words can fully convey that inner experience and the depth of this feeling.

Irina, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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