Francisco Miralles Caravaca. Memory is Outside the Brain

Francisco Miralles Caravaca. Memory is Outside the Brain

"Understanding what is life and what is death is defining. With this understanding the education of a physician must begin. And even earlier, with a correct understanding of who each person really is. That is, not just knowing how the body is arranged, but how a human is arranged. Because without this basic understanding, we cannot answer the question: what is life and death to man?”

With these words, Francisco Miralles Caravaca began his speech at the international online conference “Life after death. Fiction and facts ”, which took place on May 22, 2021 on the ALLATRAUNITES platform.

Francisco Miralles Caravaca is a doctor of medicine, surgery, former WHO national consultant, and former head of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health.

Francisco Miralles said that, as a doctor, he has always been interested in the question of how a person is actually arranged and where his memory is located.

Today, many scientists who have studied the brain claim that memory has not been found in the human brain. What we can observe with CT scans and MRI scans are only the consequences of activating a part of the brain (the hippocampus) as a result of a picture coming into it.

In medical practice, there are many cases when, as a result of a disease, the human brain was severely damaged or completely absent by 90% – 95%, and the rest of the space was filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Doctors wondered what to do with the fact that there are people who live perfectly well without a brain in the literal sense of the word. These cases amazed and forced us to reconsider the fundamental understanding and ideas of medicine about how a human is actually arranged.

Comparison of the brain

Francisco Miralles in his speech gives examples of the most interesting clinical cases that his colleagues have encountered in their many years of medical practice: pediatric surgeon John Lorber; cognitive sciences professor Axel Kleeremans; famous scientist, German professor Hofland; biology doctor Rupert Sheldrake; surgeon Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky.

Cameron Mott's Brain

Observations, professional experience and discoveries of scientists in the study of the brain explain and prove an extremely important fact – human consciousness is outside the body and is a field structure in which information is accumulated and stored.

Francisco Miralles voiced another mystery related to memory. Our brain, like a computer disk, produces the same information every time. But unlike a computer disk in which bytes remain unchanged, 98% of human brain molecules are completely renewed every two days. That is, memory cannot be localized in the brain in any way, which means it is outside the brain.

The words of the experienced scientist-practitioner Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky describe well the essence of what was said above:

"The brain is not the organ of thought and feeling. The spirit acts beyond the brain, determining its activity and all of our being. Whereas the brain works as a transmitter, taking signals and transmitting them to the organs of the body. There is something in the body that can be detached from it and even outlive the person himself.”

Francisco Miralles concluded his speech by summarizing that due to the information presented at the international online conference "Life after Death. Fictions and facts," many things have become clear now. All the puzzles have come together and there is a common, coherent understanding of life and death issues.

As a result of the cohesive joint study, collation, and analysis of the facts by all conference participants, a major contribution was made to discovering the truth that had been hidden from people for thousands of years.

By uniting together, we are all putting the pieces of the puzzle together so that this important information can be made available to all of humanity. This will give us the opportunity to understand who we really are and to make informed choices.

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