"Who hath bridged 

the song and the singer 

in this world...

...Only Love..."

Lyrics from the song

There is nothing but Love. Songs of Love. Love flows in all that exists. The love that was originally, is and will always be. It is the Song that is invisible, but Its sound generates everything visible. Everything that we can touch, smell, see with our eyes ... After all, everything is a hologram born by Sound.

If a person does not hear that Song, does not feel its Sounding in himself, even vaguely, at least in passing, at least rarely... Then he, without realizing it, becomes an unhappy, suffering wanderer, roaming in the desert of life, trying in vain to fill the inner emptiness with anything... if only it doesn't gap... shopping, trinkets, cars, expensive headsets and emo culture... whatever… But all this is useless, because only one thing can fill the inner being of a person – the Sound of the Song of Love! Because a person is truly destined to be the instrument on which this Song sounds, or, if you like, to be a singer performing this Song within his heart. Anything else, no matter what a person does, in the absence of this Song inside, will never give a genuine and complete feeling of satisfaction. All the time there will be a striving for something else, for new acquisitions, new conquests and whatever ... endless desires that give rise to suffering...Then all it takes is to calm down and stand still and hear in silence the Song...the Song of Love...

Hearing It, at least by chance, it is necessary to kindle this flame and turn it into an unquenchable bonfire... To fill the whole of nature and gradually, overcoming the resistance of the mind, or rather, moving away from its opposition and chatter, to learn how to hear the Song first, so that It is in the first ground, in the foreground, and everything else is just an addition... And then, whatever a person does, everything will make sense, whatever he does, everything will be joyful. After all, he achieved exactly the main thing! And the main thing for every person is, first of all, to fulfill his true destiny, to become a lute that emits a divine sound... To become a singer of Love... To become a nightingale pouring out his Love to the Divine Rose...

"But!" – the pragmatic reader will exclaim here, unless, of course, he has already exclaimed this even earlier...

"In our turbulent age, why are all these maxims?"

"Let's get closer to the quintessence!"

Yes, well! And our pragmatic reader turned out to be a little poetic...

Patience, a bit of patience... It is a stormy age, no one argues. Even violent... What will this wild madness lead to, here, as they say, and do not go to a fortuneteller, and it is not necessarily to be genius... Already even skeptics begin to see and understand... Well, yes ... It is impossible, guided by the laws of the jungle, to build a human community. This requires a completely different approach. Diametrically different. Creative. And there are no other options.

Unity, proclaimed the oracle of our days,

Unity can be soldered with iron only and blood,

But we will try to solder it with Love,

And then we will see what is stronger...

Iron and blood, as we can see, did not work out. We have been trying for 6000 years. And the time has already come for everyone to understand and admit that it will not work like this. It's time to do it with Love and make sure that the poet was right. And not only a poet... but all the singers of the Song of Love, and all Prophets of It... Who dreamed of only one thing...

And thank God that already a huge number of people around the world understand this and are active on the basis of this understanding. These people are trying with all their might to tell all other people about a society where everyone would like to live. About the Creative Society. These are the people who overcome resistance within themselves, indecision, shame, fear imposed by egoism... Honor and praise them!

Do everything possible to establish the priorities of Good in society. Quote from AllatRa

And to support these people I want to say: “Friends, a little bit more! We have already done the most important thing. We have broken the seal of silence! We have broken the taboo! It was the most difficult thing, and now the voice of each of us, the voice addressed to all people, this voice is very important, because it brings the words of Truth to people! And the words of Truth are the most powerful words, the most worthy and most beautiful words! These are the words, walking with which through life, a person becomes stronger! Man becomes freer! And it's great that there are more and more free people!"

Part 2

Love is the most important thing, because only Love creates Life. It is not life as a series of events, not as a long jump from one darkness to another, that is, not the existence that we used to consider life. Love creates Real and Eternal Life.

Everyone can boast that they've had an interesting life. So can I. I was born in one country and grew up in a completely different one. But everywhere I was accompanied by adventures, romance, friends... One event replaced another, as if they were racing, but what was the result? Where is this all rushing to? Just yesterday it was youth, like a rash horse, wild and heady from the overflowing strength and energy, and today the silver of gray hair is in a hurry to cover everything with it. Where did that time go? And most importantly, how quickly? So why do I suppose the rest won't go by as fast? Isn't it the same for you, friends? Tell me, can any of us stop the breakneck speed of time? No. And only Love is able to give meaning to it all and, most importantly, to bring to Eternity. But it is not Love in the ordinary perception, but it is Love of God – AllatRa! It is thanks to AllatRa that my life has found its true meaning.

True love liberates a person inwardly. ALLATRA Vesti

For a long time I wandered through this world like an unsettled vagabond. I was looking for answers. I couldn't find meaning in the things that made sense to others. To procreate and build a house, to become famous and leave a mark, to become rich... But what will happen next? After all, it all passes in a blink of an eye. Life has shown me how fragile and short-lived everything is. In the morning I was as rich as Croesus, in the evening I vomited in the back alley, some days I was on a horse, and in the next I could barely move, drowning in a sea of grief and despair... So what was the point of this? Some clever people told me that the meaning of life was in the sense we put into it, others told me that the meaning was in life itself, but these were just words, clever, promising, and most importantly, seductive ones. As soon as I thought I had grasped their meaning, life swept away all meaning at the next turn. What sense can there be in something that doesn't make sense? None. But there must be meaning! Otherwise, what is all the immense beauty for? What is the reason for that light, a faint flame of which there is in each of us? And this is the goal that everyone should strive for if he wants to get out of the dark cave!

AllathRa helped me to know, to see, to understand and, most importantly, to feel this fire, this life-giving and divine fire of Love. AllathRa revealed in me what was hidden behind a thick layer of anger, vanity, and many other unflattering things... For me, as for millions of people on Earth, AllatRa opened the meaning, revived the life inside me. AllatRa completely answered all my important inner questions, helped me to see holistically the picture of the universe and most important to realize, feel and receive the Knowledge. When inner awareness comes, it creates the conditions for the formation of an authentic Freedom, independent of anyone's whim or any circumstances. And only this Freedom leads us to Eternity. And this Freedom is in Love! And that is why the true goal of our life consists in discovering, in finding, in knowing this Love! So that, by opening and living in us, it becomes our essence and nature, and because of this, that like a drop we become part of the ocean of Love. There is no other way to find true Freedom than through Love!

Part 3

In an effort to the inner, limitless freedom of the Spirit, we face the resistance of our consciousness, which, as a cruel slave-owner, seeks to protect us in every way to gain freedom. This is reasonable. What slave-owner would want to give a slave up? Indeed, in this case, the existence of a slave owner entirely depends on the slave. And therefore it is important to study how in its shackles acts and through what and how it continues to keep in their shackles. Study the templates that it affects us. However, studying the enemy, it is important not to forget about the goal itself! Because the enemy is skillful so much that the process of studying methods of its impact is able to transform into the sense itself. As a result, we can study it for a very long time, while not moving towards our genuine goal. But it is important to note right away that the saying does not mean that the patterns and ways by which it controls us are not important or not to be studied. After all, consciousness will interpret these words exactly in this way. But it is important to remember that in spiritual matters there is no worse guide and advisor than consciousness. And so we repeat, the meaning of what has been said is not that consciousness does not need to be studied. Not! Without having studied the enemy, it is impossible to defeat it. Igor Mikhailovich Danilov repeatedly speaks about it. The point in this case is that, by studying, you gradually come to the understanding that the enemy can be defeated in only one way. To become Love yourself. Not just to feel it for short or long periods throughout the day. But to become its source. Where there is Light, there is no place for darkness. A person is like a vessel that cannot be empty. This vessel must be filled, and it can be either demons or love. There is no third. If due to tracking and controlling consciousness we achieve inner purification, then it is important to fill the vessel with Love constantly from the inner inexhaustible Source of Love – the Soul. Therefore, it is important to remember that we cannot get rid of consciousness while we are in the body, but we can learn how to produce love, become love, and then the consciousness will be in the subordinate position and will not be an all-powerful dictator. For, where love reigns, there can not reign evil. Therefore, it is necessary to strive first of all to obtain an inner spiritual support. It is most important. Very valuable understanding are given in the article of Anastasia Novykh “Inner spiritual support", which repeatedly saw me:

"Inner spiritual support helps a person to become one's true self, to be fearless, to have a constant connection with the spiritual world regardless of the outer world, regardless of any circumstances that arise in life. It makes one a Human being. It helps to identify the substitutions from the Animal Mind, its various attachments to the external temporal world. It forms the platform for creation. Through it man becomes a pure Guide of the Spiritual World in the material world, enabling him to transmit the Truth and to sow the spiritual seeds wherever he goes, whatever he does, whatever he comes into contact with. Whatever person does in this world, whoever one is, one must strive to build an inner stronghold, a road to Eternity, for life is too short. It is on this major matter of life that the main attention of a person should be focused, everything else will follow and it will be given what to do and to say when it is really necessary and important."

Anastasia Novykh

Participant of ALLATRA IPM

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