The world is on the brink of climate collapse. Our planet is dying. But the world's media are silent about it. Humanity's attention is fixed on wars, hatred, fear, conflict, pain and despair.

On the initiative of responsible people from all over the world, on the platform of the Creative Society project, on December 2, 2023 at 17:00 GMT a landmark international online forum "Global Crisis. The Responsibility" will be held, which will be broadcast on all streaming platforms and simultaneously interpreted into 100 languages.

The forum will voice the hard truth without censorship about what people already affected by climate change are experiencing. It will also provide answers to the questions of why Earth may become a dead planet like Mars, and what we can do to prevent this from happening. Based on years of research by scientists, the forum will identify the true causes of climate change.

Now the question is acute: is humanity ready to unite and take responsibility for its own life, or will it continue to remain inactive, thereby dooming itself to death? There is less and less time to change the situation and save ourselves, but there is still a chance!

If tens of thousands of people learn the information that will be voiced at the forum, we have no chance. If millions find out, then there is a small chance, and if 8 billion learn, then there is a chance, just a chance, but it is real!

Our future is now in our hands.

By uniting together, we have the power to not only prevent the impending catastrophe, but to create a future beyond our wildest dreams! WE ARE RESPONSIBLE to KNOW THE TRUTH and make an informed CHOICE.

Join and share this information with everyone. It depends on our choice whether humanity will exist or not. We can be a part of the story of the dawn of humanity or we can be the cause of its decline...

It's Time for Truth.

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