Halloween - is it a solar holiday or a mystic night? The true traditions and the symbolism of the holiday

Halloween - is it a solar holiday or a mystic night? The true traditions and the symbolism of the holiday

Every year on October 31st thousands of jack-o'-lanterns are being light up in honor of Halloween. On this day many people dress up in masquerade costumes, trying to play spooky looking characters, giving parties and organizing large carnivals. It is known that the history of the holiday goes deep into the ancient times. It is important to notice one crucial thing: ancient people gave this festival a completely different meaning and symbolism. What is most interesting is that the true spiritual grains were concealed under the many far-fetched symbolically-mystical traditions.

The genuine history of Halloween

Halloween has been celebrated for several thousands of years. All Internet sources claim that the holiday is connected with the ancient people called Celts who populated the northern part of France, Ireland and England once upon a time.

The territorial borders of Celtic tribes’ settlement area.

The territorial borders of Celtic tribes’ settlement area.

Celts had a cult of Sun worshipping. Ancient people were good observers and connected life and nature cycles to the Sun motion. The most important days of the year for the sun worshipers were holidays of birth (or resurrection) and death (fading) of the Sun. Particularly at night of 31st of October Celts had such celebration as Samhain (Samain) or “Sanhain” (the end of summer), as it was called by Celtic tribes. Its celebration was an analogy of modern New Year holiday, the approach of winter, the ending of light part of the year (which began in March-April) and the arrival of darkness (October-November)

Samhain was also related to the ending of agricultural works, harvesting of the fields and the beginning of the new labor season. Winter arrival was perceived by people as the time of serenity, relaxation that was intended for renovation and rest. They were sure that the new life could only be born from death: spring will not come without winter; there will be no fresh leaves on the trees, until the old ones fall down.


In Ireland this holiday was also called “Samhein” or “La Samon”, which is translated as “Solar holiday”. In Scotland it was named as “Hallowe’en”. Before adopting Christianity Slavic tribes celebrated “Night of Veles” on the 31st of October.

Before adopting Christianity Slavic tribes celebrated “Night of Veles” on the 31st of October


Many cultures also had such sacred celebrations similar to Samhein, which were corresponding to the cosmic cycles and had similar traditions - Walpurgis Night in Europe on the eve of May 1, and Slavic tribes had Maslenitsa and Ivana Kupala. The same way people of many countries celebrate the coming of Spring – they were burning fires and arranging dances and roundelays.

As a rule, all these celebrations were related to the ending of the old and the beginning of New Year and had common symbolic meaning, which is lighting up of fire, dances, roundelays around the fire, rituals and traditions related to mirrors:

Yes, there are a lot of examples… Those same Old Slavonic Christmastide, which already under the influence of Christianity, began to be associated with Christmas ceremonies, the attributes of which were a candle as the person’s light of life and a mirror. And such holidays, which were borrowed from more ancient religions, exist not only in Christianity.

For example, in the Central Asian countries, where the religion of Islam is professed, the holiday of Navruz Bayram is celebrated, meaning, the New Year’s  Day. It is one of the oldest holidays. It is celebrated on the night before the day of vernal equinox. The interesting fact is that this holiday is celebrated annually in honour of resurrection from under the earth of the Good spirit bringing light, and of the defeat of the Evil spirit. It is almost like modern Easter. It is interesting that some of the main attributes of the table are candles, mirror, and coloured eggs. All of them have symbolic meaning, and this meaning is connected with the spiritual interpretation of these symbols. So, for example, a candle is the inner light of a person, his or her vital force, while an egg symbolises a birth of the person’s spiritual life. And the holiday of Navruz Bayram was celebrated as early as the golden age of the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism which preceded both Christianity and Islam



Traditions of the holiday - transfer of the sacred primordial knowledge

It was considered that at night of the 31st of October the edge between the visible and invisible worlds became thinner which eased up the passage between them. Slavic people believed that it was the easiest time to descend into the depths of one’s soul to feel it and thus gain more spiritual power, but for the beginning it was necessary to overcome the fear imposed by the consciousness. Among many nations this holiday symbolized purification, rethinking, gain of new understandings and possible transition to the new level of one’s own spiritual development.

The Knowledge about processes happening in the Universe had been fixed in these traditions.


The material world unlike the Spiritual world is subjected to the cyclicity of interconversion (emergence and destruction). Thus, the knowledge about creation, structure and development of the Material world and its periodic renewal had been transferred from generation to generation as well as about the main constituent – the Spiritual primary principle, which had been symbolized by sacred fire or burning candle. Mirrors had symbolized the material world pointing out its illusory nature and the fact that it was just a mirror reflection of the Spiritual world.

“In ancient legends the true nature (the inclusion of the force of Allat) was compared to a burning candle. It was mentioned that when the burning candle disappear, all the visible will disappear and turn into nothing. The candle is a constant burning, the mirrors are constant reflection. In such a way ancient people explained the essence of the constant movement and action of this structure – septon. There are much more reflections, they attract attention concentrating it on the dead. The real source of life is only one and it is hidden not in external world or human body but in the Soul. On the whole, it was mentioned that this is plural mirror reflection of the one, as the brink between the visible and invisible worlds, reality and illusion, which only disguises as reality. That is why it was written in spiritual texts that only that one who is not bound to the visible, takes care of the Soul”


That is why a sacred fire had been lighted in every home. Among Irish people, it was a candle, which traditionally was being placed on a window, that was pointing to the east and which was burning until the end of the holiday. Nowadays, during Halloween people turn on electric lamps, use candles which are placed inside of a pumpkin, colored lights and they are even burning fires on the streets.


It is interesting that the tradition of making pumpkin lanterns (Jack-o'-lanterns) came from Celtic custom of lighting up the lanterns, which according to beliefs, were helping souls to find the way to “purgatory”. This is a direct pointing to the creative force of Allat, which is a conductor of Divine Power, Love of God, through which human’s Soul became free from the reincarnations and returned to its true home – to the Spiritual world.


Inculturation or how the Solar Holiday turned into Halloween?

Until the 1st century A.D Samhain holiday had been celebrated according to pagan rituals. However, after Roman conquest of the Celtic lands, Celts were forced to partially resign from their beliefs.

Nevertheless, ancient traditions were so strong, that the people still were continuing to celebrate the holiday on their own way, despite the introduction of the new celebrations and the change in the way of life. For wiping out the old customs and traditions, the pope Gregory III decided to move “All Saints Day” from May 13 to November 1. The eve - October 31st was called just like the evening of all the saints, which in English sounds like this: All Hallows Even, that is, Halloween. But even after overlaying one holiday on another, Samhain didn’t disappear. Both holidays merged together and started to be celebrated together: Halloween - 31st of October, and the day of all Saints – 1st of November.

All Hallows Even

The spiritual essence of Halloween had been tried to be removed by the end of 19th century, by turning it into a public holiday. And judging by what traditions of Halloween celebration had been left for us, it clearly demonstrates, that the main goal had been achieved.

From the lightsome, sunny, spiritual holiday which was containing grains of the Primordial Knowledge, Halloween was turned into a masquerade.

In the same way, many festivals were substituted, the true meaning of which was not in the unrestrained fun, feasting or decorating own homes with certain attributes. All this was only the consequence of the traditions in the basis of which were lying the Knowledge about human’s Soul and Personality, human’s spiritual path and the obtaining of true Divine Love and Spiritual Liberation.

And ancient people new about this much more than modern people do. It can be tracked by the ancient and modern traditions of the same Halloween’s celebration as well as of many other holidays, in which the spiritual dominant had been replaced by the material one.

After all, the meaning of the existence of a human is not in the accumulation of material wealth, in the strengthening of health or the acquisition of power over the ones of the same kind. The True Life lies in the cognition of oneself, one’s own Soul, in the purification of oneself from all the negative, in the cultivation of Love and in returning to your true Home – to the Spiritual World!

And exactly on the days like October 31st, which have long been noted by ancient people, it is much easier to get in touch with one’s own true essence and to approach the Soul, because the line between the worlds is thinning, which means, that a person has the opportunity to become one step closer to the Spiritual World. The only thing one needs to do for that, is to calm down, and to stop paying attention to one’s own thoughts and to melt in the feeling of Love, which can be felt by any person. And the more such lights are set in the world, the more happiness each person will gain. And Halloween will again become a celebration of light, peace and divine grace.








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