Am I evolving spiritually or not?

Am I evolving spiritually or not?

When dealing with those who are on the path of the spiritual development, one often hears the question: “Am I evolving spiritually or not, and what level of spiritual development have I reached?” It may seem that the question is quite logical and objective, because many, performing some action, want to see the results of their acts almost immediately.

But where does the desire to evaluate the results of own actions come from? On the one hand, the mechanism of comparison and evaluation allows to improve in a particular case, which is performed to correct our mistakes, improve skills. But on the other hand, the same mechanism leads  to the glorification of the self, the formation of pride, when a person exalts him or herself over other people, and often this happens unbeknownst to him or her. So this has also happened with me: I have written an article and it has got published, and then I look at how many people have read it and how many positive reviews have been placed there.

This usually happens when doing something, people subconsciously pursue their personal interests (realizing the stereotypes of their Animal nature), but not the goal, which leads the case itself: almost every time it turns into a glorification of the self at the expense of the case and its results. Although this question is not so simple and definitely the consciousness as a clever trickster, is also juggling with spiritual concepts, forcing the person to do nothing.

Let me lead again a personal example with these articles. I have caught myself of pride thinking “Oh, well, so I write, to exalt!” Time has passed, and new understandings have come with personal observation, and friends have shared their experiences which have shown an interesting picture. So an understanding has arrived here : “It is necessary to put everything in the article, to share it with like-minded people” and suddenly a voice in my head said: “If you write an article, you will track the reviews again, so no need to write, you will only feed your pride”. “That’s right — I think — I am tired of damn pride and will not write!” But I feel that something's wrong here. This has repeated several times until I have understood the essence of deception.

How the  consciousness has distorted my sense of pride

The consciousness has used my understanding about pride against me, ensuring that I have stopped sharing my experience, studying and  writing articles, in order not to fall into pride! The deal is that it is not about to stop writing, but not to exalt due to this, because a human does not have his or her own will and cannot create, he or she can only choose  what to bring through in this world. Having done bad – the person has brought the will of the Animal mind, and making the good – the Will of the Spiritual world. Therefore, nothing to be proud of, and  after all it is not the person who is doing, but the Will, which he or she gave the preference. And speaking about the good things, here we all know that we do them in secret and not put on display or expose them, as they say, so that  the left hand doesn’t know what your right hand is doing.

And the same goes with the spiritual development. People often want to seem rather than be spiritual. And again, it's important to understand who inside of us is interested in the question of how we are spiritually evolved? The answer is simple – the consciousness. Very often it puts this question to the Personality, and this unusual  moment is observed by many who actually work on self development.

We can often hear the voice asking this question in the transitional states of mind, for example, before falling asleep and  pretending like a friend has asked about something internal, and I have started to answer, and then realized that has communicated with the consciousness. It has just, so to speak, lulled my vigilance, by taking the image of the person that I trust to pass my inner self-protection, or during meditations, spiritual practices, and simply during the day, but it's less common.

But this is not all, I have noticed that usually allow these illusory images and thoughts due to my pride, because it is another way of exalting yourself: imagine when you give someone an important and valuable advice, thus strengthening your importance in the eyes of another person.

So, after all, why would the consciousness want to know if we evolve?

The consciousness needs this information only in order to understand what is happening with the Personality, and on the basis of this information to come up with ways on how it can more effectively command and prevent our spiritual development. After all, what happens to the Personality on the spiritual side, is unknown to the consciousness , and it finds out the needed information this way. So to avoid this, we need to develop the skill of refusal to “communicate with the consciousness”, not paying attention to the images it produces. Not giving answers to questions that arise in our mind. And indeed, the dialogue with the consciousness does not lead to anything positive ever, and typically, the final of such communication and fictional situations is the death or a negative outlook.

Observe yourself in these moments, and you'll see for yourself — the consciousness is always set on negative. Watching it is a real work, and you need to carefully observe how it works, learn its tricks and know how to get around them and block.

But there is also a trick: we have been conditioned since the childhood to rely on the consciousness, we were not informed that we can feel and obtain a reliable information not through the consciousness, but as a Personality – directly.

"Say, can the Personality think? Well, here's how we think. The mental category is just coming thoughts, we weigh, evaluate, think. But does it have such a feature? Simply, it's all there. It doesn’t need it, it eliminates this function. It's here for us to learn something, that's what inside the teapot, we need to open the lid. Does a Personality need it? Here is the answer."

From "Illusion and the Way. The Truth is One for Everyone. Release 2"

The Consciousness constantly asks questions and doubts, and the Personality knows, feels what is true and what is false

But since in today's world, everything is focused on the development of the consciousness, the Personality remains a child, constantly asking the consciousness questions, not developing independently, which, incidentally the consciousness takes advantage of, making sure that the situation does not change. This allows it to dominate the Personality more and more. Personality is the child and the child needs an adult.

"This is the world of matter. Of course, here the matter reigns. Naturally, the first part of a human, part of the material, which is the human consciousness, it dominates. And it dominates since the birth. First of all, it is older than the second spiritual component of the human. Well, at least eight days older. It is therefore natural that as the eldest brother over the younger or a sister over the younger, it always seeks to dominate. It's a joke, of course, but actually the system, it is aggressive. Material, I mean. And it always imposes. But the spiritual world, it never imposes. It just exists. If you  want you will come. If not, well, it’s your choice."

From "Illusion and the Way. The Truth is One for Everyone. Release 2"

And who is an adult for the Personality whom it can ask a question? The consciousness. Instead of calming down and feeling what's really going on, the Personality is asking the consciousness questions  or the consciousness puts an incorrect assumption, and the Personality believes it. This is also one of the consciousness tools: to create illusions and incorrect assumptions. Which allows it to keep the Personality in chains of ignorance. If the Personality relies on the consciousness, it is constantly lying and thereby spoil life, not giving the Personality a chance to get to the bottom of the issue, to understand a deception, to realize the truth. But the truth is simple: the consciousness is the sworn, uncompromising enemy of the Personality and its spiritual development.

And yet, in a very rare cases when having questions a human really begins not to fantasize about this, but to seek answers independently, using various sources of information.

Returning to the beginning of the article, I want to note that the consciousness can also use the understanding of the Personality that the consciousness is lying against it: it is telling the truth some time, so that the Personality started to trust it again, and to deceive and to fail at the most inopportune moment. So it is important to learn to rely solely on inner feelings, perception of the world from the perspective of the Personality – the unprejudiced Observer.

The consciousness is afraid of the facts. Games of the consciousness during the day

One of the examples of the consciousness games, stated  above, may be assumptions or predictions. These are the cases, when the consciousness draws conclusions in advance, as if guessing what will happen, but as a rule, all of them are false. This happens for any occasion and a great number of times during a day. If you are not lazy and observe it, you can gather good dirt on the consciousness.

How does it happen in practice? Take a notebook and a pen, and as soon as you notice  assumptions or predictions in your mind about the outcome of any event, put them on the paper, waiting for it to happen and then compare with what your consciousness has given. This is very important and very valuable to log and record all these cases, as the consciousness will erase your memory of everything that may harm it, or discredit it and prove its inconsistency. The consciousness is afraid of the facts, and the more of them you have, the less it has the possibility to cheat the Personality. The facts drive the consciousness into a dead end and make it impossible to distort the situation, to present it from a different spot and begin to convince the Personality that in fact there were no hoax and that's all just seemed.

But coming back to the question of the level of spiritual growth. Why are we located to the fact that consciousness can ask us these questions and in turn we ask them those who we believe know the answer – the authority, who  may evaluate us and whose opinion we believe. Or to confirm this, we  are seeking for a different kind of arguments. Because in this moment we are under the control of the consciousness. And again, where are we looking for the confirmation of this? In a three-dimensional world!

What does our consciousness require in the confirmation of the spiritual development? Why does magic attract the consciousness?

Visible results! “You are not a mind reader, can’t move items, can’t command people, no one kisses your hands – is this a development? You have to work, the body feels cold and sores as usual, there's something wrong, says the consciousness – apparently you're not as developed and learning wrong things!” In fact, the consciousness gives a reason that a magic can serve as the visible result of the Personality spiritual development. A magic – as a way of implementing power (the most powerful stereotype of the consciousness) over other people. I would like to remind you here that a magic is an exchange of the chance to become an immortal spiritual being to be able to possess some superpowers in this world. A magic, in fact, is a laziness, a want of the immediate realization of the desires coming from the Animal nature. By doing nothing and  getting the desired result in a matter is the origin of magic.

Now imagine the situation when a woman came to the old fortune-teller to charm a guy, and she said, “He will be yours in twenty years!” Or you have the ability to move objects, but you'll have to do it alone, not showing and demonstrating  anywhere. Watch the reaction of your consciousness, what happens when you just read these examples? It has immediately become disinterested, after all, the whole point of these “wants” is lost  when you can not make that claim and show to others to impress them. This is the meaning and appeal of the magic for the consciousness, it realizes the desires due to the force of Allat, which is given for the spiritual liberation of the Personality. In fact, the consciousness is a parasite, it exploits the Personality, so to speak, is satisfied with its life at the expense of the Personality, although it should be quite the opposite – the consciousness must serve the Personality, and it is its main function. But as we can see the consciousness does nothing useful, but by the deceit and manipulation of the Personality offers to send the God-given power into the wrong direction. This is possible due to the fact, as we have already mentioned, that the Personality is the trusting and inexperienced child, that's why it is necessary to grow spiritually, to develop yourself, to become mature, not in body, but Spirit! After all, the consequences of this fatal deception – the spiritual death of the Personality, what could be worse?

Why anyone, even an atheist, not believing in anything supernatural, gets so happy when he was able to predict something or to do something beyond our normal perception? Because each person has the consciousness, and it is prone to magic and hoaxes. Turning away from God, people still tend to magic, they need His power, but not Him.

Almost all people are prone to this, let me tell the example as the confirmation of this. There was  the situation during the collective class in spiritual development, which was attended by about 70 people. The presenter said that anyone is inclined to magic, since we all have the consciousness, however, almost always this desire is camouflaged, hiding from the Personality, not allowing to understand it is present. And to lull the vigilance of the Personality in this issue, not allowing to get to the bottom, a voice in your head says: “Definitely I don’t have this issue, he's talking about other people, not me.” This is an interesting point, because in that moment the consciousness speaks on behalf of the Personality, lulling the vigilance and hiding the fact that this desire is actually present. In confirmation of this, many of those present agreed that at the moment when the conversation was going, the voice in their heads said exactly the same phrase. And in the minds of many attendees, it sounded the same, almost word for word.

These situations arise from the fact that the human Personality, being in the condition of the child, having no knowledge about the true state of things, mistakenly wants to realize his spiritual potential in the matter, or, if the person has come into the contact with the Knowledge, understands the essence, but still wonders about the level of his spiritual development, this means  he is not diligently works on self development and subconsciously wants to possess a magical power, again in order to amuse his self-esteem. Often people themselves don't admit this, which generates an acute internal conflict in them, as the intention of the Personality to freedom and the desire of the consciousness to rule over the whole world contradict each other. People seeking magic and self-realization in this material world need the Power of God, but not God himself, but one cannot be without the other.

Also, this question can be used by the consciousness to destabilize the doubters, people who have not yet firmly established in their choice, tangling them forever in thoughts that the spiritual development should facilitate their material existence. The spiritual development first of all provides an understanding  of the illusion and temporality of the matter, and that a magic is the exploitation of God, the use of His forces not for the spiritual growth of the Personality and its return Home in a new capacity as a mature spiritual being but to change some conditions of life in the matter.

The Personality develops gradually

Almost always this process is unnoticed for the Personality, although there are changes that can be clearly described: changes in life priorities and goals from the material to the spiritual, moral and creative. Working on self development every day, a person can understand for him or herself, whether he or she controls the thoughts and antics of the Animal nature or not? Can he or she give up envy, anger, hatred or still has moments of weakness? What words and actions he or she prefers during  the day? Is he or she able to abandon evaluation of him or herself and others? What does he or she really want: the Spiritual liberation or stay in the illusion? When a person honestly answers him or herself  these questions, the question of “Do I go or not go on the path of the spiritual development?” simply doesn’t arise, because this process does not stop even for a moment.

It's not a job from 9:00 to 18:00, after which you can just let yourself go and relax, to look back and assess the result. The fact is that when one stops and weakens the control and vigilance, then surely his or her Animal nature will take advantage and try to attack. This does not mean that you need to be tense all the time, no, your body should be relaxed, but the Personality needs to keep watch, constantly improving in spiritual development.

"Igor Mikhailovich: Those who engaged in training animals, they know that the most dangerous beast is the bear. No matter how it fins and flirts with you it can attack any moment. And without any warning. Just like  the consciousness. You get slightly relaxed and it attacks. But this doesn't mean you have to be tense. On the contrary, you must live in a Different world and be relaxed, right? And when you're tensed and worried – what does it mean?

Tatiana: That you are on the consciousness. That you give your attention to the other side."

From "LIFE. The Truth is One for Everyone. Release 3"

What is the spiritual development about? That the human with the help of the deepest feelings is in a constant dialogue with God, he or she ignores the thoughts of his or her Animal nature, understanding their essence. Trying to live each day in love for God and people, selflessly helping however he or she can, and cultivating an impeccable love. As the wise men say: the heart of such person is so filled with love that there is not even the crumbs of anger left on the devil himself.

Author: Andrey Mikhalchuk

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