Imam Amir Aziz. The Prophet Muhammad spoke about the Creative Society

Imam Amir Aziz. The Prophet Muhammad spoke about the Creative Society

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke about the Creative Society and a united humanity. Amir Aziz, Imam of the oldest mosque in Germany, spoke about this and much more in his speech at the international online conference "The Creative Society. What the Prophets dreamed of":

"...that was his concept – a united humanity. That is why in the holy Qur'an, as I said earlier, God says that He is Lord of the worlds. That means one Lord, one humanity. And they all live together.

This was the concept of the Prophet Muhammad, which he passed on to the people. For 100% that Islam speaks of Creative Society. It is the same principle. It is based on the same principle. So those foundations that you talked about (the 8 foundations of the Creative Society), they are the same principles that I find when I read the Qur'an".

The respected Imam Amir Aziz said that he finds the same principles in the Qur'an and in the foundations of the Creative Society. After all, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke of Love, unity, happiness, and that we should always live in respect and harmony in this world.

This truth was spoken to the whole world and has been translated into more than 45 languages. Such a large-scale conference as that of "The Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of," that united the whole world and was held by the people themselves, has never taken place before in the history of mankind.

The One Truth, the message of Love, was brought by the Prophets at all times when the world was on the verge. They renewed the lost Knowledge and showed the direction for the development of society. But it is up to people to act and be responsible for their choices. No one will build for us the beautiful and happy world that all the Prophets spoke and dreamed.

The time has come that was foretold in all the prophecies, the time of the universal Human Choice. Our choices today determine what the world will be like tomorrow. Everyone who lives now is chosen, and everyone can do much.


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    Мы можем построить Созидательное общество! Это в наших силах. Ведь люди обладают таким огромным потенциалом!

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    Все Пророки приходили от Бога и все несли единую Истину, которая объединяет внутренне всех людей!

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    Тот, кто знает Истину, знает Бога и Духовный мир, всегда будет говорить о единстве, потому что стремиться к этому - значит соответствовать своей духовной сути. Наша задача - построить мир, который будет похож на Мир Духовный, и самое главное, что мы действительно можем это сделать.

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    Все человечество-одна большая семья.Бог-един.Все мы едины.

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    Огромная благодарность всем людям, которые говорят правду и способствуют объединению человечества! Мы достойны жить в созидательном обществе. В таком обществе абсолютно каждый человек получает огромные выгоды , независимо от того беден он или богат, успешен или не очень.

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