Signs of time

The scientists assert that the Sumerian civilization was similar to the modern one? Who has taught the ancient Sumerians?

Scientists have recognized the Sumerian civilization as one of the oldest ones, which are known to date. Modern science has evidence that the ...

Signs of time

Ancient pyramids discovered in Bosnia

In Bosnia, five ancient pyramids have been discovered, the age of which is 40 000 years. It was announced in 2005 by an amateur archaeologist, ...

Signs of time

Imhotep: World’s First Astronomer

On a limestone base, which represents all that is left from a life-size statue of King Djoser, a unique inscription was found. It records, for the ...

Signs of time

Scientists disclose information about extinction of Minoan civilization

Scientists have found out why the Minoan civilization once located on the island of Crete disappeared. According to geologists, a massive volcanic ...

Signs of time

Mary’s Message: the mysteries of the miraculous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Studying the topic related to God’s mother, it always leads to many incredible discoveries. I never stop wondering how obviously the knowledge ...

Signs of time

The days of equinox. Transfer of knowledge about the human energy structure.

According to a historical data, the various archaeological findings, and information from the myths and legends, we know that all the peoples ...

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