How the AllatRa book has changed my life

How the AllatRa book has changed my life

In every person’s life there are crucial moments after which everything changes. It can be connected with moving to another city or country, a new workplace, meeting a new person. All these circumstances change something about the external. However, there are also such meetings that open the door to the unknown and invisible things. And a person moves towards his or her true nature, towards Life.

Who am I?

My life was ordinary. In general, everything was pretty good about the external: home, family, happy childhood, lack of hostility with people and lack of enemies. But inside I had a feeling that something was wrong. It was felt because of many internal questions and contradictions, to which I could find no answers anywhere.

For example, I could clearly feel my deep inner loneliness, when I was in a team or a group of people. Even while communicating with my  nearest and dearest I understood that I was lonely, that something was wrong with me, and I felt very uncomfortable. 

I also felt uneasy when I did something I would regret. On the one hand, there was an inner understanding how to act according to the conscience. On the other hand, there were several voices arguing with each other in my head. One voice said: “Don’t do it, because you’re not really like that, it’s not what you really need.” Another voice called for action and said: “Never mind, live to the fullest. Because that's how everyone lives. Repent afterwards, God forgives everything and will absolve you of your sins.” I didn’t understand where I was real, and how both bad and good could be in me at the same time.

While studying my religion, I came to understand that all people are sinful, every person is subject to temptations and passions, and it all depends on the voice he or she listens to - the "voice" of an angel or a demon. I decided that the church would help me. I just needed to go to church service more often, repent and participate in the Sacraments of the church.

But, unfortunately, after all these actions, I started to sin again. While standing in the temple, I reproved priests, who, in my opinion, were too long in church service, and people who were pushing me, and, frankly speaking, I also reproved God, who was not hurrying to save me.

Internally, I understood that my whole religious life began to come down to a simple ritualism, an external show in front of others. But the emptiness inside remained the same.

I don't diminish in any way the impact of religion on my life. I am very grateful and faithful to it. It was God's commandments that held me back in many ways and kept me from plunging completely into the abyss of sin. It was religion that motivated me to seek God, to find answers to my questions: "Who am I? What do I live for? What is the purpose of my life?" It encouraged me to think about life after death, what I would find there.

But I didn't move on. Everything came down to the fact that I repented once or twice a month, and the rest of the time I continued to live my normal "worldly" life. And my inner discomfort didn't go away!

Meeting with Knowledge. The dual nature of a human.

My life has changed a lot since the AllatRa book by Anastasia Novykh came into my hands.

When I started watching programmes with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, I got the feeling that I was filled with the purest water. My inner emptiness suddenly began to be filled with warm light. I no longer felt alone. I came to understand why I had felt lonely before.

it’s still not too late to cognise yourself

It turns out that a human has a dual nature, he has both a spiritual and an animal nature. Particularly their opposition ignited the inner conflict within me. When I did not listen to the voice of conscience, and I was going on the leash of animal nature, I turned away from God, that is why I was lonely.

Moreover, metamorphoses have occurred and are happening gradually and imperceptibly. It’s like a proverb says: “Water sharpens the stone”. It is true that this life-affirming water began gradually undermining the things that had been ossifying in me for years and kept me from living.

While working on myself and observing my thoughts everyday I realized that most of them are the condemnation of people who are close to me, thirst for power over people, self-criticism or, vice-versa - self-exaltation, envy, annoyance and many others. In general, there is only a solid negative that destroys me. That is, the Knowledge helped me to find those demons, which the church told about. They happened to be those negative thoughts that I listened to, believing that I thought so and therefore did bad things.

At the first stages I learned to think positively. When the negative thought came I tried not to accept it. Choosing the positive thoughts, I noticed that it helped me to keep my inner calm, happiness, and a good mood. Later, working on myself, I realized a very important moment, that any thought, even a positive one – that is the demon.

The System can offer to a human two flows of thoughts: positive and negative. Positive thoughts are one of the ways of the system to earn a living, but it is already honest when consciousness serves the good. But there is also a nuance – the devil is a liar. That is why not always the positive thought can lead to a positive result. In other words, communication with thoughts is the communication of consciousnesses. The dialogue with the Spiritual World happens in a completely different way.

Spiritual Practices. Sensual experience.

Communication with the Spiritual World takes place at the level of deep feelings, and thoughts have no place there.

The knowledge has revealed my essence. I am the one who observes thoughts, makes choices and takes responsibility for my life. The result of this choice is reflected both in earthly life and after the death of the body.

I started doing meditations and spiritual practice “Lotus Flower” for awakening the Soul. Thanks to them I realized that I am Personality. I am the one who wants to be only in Love, joyfulness, happiness and peace with all those who feel the closeness of the Spiritual World and aspire with all their being to their Creator.

a soul – awakens in the ‘Lotus flower’, in Harmony and Love inside of you

It is very difficult to describe with words the feeling of Love and Appreciation to God, which I began to experience. It reminds a bit of the feeling that a child feels in the arms of his or her mother, when he or she bathes in the flows of love, kindness and care, coming from mother when the whole world is closed on her. When it is good only next to mom, and nothing else needed.

I say unequivocally: the best and most interesting time I am living right now. Every day I discover something new about myself and this world. And it is so wonderful. I never feel lonely, even when I sit alone and it rains outside. God is always with me as well as the support of the Spiritual World.

Love and act

I am learning to love and feel. Through observation and work on myself, my attitude to the world around me changes. I have a need to do something useful for the whole society, to do good and stay in joy. I no longer wait for tomorrow with fear or hope, because I have only today. Only today I can change or correct something.

the habit of controlling your own thoughts

Of course, there is still more work on myself ahead. A lot of patterns for life have been accumulated. But that's why this life is given to us by God, that's why we have been given the tools and the Primordial Knowledge, that's why programmes are being broadcast on "ALLATRA TV", so that we could make a conscious choice and transform ourselves spiritually.

How many goal-oriented, talented, kind and good people I have learned and met in the ALLATRA movement, who strive for inner freedom by working on themselves! I have realized that I am not alone, that there are so many people who are also in search of truth and meaning of life.

Participating in the volunteer projects of ALLATRA IPM, I saw with my own eyes that when people unite on a wave to do good, there is nothing stronger and more effective than this. It is such  a power! After all, people stop being indifferent, they are not scared of someone else's opinions, they are not afraid of the truth, they are happy to expose their patterns and become freer from the fetters of the animal mind system.

That is so inspiring and you are unwittingly charged with this wave. I want to become a participant of this action too. I want to live and create!!! I can feel how important everyone is, and everyone, even the smallest of his contribution to the common cause, is valued. I can feel that we are all one, we are members of one family and our place of residence is one for all – the Earth.

Living in joy and Love

My life has not changed a lot externally. I still wake up in the morning and go to work. I am occupied with housework in the evening, spend time with my family, and meet my friends. But my life has changed internally. I remember everything that happened before reading the books by Anastasia Novykh with a smile and rarely.

Yes, I made some mistakes, I fell, I took a lot of lumps and I used to lead evil into this world. But I always felt deep down that I was living for a reason, that I was helped to get up and move on. I felt that God created me for good, love and creation and He gave me a lot of opportunities and abilities for that.

And now my life is very interesting and joyful. There is less and less for self-accusation and evaluation of others, depression and resentments, but there is only a great desire to live in love with God and with all people.

This Knowledge is given in a very easy and accessible form. One does not have to be a scientist to understand the laws of the universe, which are explained in the AllatRa book by A. Novykh.

Knowledge helped me to understand what I had not understood before in religion and could not find answers anywhere. I have made peace with myself through the Knowledge, it has given me understanding that everything depends on me, on my choice. It has given me assistance and internal support, which is always with me, wherever I am. It is like a key with which a person only when working hard on themselves, fighting stubbornly against their laziness, opens the door to God's world. To the world that gives freedom and accepts those who choose Him.

one who Loves can not be rejected

Deep gratitude to the Spiritual World, to all people for my being here and now, for writing these sentences, and especially for my feelings!

We all want to live in peace and harmony. But only true Love can transform us and make us happy. And there is no power in the world that surpasses it. As it says in the AllatRa book by Anastasia Novykh:

"Spiritual Love, which knows neither measures nor boundaries, conquers all!"

Marina, a participant of ALLATRA IPM

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