Olga Protsenko. How megacities affect our planet

Olga Protsenko. How megacities affect our planet

"People, wake up! Look at this dying planet. And then look into the eyes of your children. Is this the future you promised them?"

The real and comprehensive picture of the modern world was shown on a large scale at the unprecedented international online conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone," held on July 24, 2021.

This conference was organized by volunteers from more than 180 countries on the platform of the ALLATRA IPM with  simultaneous interpretation into 72 languages, including sign language.

Numerous studies and facts presented at the conference by experts and scientists from all over the world show that the Earth is on the verge of destruction and humanity is in danger of extinction.

Olga Protsenko, a civil engineer from Belgium, was one of the speakers at this conference. The impact of giant megacities on the ecology and climate of our planet was highlighted in her speech. 

"The structures of megacities weigh hundreds of millions of tons. They are inhabited by tens of millions of people, who also have their own weight. There are point pressures on the lithospheric plates. The earth breathes. And when we bring in billions of tons from other parts of the planet and concentrate them in one place, in cities, this disturbs the rhythm and balance of the planet. Wind streams and temperature patterns are changing. The temperature rises by 10-15 degrees in urban areas.”

Olga Protsenko compared our cities to metastases that are killing the organism of the planet.

Millions of people are concentrated in megacities. This is a huge number of consumers creating catastrophic environmental pollution in a small area, which our Earth can no longer cope with.

Society's consumerist lifestyle and the rapid acceleration of climate change have led to the fact that “today we have killed our planet, the only home we have."

Modern technology prevents people from preserving the planet for the following reasons:

  • First, their development and application are oriented toward the demands of a consumer society. 
  • Secondly, technology does not belong to people, but serves the interests of few individuals, being an indicator of wealth, power and importance in the consumer world.

The only way out of this critical situation is to unite and change the format of the development of society from a consumerist to a creative one. Olga believes: "We can unite and build a creative society where we will appreciate each other and our environment”.

In the Creative Society human life is the main value. Therefore, all technologies will be aimed at ensuring safety and improving the quality of people's lives. This approach will allow you to bring order to our home, save our planet, our lives and our children’s lives.

Uniting all human potential into a single Creative Wave will help make a real difference in the world where we live now and lay a strong foundation for the future safe, stable and healthy life of our planet and civilization.

The future is in our hands! We can live differently 
as one humanity in a Creative Society!

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