How I was looking for “demonic provocations (prilogues)”…or a gentle breeze over the lake

How I was looking for “demonic provocations (prilogues)”…or a gentle breeze over the lake

As one great man said: “The work on oneself starts with the thoughts control”. And I have decided to acquire this skill, too. To study thoughts, to understand where they appear from, where they go, why I think about a bar of chocolate, but someone else about the cups or a spanner size13.

Everything has started from the book «Invisible warfare” by Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain. It turns out that people already studied these issues hundred years ago; they even wrote full treatises on how to “fight” with the thoughts in the head. It seems as if everything is well known, but this topic seemed closed and uncertain to me until I started to search.

The theory is good but the practice is even better. I have started controlling the thoughts. Soon I have realized that I cannot stop the flow of these thoughts. I cannot stop thinking even for 30 seconds. How to control them in this case? How to stop this “radio” in my head, which plays round-the-clock and does it loudly, and sometimes it seems as if it is not just a radio but a whole concert.

What does the ”demonic provocation (prilogue)” mean and how to fight with it?

In Christian literature there is a term “prilogue”. In ancient Greek something that was called “prilogue”, was denoted by the world ἡ προσβολή (prosbolē). It is translated as “apposition”, “touch”, “entry”, “assault”, “attack”, and “tossing”. I have got a supposition that it is an already formed thought, which seems like knocking the window and waving its hand, offering me to open the door. However, after communicating with more experienced people I realized that I was mistaken.

To make it easier for understanding we can imagine that the Consciousness is a surface of a big lake. The thoughts coming to my mind are just a ripple and the “prilogue” is just like a breeze over the lake. It is a touch of the breeze to water. When do the thoughts appear then? When I have paid a part of my attention to this breeze and it got stronger, causing small waves on the surface. It turns out that one should drive away the breeze not to have these waves. How to drive away this breeze of temptations? And why it always assumes the most alluring form to attract my attention? Why do I think exactly about a bar of chocolate and not about the spanner number 13? Where does this breeze know from what I want or I do not want at this moment? Everything is much simpler - this breeze is connected with huge cyclones that set the motion for all the winds and “set” the weather in the world. Initially a person has a choice either to give attention to this breeze or not.
What to do in order to avoid this ripple on the lake surface? Watch the smooth surface and do not allow choppiness to appear. When the lake’s surface is quiet, the sun rays can penetrate till the very bottom illuminating the source of water. However, when a bustling breeze provoked the waves, the sun rays disperse at the surface without penetrating deep inside.

When the breeze appears, the sense of something alien, indistinctive for the world, which is inside, arises. This is the beginning of choppiness- the unformed thought. It does not knock the window yet, but you already hear it coming; you just feel the presence of this thought.

It is interesting that in Christianity this breeze is considered to be sudden, mighty and able to disturb the soul. The thought is the attack of devil, for which a person does not bear responsibility. It is important not to take this message on personal account and not to think that I gave rise to it and just not to pay any attention to it. Then this thought will disappear without trace and the attack of an invisible enemy will fail.

However, I ask myself again; Why am I giving attention to this thought? Why do I turn this light choppiness into a storm? The answer was unexpected to me. When the “prilogue” appeared, I considered it as my sense, considered it to be mine, without realizing that it was just devil’s provocation. I was always ashamed of my bad thoughts. They came and embarrassed me, and I perceived them as a part of myself. Partly they describe my desires and attachments to this world, but they are not true me. When I got an understanding that I am not these thoughts, then the separation of that source from the breeze appeared. The source is hidden deep inside, the wind cannot reach it.

When the thought about the chocolate came, it means that I have already paid it attention somewhere. However, do I need it now, when I am writing an article or talking heart-to-heart to my nearest and dearest? I decide whether to think about the chocolate, to give attention and time to this thought or I can refuse it. I decide what to choose in every moment of my life. I can refuse and I can accept. It is my choice. When I ignore the thoughts more and more often, then it is getting not interesting for devil or system to attack me. After all, the system loses the power of influence over me, it loses control.

What to do if the ripple has already appeared? Does it mean that an uncontrolled “prilogue” has turned into a concrete thought? Just to refuse. How to do it? To remember who I am. To remember that I am the source and I am not the ripple on the lake’s surface.

Written by Polina

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    Спасибо большое!  Интересное сравнение и очень своевременно 

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    Тема прилогов долгое время была для меня не пОнятой до конца. А недавно открылось - “дуновение ветерка” начинается с момента, когда я отвожу внимание от Души. Тогда у меня есть маленький промежуток времени “вернуться” обратно. И прилог завершается, не “производя круги по воде”, т.е. мысли не успевают “развернуться”. Помните? у Имама - первые 2,5 минуты сущность не раскручивается.

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    Спасибо большое!  Мне очень понравилась статья!Столько полезного! 

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    Полина, благодарю! Замечательные ассоциации, очень помогут в работе над собой.

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    Полина, Благодарю!

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    Прекрасное напоминание! Очень понравилось сравнение сознания с поверхностью озера! Благодарю, Полина 

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