What will our tomorrow be like? POST-RELEASE of the conference "Global crisis. This already affects everyone"

What will our tomorrow be like? POST-RELEASE of the conference "Global crisis. This already affects everyone"

The world is shaken by crises and climate disasters. Do we have confidence that we will be saved when those disasters become our reality? Are we even prepared for them? What does our future hold? With the help of the mass media, people have formed the belief that everything is under control, that everything is fine, that there are certain competent structures that can solve these problems. In case of a critical emergency situation they will take care of us. But is it really so?

On July 24, 2021, the international online conference "Global crisis. This already affects everyone" was held, where world-renowned speakers, IT specialists, economists, scientists, climate scientists, ecologists voiced the TRUTH. A complex and comprehensive review of external and internal factors was given in the rapidly worsening global crisis, which will affect everyone in the coming years. It will no longer be the problem of one country or one continent.

Global crises that humanity will face:

  • The fourth industrial revolution and the threat of mass unemployment.
  • Ecological crisis. Intensive depletion of the resources of the planet and its consequences.
  • Global catastrophic climatic changes and their causes.

Conclusions are disappointing. Our planet dies. Humanity is on the verge of collapse. We practically crashed and destroyed our home, our Earth. And we, all of humanity, now have one task – to survive and reanimate our planet. This can only be done together. There is not much time left, but there is still a chance.

This chance is in the unification of all mankind and building of a society of a new format of relationships – a Creative society, where the highest value will be the life of each person. This and the stages of building a Creative Society were also discussed at the conference on July 24. Anyone can get detailed information on the site alllatraunites.

Only together we can pass with dignity through all the trials and challenges of our time. Only together we can build a beautiful world, turning our planet into a flowering garden. Only together we can take a step in the Golden Millennium.

Such integration is possible, and it is already taking place. People are capable of much when they understand all the significance and seriousness of what is happening. Conference "Global Crisis. This already affects everyone" is vivid proof of that.

This conference is organized by volunteers from all over the world on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement . It was broadcast on thousands of Internet platforms in 180 countries with simultaneous interpretation of this unique event into 72 languages.

Conference "Global Crisis. This already affects everyone" caused a huge response in the society. Its continuation was the holding of round tables, on which the themes raised at the conference are revealed even deeper by experts.

On July 24, a global event took place. Now, it depends on those who understand the importance and seriousness of the situation how quickly all of humanity learns about the risks and prospects for the development of society. The survival and future of our entire civilization depends on this.

Together we can do everything!

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