"The situation in the Arctic is catastrophic. The statistics and the volume of glacial melting are simply unprecedented, and one of the problems we face in the Arctic right now is the limit in the climate system. ...The situation we are in is very difficult."

That's the message to all people at the international online conference "GLOBAL CRISIS. This already affects everyone" on July 24, 2021, was delivered by Kevin Hester, a researcher, environmental and climate activist.

In his speech, the researcher said that today society is broadcasted the theory that the cause of climate change is the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. As if the reduction of gas emissions will normalize the climate situation on the planet. But even though airline flights were cancelled, many businesses were suspended, and the movement of people around the globe was restricted during the pandemic, emissions still increased significantly. According to Kevin Hester, this is because our planet is rapidly losing ice cover and absorbing more heat for that reason.

From the conference

It is clear from Kevin Hester's research that the models proposed by international climate change experts are untenable because their calculations rely on non-existent technology. From his point of view it is no longer possible to stop the increasing climate change, but we need to know what the causes of these changes are in order to consolidate our efforts to overcome the coming difficulties.

Tell the truth to people

A researcher from New Zealand emphasized that due to the melting of glaciers in the Arctic, our planet is losing its reflectivity. As a result, the Earth is rapidly heating up. As a consequence, a powerful greenhouse gas, water vapor, is emitted into the atmosphere.

Warming from methane

Today, informing all people about the current climate situation is the major task of everyone. Awareness of people and the unity of the entire world community is the fundamental basis for the preservation of life on our planet. Volunteers, experts and scientists initiate and conduct online conferences, interviews and roundtables with simultaneous translations in various languages, including sign language, in order to bring important information to all corners of the globe. 

Only by uniting together people, as one family, may not only mitigate the effects of climate disasters, but also create a beautiful future for all humanity!

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