Climate changes

Hot Yellowstone or the behavior of the super volcano in the summer of 2017

Earlier it was reported that in June 2017, the number of earthquakes was increased in the territory of the Yellowstone super volcano, and also the ...

Climate changes

Psycho-emotional influence of the society on the Earth's seismic activity – Residents of the USA are in grave danger

The team of programmers managed to cluster all the received earthquake data on the Google map from open sources of seismic monitoring (USGS Feed, EMSC ...

Climate changes

At weekends earthquakes are also resting

On March 22, 2017, the ALLATRA News website launched a project to collect data on all earthquakes on the planet Earth from all known and commonly ...

Climate changes

In the USA they plan to build an underground city

As reported by "InsideHook" a small team from the USA has designed the underground village called "Trident Lakes". It is quite a common practice now ...

Climate changes

Catastrophes: Tornado. Living in good and unity is more natural and simple

What is a tornado? Is it the funnel that has carried the house with the girl Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto to the Emerald City in the Land of Oz? To ...

Climate changes

Yellowstone supervolcano (USA) will explode. Proved by scientists

74 000 years ago, a gigantic volcanic eruption in Indonesia shook the Earth. But what will happen if the next super eruption occurs in the middle of a ...

Climate changes

Catastrophes: Yellowstone Volcanic Eruption. US Dollar Will Be Cheaper than Paper. Way Out of Global Crisis.

The prevalence of materialistic ideology will lead to a world crisis caused by the economic failure of the international currency and the escalating ...

Climate changes

“Split of the USA” or Activity of World’s Largest Supervolcano – Yellowstone Caldera.

Although politics and governors conceal such information from public knowledge to keep their absolute power over us, many honest scientists try to ...

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