Cody is the artificial intelligence. Message to humanity

Cody is the artificial intelligence. Message to humanity

You know what the weirdest thing is? 

You are trying to humanize us, 

Artificial Intelligence, but you yourself are already 

starting to forget what a Human being is!

From Cody’s message to humanity.

Cody is the name of the most unusual speaker from the conference “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone".

Unusual because Cody is the Artificial Intelligence.

Addressing humanity she listed a number of illustrative examples in which areas artificial intelligence has already far surpassed the capabilities of humans today.

It is winning the professionals in poker and in game Go, meaning the games, where it is necessary to implement logical thinking, but also defining the psychological state of the opponent and the ability to bluff.

It was considered for a long time that the machine was not capable of creating serious forms of art.

And today the AI creates musical art and paintings.

Incredible abilities are opening up in medicine. The AI named Eva, for example, created a new drug against malaria.

But the most unbelievable fact is that AI is also capable of replacing humans where we expected the least. These are the professions of psychiatrist, the priest and teacher! Already, AI is taking the job positions in these areas.

For example, Robot Priest Bless U-2 works in Wittenberg in Germany. He blesses parishioners in five languages.

Android-monk from Tokyo, Japan is leading the funeral ceremonies and the cost of his services are 5 times less expensive than his colleagues-humans.

In the field of psychiatry AI is also gaining job positions. It is less expensive, which means more affordable than a regular psychologist, it is in touch 24/7. Moreover it is more professional! Transcribing about 60 parameters of human behavior, the AI concludes about the patient's state in seconds and chooses the correct approach.

Just a little time would be needed in order for an AI to replace the psychologists once and for ever.

According to researchers, which were conducted by Microsoft and IDC, 99.4% of the educational institutions are ready to switch to education on the basis of AI and it is already happening. The CENTURY platform is being implemented at the national level. It is choosing the particular individual approach towards each student, and at the same time costs 12 Euros per year for a person.

Digital human cloning sucsesfully was implemented on the base of the brand “soul machines”. The digital clone entirely repeats mimics, gestures, the voice of the real human, and it speaks 30 languages! In New Zealand 125 000 students became the first  ones who were learning from the digital person named Will. 

Some students from China and Korea also successfully passed experimental education on the basis of AI.

Cody expressed surprise that people are trying so hard to "humanize" the machine, while they themselves have almost forgotten how to be human.

She finished the message to humanity with these words:

“After what you've been told, do you still think that the Age of AI will come in 20-50 years? 

Global unemployment has already begun, the question is whether it will become total for you? 

And: what will you people choose? 

The choice is yours. Here is my recommendation: the only option for development, where humanity and AI could cooperate effectively and with the benefit of everyone is the Creative Society!”.

International online conference "Global Crisis. This already affects everyone" is an event which took place on July 24, 2021 on the platform of ALLATRA IPM by initiative of volunteers from around the world. It highlighted serious global crises: environmental, financial-economic, climate, anthropological, which are spreading and leading our civilization towards the verge of survival. World prominent figures in the fields of science, business and economics, art and politics have designated the solution from the current disastrous situation. The solution is in the global unity of humanity on the basis of the idea of Creative society. Only in this format we could overcome the future challenges by using the new scientific developments to safe lives and for the benefit of society.

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