Who is a human being?

Who is a human being?

“…the word “Chelovek” itself is anything
but simple. “Chelo” originally meant “supreme”,
and that is why in the old days the word
indicated a “forehead”. And the word “vek”
stands for “power”, and it originally meant
“filled with power”, “eternal”.”

«ALLATRA» A. Novykh

Who are you, human?

Have you ever wondered what a human being is? A biomachine or something else? If you look at it from a different angle, from the perspective of the microcosm, you can come to interesting conclusions and new understandings.

Let's take a closer look at what the human body is from the point of view of physics. The human body, like any matter, is a void.

As it is said in the book "Ezoosmos" by Anastasia Novykh:

What is a human made of? A quote from the book Ezoosmos

Do you know what would happen if we removed all the emptiness from our atoms? All of the people on Earth, all of our humanity (there are almost 8 billion of us today) would take up the volume of one sugar cube.

How much space would all of humanity take up?

But this raises several questions. We know that atoms hang in space and are far away from one another. What is holding them together?

Electrostatic forces of attraction. This could be compared to a neocube. Only in the neocube the balls are held together by magnetic forces and the force between the atoms is electric.

Neocube. Atom

If the gaps between atoms are so large, why can't we see them? It depends on our perception of the material world.

When we are not engaged in spiritual development, we are in an ordinary state of consciousness and are very limited in our perception.

All information about the world around us is received through the brain. Our brain from birth is on a certain frequency of perception. And it receives information through the senses. And this is a very limited spectrum of perception.

Consequently, we perceive only a very tiny part of information from the whole variety of electromagnetic oscillations of the material world, which have very different frequencies and parameters.

Spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Frequency spectrum of sound

The main information reaches our brain through vision. The part of the visual channel spectrum that we see is electromagnetic waves between 400 and 700 nanometers long. We don’t see anything that lies closer or farther than this spectrum. This means that the brain does not reflect reality that lies outside the visible range. It's the same with sound. We only hear between 20 hertz and 18 kilohertz.

The picture of the world which we are used to begins to change dramatically in a different frequency range. Some peculiarities appear. For example, internal organs appear in X-rays, while in infrared we look completely different.

Infrared radiation. X-ray

It turns out that we see only what our consciousness shows us. And this is not just a small part of the information that it perceives, but also its interpretation of this information. This means that the reality we see actually looks different.

The question arises: what is reality? What is it really like?

Earlier we talked about how the human body is mostly made up of emptiness. And if this emptiness is removed, it becomes practically nothing. It's the same with our reality, if you remove all the interatomic distances.

You can learn more about the illusory nature of the world in the Kaleidoscope of Facts "The Matrix: From Illusion to Reality”.

If the material world is just an illusion, where is the true reality and how can we comprehend it?

The entire material Universe was created by the Spiritual World. It was born out of a drop of Allat. Therefore, it is possible to know the Spiritual World only by Spirit or Personality, with the help of the deepest feelings. If a person works on himself and develops spiritually, other ways of knowing reality become available to him. This is when a person knows himself truly, knows himself as a Personality. There is a good Eastern parable on this subject:

Vedic Proverbs. Sacred folio

The spiritual component of human

More and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that at the base of matter is information. And this opens up new possibilities in the study of both the universe and human. 

On the ALLATRA TV YouTube channel there is a fragment of an interview with candidate of technical sciences Sukhonos Sergey Ivanovich. He talks about how our Universe is organized. This fragment can be seen in the Kaleidoscope of facts "Human and the Universe" (3:04:10 - 3:06:09).

Another speaker of the conference Kondratenko Pyotr Alekseevich, professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Physics, spoke about the fact that in the human brain there is no thinking matter. The brain acts as a transmitter of information, and information is recorded in the field structure. 

I would like to draw your attention to one point, which Pyotr Alekseevich said in his interview and mentioned earlier, that information is primary. After all, it is ordered information that creates matter, sets its properties, volume, form, mass, and other characteristics.

Pyotr Alekseevich emphasized that without information a cell could not become alive, no matter how exactly it was recreated by scientists in laboratories, because it is information that sets the program of life.

If a person were just a body, he would have to know all the nuances of the work of every cell of his body. He would consciously control all the functions and operations that are constantly going on in the body. But do we know much about what goes on in our body every second? No. It functions autonomously as a single coherent mechanism. And this body is governed by the information programs of consciousness. And what is consciousness? This is that field structure which is responsible for the work of the physical body, and which serves as a mediator between the Personality and the three-dimensional world.

So what is a human being? 

When looking for the answer to this question, one realizes that we are much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

For a long time, people have known that human is dualistic in nature. He has both a material and a spiritual component. 

The AllatRa book gives Knowledge about the energetic structure of human. In the picture below, we can see both the spiritual component (Soul and Personality) and the material component (body and consciousness). 

the energy structure of a human

In the sacred ancient knowledge of various peoples a human was considered not just as a body. The construction of a human had many components. These components were built around the Soul. And the Personality in this construction was just the one who can obtain Life Eternal.

And here I would like to remind you of the end of the parable described earlier.

"When you realize the difference between the vessel and its contents, then you will possess true knowledge."

And here I would like to draw special attention to the fact that neither the Spiritual World nor the Spiritual component of a human (Personality and Soul) can’t be detected by any instrument.

We will not find a reflection of the Spiritual World in matter because fractality and self-similarity are peculiar only to the material world. With material associations and elements we cannot accurately describe the Spiritual World.

In ancient times this was known, so everything that was associated with the Spiritual World was depicted as a void. For example, in the architecture of building cities, the Spiritual World was depicted as an empty ring in the center of the city. 

In the AllatRa book by Anastasia Novykh, there is a picture of the Soul. This picture was only possible because the Soul was surrounded by material shells in the form of sub-personalities (a sub-personality is a previous Personality that did not achieve Spiritual liberation during lifetime). This is essentially a photo of the sub-personalities, which are the material shells around the Spiritual object. It is these shells that the camera has captured. A pure Soul cannot be photographed. 


When manifestations of the Spiritual World occur in the material world, matter reacts to it in a supernatural way. And it is these manifestations, the reaction of matter, indirect signs, that we can record. And a person's desire to find the Spiritual in these material manifestations leads a person to magic.

Magic is an influence on matter with the help of human spiritual forces. 

The question arises, "Then how do we discover and know the Spiritual World?" Only through inner spiritual work on ourselves, which consists of realizing yourself as a Personality. Having realized yourself as a Personality, we must continue to continually build up a deep sense of Love for the World of Spirituality, to study the work of consciousness and to help people as much as we can. This is the path to a person's spiritual liberation.

It is thanks to the merging of the Personality with the Soul that transforms a human into a new spiritual being - an Angel. This is our main goal, what we come to this material world for.

Human. ALLATRA Vesti

Our Universe is complex, beautiful, and harmoniously arranged. However, without an understanding of the role of the Spiritual World, that is, God, the formation of the Universe looks like some kind of accident, and human life, in fact, has no meaning.

So why did God create the Universe?

Let’s remember that for the Personality, the home is the Spiritual world. Therefore, the Universe is the school of growth of Personality. It was created so that a human, overcoming the illusions of this material world, would consciously choose the Spiritual World and, becoming an Angel, equal among equals, return Home. 

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