As the ancients said, the greatest victory of a 

human is the victory over yourself; 

the greatest achievement of a human is to kill the

 dragon inside yourself.
A. Novykh


Since childhood, every human as a Personality, strives for good. But since a very small age he is facing terrible substitutions on his path, substitutions which are distorting the very key concepts for him. Substitutions that accompany him throughout his life, affecting his worldview and often the choice on his path. After a new experience of deep feelings, I decided to write down my observations and describe the process that occured after watching ALLATRA TV programmes and communicating with friends.

I clearly remember what cartoons I watched as a child, what I liked about them, and now, many years later, I’ve started to see what mindsets were implanted on me that have been there for my entire life. Now I understand that I chose these mindsets from those cartoons myself. They showed the qualities of the character, his pattern of behavior – it responded with me, and I subconsciously chose those qualities: physical fortitude, endurance, superpowers, and most importantly, due to all mentioned above – power.

In other words, Personality’s commitment for the good was simply redirected into the desire for power. In spite of the fact that consciousness tries to erase such moments from a person's memory, nevertheless, these patterns of behavior and life attitudes accompanied me very closely and secretly guided my thoughts, desires and actions. I liked to watch movies and cartoons featuring superheroes with different powers, and I associated myself with those heroes. They were not like other people, they had something that resonated with me: either they were outcasts not understood by others (the same with me, as it seemed to me), or they had their own worldview, and, of course, they were on the side of the Good. Those heroes were also very strong, they defeated villains and made the world a better place. I also wanted to do that. I was going to become a superhero when I’d grow up, to fight the evil (which, by the way, one has to find first and then to defeat), to learn secret techniques, martial arts, or to find some drug formula, to become like those superheroes, or to be bitten by something so that I would get superhuman abilities. All these desires were stimulated by repeated viewing of such "arts", toys and stickers. In short, the system set up its psychological "anchors and reminders" all around, so that it would be difficult for a person to get off this hook. So when I became an adult, and it turned out that the world was not quite the same as I thought as a child, and everything is actually happening in a different way, those mindsets and ambitions receded into the background,to the underground, but they continued to exist, albeit in a more hidden "background format", somewhere in the subconscious. 

We can conclude from the above that the system lays the mindsets in the background of the moral qualities of cartoon characters that seduce the animal nature of a human: physical strength, superpowers (often the magical ones), as well as some tragedy and loneliness of a hero, unfailingly accompanied by unrequited love. The Lonely Hero who fights alone against the evil and who is not accepted by society.

Once, during training, my friend gave me the book called "Sensei of Shambala" by Anastasia Novykh», and there I found answers to my questions: what is the meaning of life? How do I want to live? Who am I? What am I truly striving for? What do I actually need? And at the same time this activated subconscious mindsets that had been acquired in my childhood, the ones associated with superpowers and "heroism". Then, after reading the book "Ezoosmos", I clearly decided for myself that the way of Geliar is my choice and my real need. At that time, I didn't know how I was going to get there and what I needed to go through, I just knew that nothing was more important than service to God and salvation of the Soul (of Personality, in fact) and fighting the evil. However, because of the mindsets in my childhood and my internal choice, fighting against the evil came first instead of the spiritual liberation. 

Then the pattern of the hero manifested itself in all its glory. Consciousness immediately drew a scheme of action: immediately, I've got to go workout and train my body, obtain some secret meditations somewhere for developing my psychic abilities, join a Geliar training group where I would be given a shield and a sword, maybe something else too, so that I would go ahead and fight kanduks and other evil things. But, of course, the consciousness wouldn't say, that the development of those magical abilities and wish to fight is a direct way to become a subpersonality and to expend one’s spiritual powers on manifestations of power in the material world. Under the plausible pretext to resist the system there a desire to have superpowers was imposed. In fact, the desire for power over other people was concealed in the struggle against the system. The system can and must be resisted, and first of all it must be resisted inside oneself. Having studied and understood how it works in a person, it is possible to understand how it works in the external world, and consciously, with the understanding of its principles, to resist it. 

But, actually, did the system seed these mindsets in childhood for nothing? For it needs a "harvest" in the form of human attention and draining of spiritual power into matter, to constantly feeding of its operation. After all, for the system of the Animal mind, a person is just food, because there is a source of spiritual powers inside of him - his Soul. But these powers are given to a person only for the sole main purpose – spiritual liberation. 

The Knowledge about Spiritual nature of every person was well-known even since the ancient times, it is confirmed by historical findings and artifacts all over the world. But at the same time there were such individuals who were spending their spiritual strength to obtain power and significance in this material world. They themselves served the system and pushed others to do the same, condemning themselves and others to sufferings and death, preferring the temporary over the eternal.


«Tatyana: Since childhood, the system, through some impressions that were obtained from movies, fairy tales, and basically from people who surround you in the world, where a magic is openly hyped up, the system is already preparing you that if you have any super abilities, then you will be different from other people and will influence them. That is, again, for the system, everything boils down to the fact that you will rule and command. But, to put it more precisely, it is the system that will rule and command others through you, as through a zombie.

I mean, it throws you some magical handout, like a bone to a dog, and if a person is not armed with knowledge, with an understanding of what is really happening, he begins to search for this magic for the rest of his life. Moreover, his pride involves other people in this process as well.



  From the Inevitably Dead to the Eternally Alive”


Time flew by, and when during communication topics about the desire for magic were raised, I heard a voice in my head (allegedly mine), which on such topics said: "This is not about me, I do not want magic, I want to serve God." And later, when others who were working on themselves, announced these thoughts, I heard in my head again: "Well, they want it, but as for me I want to come to God."

Thus, the system formed in me a secret desire for power over other people through magic, and in order for me not to suspect anything,it announced thoughts in my head that I do not want any power. But these were the thoughts of the system! Well, which consciousness does not want magic? And this is an important moment, which has become a lesson and a revelation for me: not a single thought belongs to me. All thoughts are thoughts of consciousness, while consciousness is the devil and it lies constantly. Consciousness tells the truth about itself in those moments when it wants to deceive Personality, to impose on it that consciousness itself is Personality, and this is where the main deception of the system is hidden! Even if the devil is telling the truth, it's still a lie. The truth of the devil gives rise to doubts and diverts Personality from the straight path.

But at that time I did not notice those substitutions in my mind and I was not honest with myself. Although there is a great way, a tool helping to work on yourself – keeping a diary, where you need to write down thoughts that are coming – as it is.


Time passed,there was an experience of feelings, practice and understanding that the desire for magic was destructive, and that as a Personality I couldn’t want it, that was the desire of consciousness. I was not as good, holy, right and pure as I imagined out of pride, and yet, that very same desire for magic was in me, and I needed the power of God, but not God Himself. Because when I began to understand this topic, I realized that I wanted superpowers to fight evil, but not to multiply the Light in the world, not to generate Love and sow the seeds of Knowledge, but to destroy kanduks, evil spirits and demons, elevating my pride of a great fighter against evil. In "The Service" video (02:59:00) it is said about the criterion for a person, who strives for Geliarship.


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There is this pure aspiration for spiritual salvation, but in what place is it? It’s in the second place, because in the first one there is magic (under the plausible pretext to serve God).

In a conversation with like-minded people we were talking about the desire by consciousness for magic, and one of the participants voiced how he observed the desire for magic in his consciousness, and that perplexed him, he had a reaction of rejection of that, it was like: "Eeww, when will I get rid of this pattern". That was a reaction to what was happening in matter. But any reaction is an attitude, a binding to the pattern. And it does not matter whether a person wants what consciousness is offering or not, he or she is still mentally attached to it. The attachment to a pattern disappears when a person does not think about it at all, neither in a positive nor negative way, but simply ignores it. Such swings occur when Personality does not separate itself from consciousness, and consciousness dominates over Personality. Therefore, the Personality invests attention into the desires of consciousness. And as we know, consciousness always wants magic and power. For consciousness the supreme power in this world is a magical power.



There should not be any reaction, that’s the right attitude. It is not a question whether there is the desire for magic in consciousness or not, the consciousness will always strive for magic, the question is, what do I really want, I as a Personality? What do I aspire to and what are my actions? Somewhere deep inside I felt it too, but consciousness erased this moment. When I observed the desire for magic, these manifestations in myself, I asked the consciousness, "What will this give me? What am I going to do about this?" I heard silence and at the same time became aware of this foreign inclusion, that a wish for magic is alien to me. After all, everyone knows that the system possesses magic in this world and when a person serves the system, it simply endows him with its abilities, by taking his life in return. Although the paradox is that the desires, as well as their implementation, are imposed on the person by the system itself, in fact it is playing with itself, and the person pays for all this with his own life. This is where its deception hides: to force a person to accept the desires of the system for his own, to hire it (to wish) for the fulfilment of the desires and to pay it with his own life.


A further chain of events occurred the other day, when during the discussion we talked about the pattern of rescue, heroism and the desire to counteract the system, about the stereotypes that are instilled in us since childhood by society - to charge at enemy with bravado. So we reached the topic, which is well disclosed in"ATLANTIS. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY" video, namely the division of society into three types - gods, heroes and savages. 

Who are the heroes? They are those who have a desire to fight, those who choose war instead of peace, confrontation instead of Love. It turns out that the sincere desire of the Personality, to return home, to the Spiritual World, to step over its animal nature, is replaced by the desire from consciousness to be a hero in the material world, to become such as the heroes shown to you, and to sacrifice yourself for the sake of a" great " goal or idea.

In the material world the goal of heroism is the glory and recognition of people, in fact it’s the power over them through glory, but there is no spiritual component. Has the hero become free from the mindsets of his consciousness? Or has he helped other people to become free from the influence of Satan within them? No, the hero is the one to whom the crowd is clapping at the peak of his fame.

Does God need that? Will such material heroism and sacrifice bring you even a millimeter closer to God? Will this action ignite the fire of Love within, that which will burn all the ties to the material world and strengthen the connection with God? Of course not, this is the global substitution of the Animal mind system...

And now, thanks to practical experience and understanding, it is possible to compare the patterns of the system, and how things are in reality.

The image of "geliarship", as interpreted by the system is the FIGHT against evil according to its rules, which include the possession of the skill of martial arts and magic.Yet it is enough to ignite the light and become a source of Light yourself so that the darkness will disappear. It is meaningless to fight the darkness the way the system presents. If a person has a desire to fight the system, a desire for war, he will become this war. The system distorts the inner desire of a person for spiritual liberation and service to God to fight with it, while giving its own tools, and in the end it will eat for a long time when a person becomes a subpersonality. So what is the essence of this substitution? Since childhood consciousness implants the mindsets that strength is about aggression, struggle, inflated body and superpowers. But these attributes are more often a sign of weakness than strength, and of the power of consciousness over Personality. Fighting the darkness by the tools of consciousness is like walking into a dark room, picking up a sword and waving it around, expecting it to disperse the darkness. Though you can just turn on the light or even better-to become a light, and then the darkness will simply disappear. The real geliarship is multiplication of light in yourself and in the world.

The parable about sun and darkness

The boy asked sun,

"Sun, have you ever seen the darkness?"

"No," sun said. “I have never seen it before.”

"Do you want me to show you the darkness?" asked the boy. “I know a basement where it's always very dark.”

"I do," answered the sun. “It’s interesting.”

The boy and sun went to the basement. The boy opened the door.

The sun lit up the basement and asked,

"So where's the darkness?!”


The Service to the Spiritual World is the multiplication of light in oneself and in the World. These are, first of all, actions aimed at developing inner light, cultivating and maintaining feelings of Love and Gratitude, actions that help other people to be on this good wave, help to get out of the wilds of their consciousness, to stop being a slave to the system, to become free in the Spirit.


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Real strength is kindness, it is fullness of Love, it is calmness, it is freedom from desires and thoughts, an indestructible inner spiritual support, it is a constant dialogue with God and the increase of Love in oneself. A person who serves God, multiplies this power of Love within himself, and seeks to multiply the Light in the world, and not to fight the darkness.In a dark room we don't blow into the darkness or wave our fists in the hope that it will disappear, do we? We turn on the light in the room, a flashlight, light a candle.Similarly, in the spiritual aspect, one just needs to multiply the Light in oneself, first of all, to generate Love. Then there will be more of this Love in the World.

Once I heard a quote that resonated with me, and I often think of it,"his heart was so filled with Love that there wasn’t even a crumb of anger left for the devil himself."

After various conversations and insights, in the Lotus Flower practice, this understanding was revealed even more at the level of feelings, the understanding of how much this desire for confrontation is false, leading in the opposite direction from God, and that it is from the system, its secret button in me. On the other side there was a deep degree of freedom inside, a clear knowledge that only spiritual liberation comes firstand nothing else. Not the power of God, but God and Love. There should be multiplication of Love in oneself, this feeling of Joy, contact with deep feelings, aspiration of finding Peace in oneself and in the world.


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The real progress on the spiritual path is when a person goes into Love, and staying in this state constantly, he becomes Love himself. Persistence on the spiritual path is the key to development.

You should not engage in the spiritual development but you should live by the spiritual.

Well, if to reveal the practical aspect of the described experience, I realized that at this moment it is very valuable and interesting for me to get used to this state, to love this state. It is interesting to love, to love being in Love, to turn to God with Love and immense Gratitude for everything that He has done for me, what conditions He has created, how He leads my life and helps me to mature spiritually, how He protects and Loves me. To love being in a state of happiness, to observe constantly what is going on in consciousness, to observe that it does not get naughty and behaves decently, doing everything that is required from it. To love being aware, being in the moment here and now, to appreciate every moment and to breathe with Love, to constantly maintain this living fire inside. To love Loving, to love being Alive. This is a change in the priority of attention to the maintenance and multiplication of the state of Love. This is the value of attention, the value of time and power.

This is when you eat a little slower, because you do not want to get into the meat grinder of thoughts and pictures. This is when the state of Love is in the first place, and only then the process of eating by body, you just observe this process, but do not get involved in the emotion or euphoria, "how delicious". This is when you walk and look a little ahead on the road, not watching people and not being distracted by the assessment of people and images from consciousness, just walking and being in Love. This is when the phone rings and you do not answer immediately, but first you go deeper into the feelings because you know, that in conversation you may get distracted from Love, but you don't want to. Because Love is more valuable, and you listen to the person carefully, and observe what is happening without getting into emotions. This is when you're happy about every little thing, and you don't even let your mind get upset about anything. This is when you do not want to argue with anyone, to prove your point, to squabble, to be offended, irritated or get emotional at all, you don't want to violate the freedom of choice of another Personality. This is when you work on yourself, instead of finding fault with others or blaming them for being not the way you want or for distracting you from the spiritual growth.


«Zhanna: Yes, because you already realise that the work on oneself manifests, first and foremost, through sincerity and through honesty. And all this is happening in self-restraint. Meaning, that not anyone else, but, first of all, you need it yourself. At this point, the inner need to live by God, by the Spiritual world, already arises. And you already thirst for this inner contact, an immersion into this boundless joy of Love, this life by the deepest feelings, because it gives you everything genuine, it gives you Life, it vivifies you with Love.




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This is when there are meditations not only in the mornings and evenings just to tick the list, but you are in deep feelings round the clock, because all the time you want to Love and to Thank God for everything, you do not want to give all attention to matter, instead, you defend your own choice, your own position to Love in every action, remembering about Love, acting in Love, breathing Love, and thus perform material actions, solve problems, work, walk, live like everyone else. This is when spiritual practices and meditations are not a must do: "because I am good, or I want to become a geliar", but because they are first of all valuable as a meeting with the Father, communication with the infinite family - with the Spiritual World, it is the joy of knowing and immersing, the joy of unfolding in Love, becoming Love, when you and Love is the same. It's when you're the same as everyone else, you work, eat, train, do something for others, communicate, and within you living Love, when joy is in your Soul, when you're not alone anymore, and when every person is brother and sister for you, and you share the original Home, where we all came from and where we all can return, and there is one purpose – to become Alive.
Geliars come into direct opposition to evil - it is their direct duty! But it is important to understand the stages. In the beginning, the person who aspires to become a Geliar conquers the evil within himself, otherwise the negative forces will affect the animal nature within the person to activate it - then the system will be able to hit him through his own animal nature. After all, a person's only enemy hides inside, not outside. 

Service to the Spiritual World and inner Spiritual transformation go side by side, everything requires the development of certain skills, practice and time. Getting rid of the evil within oneself and filling oneself with God’s Love allows a person to become an Angel and consciously, as a Geliar, to engage in the battle with negative forces both external and at the invisible level, without being hurt by them. Geliars are Angels left to serve God in the world and help people on the invisible side. Being in union with the Spiritual world, the Geliar becomes inaccessible to all the evil of the material universe.


«“Anya:...this Knowledge would liberate people from struggle,...

Igor Michailovich: Right. And here, there’s another phenomenon: satan can be resisted and must be resisted, but this is a form of service. And what does the path of achieving freedom end with, after all? With renunciation of struggle. 

After all, a person who has embarked on the spiritual path initially experiences an enormous pressure and he resists the system itself: in his thoughts he rejects bad thoughts, he accepts only good ones, he restricts his consciousness, that is, he limits the influence of demons on himself. Later on, he gradually comprehends other things, and eventually he realises that one can fight with someone who is equal in strength or who’s weaker, but in this world where the Prince of this world rules, and all matter and all power of the dead is in him, so fighting or confronting it is pointless; one just needs to step aside, be in Love, and be free.”

From “THE SERVICE” programme (2:03:10)



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