Who is a Real human?

Who is a Real human?

How often do we hear and use such phrases as a Real human, a Human with a capital H? But what, in fact, does it mean?

It is possible to describe a Real human using such characteristics as conscience, honour, kindness,  honesty, morality, wisdom. And also goodwill, respect and acceptance of every person, being aware of and understanding that we all are inhabitants of a single and common planet Earth. 

As a confirmation of that I found a phrase in the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh:

“ The Real Human was a real Human even in the ancient times! As the saying goes, real people are not those that speak beautifully but those who live properly.”

What does it mean “to live properly”? It is assumed that each moment of life is based on moral and spiritual values, that people act themselves according to their conscience,  in harmony with the deepest feeling outgoing from their Souls. It is a way of life , it is a true life. 

The word “real” or “primordial” - “a true human” itself has a hint for understanding. A human who exactly knows who he or she is, lives life showing his or her true essence. It is an instant path to God with God. This is in agreement with a famous phrase : «Whoever abides in love abides in God, and God in him, for God is Love».

How to become a real, true human?

Everything starts with making decision to be a human every moment of life because human is  dual in nature.  Each person has a Spiritual (creative and good) nature and material (angry and aggressive) nature. For example, in Christianity, this duality is described as divine and human nature of a person. Everyone has a right to choose which part of himself to listen to  and whom to be: a person that is constantly bound to things, status, people, situations. A person who lives in fear, anger, greed, vanity, lie… Or to be a person with a free spirit who lives in love, happiness, joy, kindness, generosity, courage and unity.

Our choice manifests in everything we do, even in the small stuff. One can always gain a new experience and adjust his course to the lighthouse of Soul. If we act in a different way than our inner feeling, our conscience, suggests, that is also our choice. Moreover, if we do not lie to ourselves, we can always feel the truth. Being honest with ourselves may be difficult but this is what helps us to see,  what prevents us to act like a human and therefore helps us to fix it in ourselves.. It is important to observe, learn and limit manifestations of our animal nature. For example,  not to react to a thought or emerging emotion coming to our  head, to remove our desire to get immediate benefit and a desire to dominate. This helps to switch attention to Creation and Unity. Then feeling of Freedom appears.

Freedom is, as well as happiness, a natural human state.. If a person is not liberated inside from his worldly wishes and the satisfaction of the body, then he is a slave of thoughts, emotions, desires. I A true freedom does not depend on any external conditions, after all,  all the key knowledge has been already given. 

I was interested in a true etymology of the word “human”, so I looked for its meaning in the book “AllatRa”:

“By the way, the word “Chelovek” itself is anything but simple. “Chelo” originally meant “supreme”, and that is why in the old days the word indicated a “forehead”. And the word “vek” stands for “power”, and it originally meant “filled with power”, “eternal”. Chelovek (Man or Person) stands for the one who is filled with (full of) the supreme (spiritual) power. And the Real Man (Chelovek) or the Primordial Man/Person is the filled one in whom this supreme, eternal power – the Spiritual nature – dominates.”

It turns out that if one chooses a Spiritual nature, feels freedom, harmony, tranquillity and unity with all beings - he or she lives his or her life with God. That way of life can also be seen in friendly relationships with other people, respect and acceptance of each person’s choice.  

In opposite case evaluation, the importance of social status, desire to get something from others or use them in order to reach personal gain appears. This way all other people become rivals and animal rules are enforced. The original cause of it lies in separating from God. However, in every person there is a particle of God - the Soul.

This is what unites us and in this we are all equal, united.

What can help us to come to real freedom? First of all, it is important to answer the question “Who I am?”, stop identifying oneself with the body and consciousness, recognize oneself as a Personality, and also experience the constant connection with God - the Soul. In other words, it means to understand, learn and grasp the illusion of the material world and come into contact with the reality of spiritual world.

We initially have the opportunity to get out of this illusion, to become a spiritual being and always to remain with God In this, focusing the attention in two directions is helpful. First, it is the development of perception by feelings through spiritual practices. Second, every day observing oneself and targeted effort to be in instant dialogue with God. 

As it is said in the book “AllatRa” :

“Spiritual practices help man perfect this Dialogue with God at the deep level of feelings, where the purity of intentions reigns… 

They accompany the Personality from the first tentative step of cognition to the complete transition to the spiritual world, from the desire to change oneself to understanding the necessity of abiding in God constantly

You must do spiritual practices at least twice a day and during the day preserve the connection with your inner world, with the Soul, with the sense of God’s presence. Then it will be not just a way of life – it will become that spiritual path which with every step will be bringing you into Eternity.”

Eternity or illusion, Life or death? Namely relentless self-improvement and acknowledgment of one’s choice e to be a Human can lead us to the acquisition of real Life, not temporary and quick ending, but Everlasting Life in God and with God.  The question is where are we going to: imprisonment in the illusion of material world or acquisition of eternal Life? Everyone chooses himself. 

“Whatever conditions you are in, whichever obstacles you destiny brings you, you should live the way as it befits a Human. That is you should become a Human and help people around you. The main thing in this life is to be free spiritually inside, free from this material world, to strive to God without turning aside from this way. Then you will be able to be maximally useful to people and to live the life worth of Human. And that’s the great secret! Be a human here and now in this egoistic, material world. Be like a Lotus which grows up in the dirty swamp but despite of it becomes ideally pure! You are a Human and you have His grain!

By A.Novych “Sensei-IV

Author: Ekaterina, Moscow

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