Lubomyr Melnyk about music and Love

Lubomyr Melnyk about music and Love
As part of the world tour to celebrate his 70th birthday on February 15, 2020 in Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) with the new album "Fallen trees" performed an outstanding musician of our time Lubomyr Melnyk - Ukrainian composer, the fastest pianist in the world, whose record was set in 1985, when he played 19.5 notes per second with each hand simultaneously.

ALLATRA TV reporters have spoken to the author of Сontinuous music. This is how the author calls his works himself , it means - uninterrupted music, the never ending path.

Lubomyr Melnyk gave an interview to ALLATRA TV

Lubomyr is not only an outstanding musician, but also an amazing person, whose deep world view is expressed in his art. It awakens a feeling of love within people who have come into contact with this music. Lubomyr considers himself simply as an instrument, just the same as his piano, the same as his technique of performing music which comes from the depths of his soul. The author does not separate this music from himself, and calls his works a hymn of kindness and morality.

Through his work, Lubomyr reminds people of Love for God and for each other. The author's works inspire people to know themselves and to pay attention to the beauty of their inner world.

Pianist in the Concert-Hall of Zaporizhia

Lubomyr shared with ALLATRA TV reporters his most intimate dream - to open a music school.

The author calls Love the first law of his school. He is sure that it is in every person, it just has to be made the main value. Lubomyr believes it is impossible to convey in words what Love is in its true meaning, but he is sure that everyone is able to feel it.

The musician also shared that during his studies at the conservatory, he was not an able student. But love gave him the strength to go further, to learn more. Continuous self-improvement is a joy for the pianist...

the fastest pianist in the world

When ALLATRA TV journalists asked about the true role of a man, the musician answered: "I think that the first thing for a man is to love a woman. This is how God arranged it: to love and see the beauty of a woman, to respect her. Without it, you are not a man." Lubomyr frankly shared the fact that his music would not have been possible without women who discovered something within him. The author emphasized that thanks to women his work was formed as we know it now.

The inspiring acquaintance with an outstanding pianist was yet another reminder of the highest human values. Social surveys conducted by ALLATRA TV reporters all over the world show that people, regardless of their country of residence, religion, different cultures and social status, note that these values are the same for all of us. This is love, kindness and inner spiritual unity. Guided by such values, every person who is not indifferent tries to bring maximum beauty to this world today through those simple things that he or she can create for the benefit of other people and society as a whole.

Lubomyr shared with ALLATRA TV journalists his understanding of what a creative society is: "People in such a society would only be kind to each other. This is the only circumstance that would eliminate all negative phenomena in our world," the musician explained.

At the end of the interview Lubomyr wished all viewers of ALLATRA TV: "Every day to see the beauty that surrounds them, to thank God every minute, because this beauty can disappear instantly, so every minute is a gift from God.”

Ukrainian composer Lubomyr Melnyk

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