Magic or love for God?

Magic or love for God?

Being familiar with the Knowledge from the books of Anastasia Novykh and the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, I once had an experience that I wanted to share with people. With those who continue to pray for the health of their relatives according to the old habit, when they become very ill and there is a threat to life.

On the eve of the previous event, I, as usual, tried to stand firm on the Spiritual path, practicing meditation and thought control. On one of the usual days with my 7 -year-old daughter, more precisely, with her health, the following happened: she abruptly fainted and began to be twisted. It was like an epileptic seizure. She was at school at the time. As soon as that happened, I got a call and within 10 minutes I was there for her. As I was heading to school, I observed these thoughts: "Now I will come to her and everything will get better. I'm a mom, I love her, and love is all-healing." It was the first deception from consciousness and consumer attitude towards Love and its Source. When I was nearby and began to address my daughter: "Daughter, I am here, it’s mom" – I realized that she could not hear me. It's like she isn't here, there's just a seizure that doesn't stop. At that moment, I heard the following in my head: "This is all because of you, you have chosen the Spiritual Path and the closest ones will suffer for this. There's a demon in her. She doesn't recognize you. It's all your AllatRa." It was a clear voice in my head, very loud and unpleasant. It was as if hatred was trying to boil in me. Then I said to myself, "No, AllatRa has nothing to do with it." And the voice disappeared along with the unpleasant sensation. I was very happy about that internally. I realized that now I’ve defeated something bad inside me. 

Further, in the course of events, escort to the ambulance and to the hospital, I silently repeated the phrase: "Lord, be near!" I sincerely asked God and the Holy Spirit to be with me, not to leave me. I knew that if I let go of my inner love, fear would take its place. Throughout the day, the daughter's condition did not change, and by the evening she was transferred to intensive care. A new stage of internal struggle has begun. Consciousness started to throw pictures of death and funeral, how I would cry and how I could endure it all. In these pictures, I observed the external image of myself, the actions in them looked indifferent and selfish. Tears of despair were accompanied by the whining of consciousness: "What will I do without her, how will I live?" This moment surprised me very much, I realized that the external comes from the ego. My lady's selfishness was living a life of its own, but what did I feel inside? Where was the real me? I was in Love, somewhere in the depths of the very kind and good. And this feeling did not allow the pictures from consciousness to impose their significance. Somewhere in the depths there was a clear understanding that my daughter and I are one, and we are in the arms of God, He is in us and we are in Him. His love envelops and gives such a clear calmness that could not be felt in meditation. When consciousness tried to voice this, there were immediate accusations: "How can you? Your daughter is in intensive care! You don't know what will happen to her, and you're in Love?! You're crazy." These were screams of emptiness, they had absolutely no power and in no way became more important than what gave a sense of lightness. Consciously, I didn't know what was wrong with my daughter. For the first 5 days there was one unknown, absolutely no information, except for the doctor's answer: "The condition is stable and serious." There wasn't even a diagnosis. Consciousness was frightened by this unknown. But I knew, I felt different. The knowledge that everything was fine, it came from within. I knew that, and I was observing the outside from somewhere inside. My consciousness behaved like a robot machine, on the orders of the voice in my head that gave out the "necessary" emotions, sorrow, sadness, emotional distress. It was all actors and masks. What was my inner surprise is that I didn't imagine the pain of loss in other people at all. I realized that empathy is pity for selfishness. Because I saw in others the same sympathy for my ego, and the consciousness willingly took it personally.

It kind of cheered up consciousness. But for me, the “Real me”, I didn't need any external sympathy, I was with God, in His Love. And this is the highest protection and inner support from those emotional distress, fears, sympathies, compassions and everything that consciousness could offer. As I observed over my consciousness, I saw many lies, the lies in which I lived and, believing, put on masks, playing a role. For example, when meeting, seeing the regret of people, I heard in my head: "Will you at least cry for decency." What did it look like in three-dimensionality? I don't know, consciousness didn't evaluate it. Basically all the attention went to the depth of feelings and observation of consciousness. I saw how much my husband was worried, how his consciousness mercilessly trembled him and betrayed such emotions that in modern society are considered the norm in such cases. I told him that everything would be fine, that it just needed time. The words were chosen by themselves, and they calmed him down. I did not pray for my daughter's health, I did not ask God for life for her, it was not appropriate with that understanding and that feeling of Unity with God. A little later, I realized that praying for health is an appeal to Satan and weeping at the wall. I realized that we had been artificially trained to pray for the health of our bodies and to practice magic unconsciously. First of all, this was due to the loss of True Knowledge about what, to whom and how a person should pray, and when he or she should act and solve the issue, and not hope for a miracle. As a result, people have forgotten the Great Will of God. We have forgotten that by His will we come and go from this world.

Quote about magic. Consciousness and Personality

Our values have been replaced – the quantity of years lived has become more important than their quality. After all, nothing changes in the World of God if life ended in three-dimensionality and Eternal Life did not begin. We should not pray to God for the health of our bodies, but we should pray for the salvation of ourselves as a Personality, union with the Soul. We are free to choose Love. That Love that dispels all illusory actions in three-dimensionality.

The Spiritual World helped me to go through this period of life. There were no material values in the request to be nearby. But the value of inner support was far more important. Within a month, the daughter recovered without any complications, which can be called a miracle. My inner attention shifted to the outside, 3 weeks later, as soon as I was allowed to see my daughter. In caring for her, I completely let go of that close attention over consciousness and we’re back to our former lives. But that experience of being under the wing of God, it is very valuable. And the understanding that the external does not affect the inner impulse of the Personality to the Soul helps in working on oneself.

Nadezhda Naumenko, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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