The less you know the better you sleep at night. Is it so? Or how can we quickly build a Creative Society

The less you know the better you sleep at night. Is it so? Or how can we quickly build a Creative Society

“Never doubt that
a small group thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Margaret Mead

Friends, how easily are you ready for changes? Even the ones that are sure to improve your life?

I recall many examples from my own experience, when only the thought of changing the usual rhythm of life brought me into a state of, to say the least, discomfort. For example, to change some household devices to which I am accustomed and addicted – I change mobile phones no more than once every five years. And not out of cost savings, but out of a reluctance, to tell the truth, to master a new gadget. Although the new features make interaction and use of the phone much easier, and something in the old one does not work anymore. But the need for another phone change and mastering its new features puts me in a stupor and to a pronounced inner protest. I will not now analyze and delve into the reasons for this reaction. If you are interested, dear reader, you can read about it in the encyclopedia of knowledge about human nature “Consciousness and personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally alive” and also from the series of programs on ALLATRA TV “Psychology. Discovering the Truth“.

This article will discuss how we can solve current global problems. Catastrophic climate changes across the globe, the extreme environmental degradation, and when digital unemployment is rapidly entering our lives associated with the replacement of humans in the workplace with artificial intelligence – these global challenges of the consumerist format of society in which we now live are already changing our entire way of life. We can easily find information about it and think about it, think about it seriously.

These acute problems of humanity were highlighted at the international conference "Global Crisis. This already affects everyone" on July 24, 2021, where scientists, subject matter experts, and people who care gathered from all over the world to scientifically, graphically, and argumentatively outline the realities of what is happening. In order to perceive the scale and value for all of the information voiced at this international event, I will give at least one figure – 72 languages of the world. This was the number of languages spoken by speakers from around the world, translated by volunteers, who felt it was vital to bring the truth to people from different countries in their own languages.

Do we know what is happening now with the climate and ecology on the planet? Are you fully aware of what is happening in society? Are we ready for the realities of the growing global crises and do we have an idea of what we can do, what way out to find? Actually, there is an answer to the last question. Now, millions of people around the world, in their free time from their main employment, selflessly act to create a new format of society in an evolutionary peaceful way – a creative one. Right now, this format makes it possible for all of humanity to pass without loss through modern and impending threats. Because in a Creative Society, the main value is human life, stability and security. And when such an approach to everything – in the economy, in science, medicine, the social sphere, education, then, as they say, everything falls into place. You can find out more about this information by watching the conference or any speech by its speaker. There are timings and a breakdown of the topics below the video, and you can choose whichever one interests you most.

I will share the situation that prompted me to write this article. I was in a cab and in conversation with the driver we touched on the topic of climate, or rather it’s rapid change. By his very competent speech and beautifully constructed phrases, it was clear that the person was educated, well-read, a professional in the field of finance, and on the way to work he earns money moonlights in a cab. In a conversation after a few phrases, it turned out that the person deliberately protected himself from any information, and, except for work, does not get into anything. As he said: “The less you know, the better you sleep at night!”

His answer was discouraging and at the same time interesting to understand why he reacts to climate news and information in such a way. After a while, the answer came that it was because of fear. People who do not even read the news still see around them seemingly imperceptible, and sometimes clearly noticeable, weather anomalies that are not typical for the area where we live. This is what causes fear from not knowing what to do, because no money in the world can buy rain, snow, sunshine from nature, a volcano's agreement to stop its activity, negotiate with the Earth's core for its stability or change cyclical processes in space. But any fear goes away when there is knowledge. We know that when people are united, it is always possible to find a way out. And right now, thanks to the Creative Society project, we have the opportunity to find a common goal and unite in its implementation.

These thoughts may arise: “It is impossible to create such a society, it is utopia, we will not be allowed to do this, and so on.” So, they sound in everyone's head. But there is a difference – listening to them and agreeing not to change the habitual pattern... Or, once we take action, we can see that together with like-minded people we can do a lot. And any changes that seem utopian and unrealistic are real when even a small group of people starts to act. This understanding came thanks to the history of the creation of ACAB in the building where I live. The abbreviation ACAB is an association of co-owners of an apartment building. Where did it all start? Now more and more public services for residential buildings are moving from the usual for all housing maintenance organizations (from management companies) to an association of apartment owners. Everyone understands that it is easier to take responsibility for spending the collected funds. The residents themselves, united in such communities, can decide together what to spend money on first: repairing the elevator or stairwells, replacing communications, or video surveillance near the entrance for the safety of people.

The creation of ACAB has been delayed for a year. The question may arise why it takes so long, because the advantages of such an association are quite obvious and logical. But it turned out at the first meeting regarding the creation of ACAB that most of the residents of the building did not agree to make living in the building more comfortable and safe. This is against any common sense, it seems at first glance. But it was a fact. The problems in the building began to worsen over time: elevators often broke down, and in a 16-story building people had to climb on foot and the elderly, and moms with baby carriages; water pipes are so worn out that the emergency services had nowhere to put the clamps to fix the leak, and other smaller, but tangible moments. In order to find a way out of the current critical situation, several caring residents of the building gathered and organized an initiative group to continue working on this idea. During the year, several people, among whom were people of different professions, ages, but who were united by a sincere desire to find opportunities to solve problems at the building and for this to create an association of co-owners of our building. The first step was to create a general chat of the inhabitants of the house, where everyone could join. And also a working chat was created by the initiative team for communication on defining tasks and goals, building an action strategy and distributing who is willing to do what. Participants from this initiative group communicated with lawyers, consulted with government agencies, and studied the experience of nearby houses that had already organized themselves into such communities. And for the new meeting, complete information was prepared, which was shared with all the residents of the building. An activist from a neighboring building was invited to this general meeting so that he could answer all the questions of interest to people based on practical experience. As a result of the meeting on the creation of ACAB, 76 percent of the residents of the building voted in favor.

And now for the most interesting part of the story. After the meeting, the most active member of the initiative group exclaimed: "Did this really happen?" She said so because in the general chat room 2-3 people spoke critically, even aggressively sometimes. And the rest just kept quiet. And in general there was an impression that almost the whole building is against ACAB. During the meeting, people shared that they were afraid to create a community, because they heard all kinds of things.

We have heard about different experiences in creating ACAB, that there were misuse of funds and various other unpleasant situations. But these moments were when the residents of the building transferred full responsibility for the ACAB activities to one chairman. That is, when the initiative group simply did not act. But in fact, everything depends on the choice of people, their humanity and the desire to change for the better not only for themselves, but, most importantly, for all other residents, on their willingness to take responsibility. And an important factor was that people lived like this for many years and even decades, when everything was decided for them – the housing office, the management company, the state. And now you need to take responsibility, but there is no such experience. Therefore, there was a fear of something new.

Three months have passed since the meeting, and all the documents for the creation of ACAB are ready, new tariffs have been jointly approved, priority tasks for their financing have been selected. In general, everything is not as difficult as it seems. And most importantly, the atmosphere in the chat room has changed. Messages have become kinder, without harshness and reproaches. People began to generate ideas on what we can improve. Before the New Year holidays, a neighbor who had a Santa Claus costume offered to gather in the hall and congratulate all the children. Those who wished joined and organized a real holiday, decorating the hall on the first floor in a New Year's way. Everyone who had the opportunity chipped in and bought fruits for gifts. We decided to also congratulate single pensioners with the left over funds. They were very touched by the attention and care. And everyone got a wonderful experience: if people begin to act together, isolation and wariness towards each other dissolves, there is a desire to resolve all issues in a good way, to treat each other with warmth.

Let us now return to what is written in the epigraph and summarize the conclusions, which are very consonant with the implementation of the Creative Society project:

  1. Fear is where there is a lack of information. And everything is very simple: if there is a fear of something, let's study it and figure it out... Why do we need to "heroically" suffer, living in a consumerist format, if we can change our living conditions from a consumer society to a creative format of society. And now active people continue to inform everyone on the planet about the Creative Society. So that people can see the possibility of solving their problems and common ones and make their choice.
  2. If a few people speak out against something good, and the rest of the majority is silent, this does not mean that they are also against it. You just need to ask them for their opinion. As it was at the meeting of the tenants of the building. People are now voicing their opinions in support of the Creative Society at and it's important that everyone does it.
  3. When we have a common goal and we go for it, everything works out. Even things that are hard to believe at first glance. A creative society is a common goal that can unite all people to make the world the place we deserve to live in.
  4. In the building, where there are more than 120 apartments, only 7 people participated in the initiative group. But they succeeded. Because they acted not only for themselves, but also for the sake of all the residents of the building, unselfishly, sincerely, friendly, kindly to each other and to all neighbors. Millions of active people from all over the world are already acting for the formation of the Creative Society for their own future and for the future for all of mankind.
  5. It is impossible to implement global changes quickly. Because then, someone's interests will always be infringed. When there are systematic, step-by-step actions, consistency in implementation, diligence, openness, communication with everyone, then everything works. And the Creative Society is now being formed by people around the world in stages, taking into account the opinions of people and the common desire of all people on the planet – to live stable and secure. This is reflected in the eight foundations of the Creative Society, derived on the basis of many years of surveys of people in all countries of the world, people of different social status, professions, age, education and nationality.

Humanity is one big family, which, when united, can solve all existing problems. Dear reader, are you tired of living like in the movie "Groundhog Day"? An international unifying platform has already been created, where you can make your decision and start acting. Join the formation of a new format of society – Creative! It is you who can make a difference today not only in your life and your loved ones, but also for all of humanity.

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