Just imagine a world where everyone is happy!

There is no more poverty nor need. People are not worried about how to feed and provide all the things necessary for their families.

When they get up in the morning they have no anxious thoughts that suddenly someone will get sick and then not know what to do. Medicine is at a high level, available to absolutely to everyone and free of charge. Also where would diseases come from, if a person is calm and every day is joyful.

Walking down the street, you see smiling people, smiles filled with joy and geniality. Children are cheerfully making noise on the playground. And their parents are looking at them with a calm, warm gaze. There is no more fear about them. There is a hopeful and secure future. All the children have become our own and the whole community takes care of each and every child. There are no more abandoned and hungry children. That horror remains in the past.

“While in the Creative Society, the highest value is Human life, including your life and the lives of your relatives, friends and all people.”

From “Creative Society Unites Everyone” programme

Old people are now smiling and doing well. Society needs them. There are no more expectations of the frightening unknown. Creativity for the good of society as a whole is the main activity. There is life in every day, a joyful life!

Since the world of the future provides for all basic human needs, there is plenty of time to reveal one’s creative potential. People travel and do things that bring them pleasure. Everyone participates in social life. Social activity, creativity and creation are becoming an integral part of people's lives and worldviews.

There are no longer any strangers. All are our own people!

Mankind together defeated the main enemy: indifference and division! Therefore they were able to change their worldview from a consumerist to a creative one. Together we became one family, and became relatives. It's hard to describe this joy in words. We became people, we could do it!

This happened due to the actions of all people. Everyone contributed his or her part to build such a society. Each did as much as he or she could. There was no such thing as big or small. All actions were important and brought incredible results. People have become a Civilization dominated by Humanity and Love!

This is a picture of our future that we can build! It's Possible! Every day together we take steps toward such a society! And it will become our common happy reality!

“Unification means that we jointly invest our attention in one goal — establishment of the Creative Society in order to improve our life, first and foremost, and to ensure improvement of life of our children…”

From “Creative Society Unites Everyone” programme

Such a Creative Society is already in the process of building. Join in, friend!

Igor, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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