In what kind of society would you and your loved ones be happy? How would people treat one another in such a society? Allatra TV Austria reporters talked on the streets of Vienna to residents and guests of the city about this and other aspects of the creative society model.

The goal is to find out people's opinions on how they want to see the society of the future. Their point of view on such aspects of our life is important, as, for example, healthcare, education, the length of the working day and the working week.

Social survey in Austria. What kind of society would everyone like to live in?

Surveys are conducted within the framework of the global international project "Creative Society", the creation of which was initiated by people themselves.

For many, it is already obvious that the consumer model of society has outlived its usefulness. Today, every person is given an opportunity to share his or her opinion on how they see the society of a new format. A society where everyone will live comfortably.

The answers of residents and guests of Vienna give an understanding that, no matter what country people live in, everyone has a need for a human relationship between people, for friendship, love and mutual assistance.

"People should become close to one another," says Leo (Austria). – In addition, in a Creative Society, people work not so much for money, but because work brings pleasure. Such work is much more productive and constructive. And if we work four days a week for four hours a day and get a fairly high salary – we will have a lot of time for other areas of life."

The new concept of society is intended to replace the current one, which is characterized by the division of humanity through conventions, mutual claims, religious intolerance, etc.

As Vlad from Kazakhstan accurately noted in the social survey, when we ourselves begin to change, so does the society around us.

The Creative Society project provides an opportunity for every person on the planet to speak out about their choice and to share their understanding of what needs to be done to build such a society.

A creative society is a society in which all of humanity lives peacefully

A creative society is when we, the people, live in peace and harmony. When all people are healthy, live in prosperity, take care of other people, and improve themselves. This is a counterweight to the society of consumers and manipulators.

“I think for me a person, when he's stepping out of his home, he doesn't need to think of if he is in a different country or if he is going at day or night time…”says Ashish from India. – So he should have that freedom. Because I think it should be a world without borders and without any restrictions, and without any religious barriers. That's how I think the world could prosper.”

The platform for building a Creative Society around the world today is ALLATRA International Public Movement.

Now it is very important that everyone knows what role he or she plays in shaping society as a whole.

What can each of us do to live the life we truly want? How to build a happy society in the near future?

By conducting social surveys in more than 180 countries around the world, we share ideas and experiences, and this social model becomes not a dream, but a reality for everyone.

To participate in the project "Creative Society", please write us email to: [email protected]

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