The story of the book that has changed my life.

The story of the book that has changed my life.

I’ve always known that God exists. It was my inner feeling called intuitive knowledge. Just because it couldn't have been any other way. In some moment of my life, I felt a vitally important need to find Him, be with Him… I should say this necessity has always existed deep inside of me but was recognised just in the certain moment of a lifetime.

So I’ve started my search

However a current situation in the modern world has tripped me up. There are lots of religions as well as religious orientations and variations. Which one of them is true? Why are there so many differences in them? I’ve had the clear intuitive feeling that God is one, but why there is no unified religion and common understanding of it? I’ve been haunted by these questions and have been eager to find answers. I’ve had to go through the huge amount of data from different sources but nothing could satisfy my thirst for knowledge. I’ve had an incessant sense that it has been all about the same thing but at the same time there has been a feeling of ambiguity and incompletion.

One day I understood that my mind was going to blow up with all this information. I have been absorbing the theory and neglecting the importance of practising. There has been no inner understanding how to use a gained knowledge in my real life. I’ve been overwhelmed by excessive information. The only wish at those moments was to stop and live without thinking about anything.

However the strong desire to find God still remained. Even in the most joyful moments of my life, I could feel that incomprehensible longing as if I was missing the most important thing...

Lots of people are searching God, I know it for sure.

They are looking purely out of the fact that it is a natural aspiration of a human. Because each person has a Soul which is a part of the Spiritual world and aspires to come back Home and reach the Eternity. Everyone feels this striving inside as the Soul is always with the person.

“But the Love of God does not leave man even when he forgets about it. God never leaves man, for His Love, thanks to the Soul, is always with him”

From the book "AllatRa" by Anastasia Novykh

A lot of people come to an understanding that the real Life is something much more greater than all this routine world around us. However it often happens that a person with such inner knowledge starts the spiritual search but immediately faces difficulties. In order to get more information, he may be fooled and lost as a result of following the false path. While trying to share his findings with people and learn their experience he faces misunderstanding, rejection and sometimes even opposition.

Unfortunately, for some reason in the modern world, people do not talk about God. The spiritual issues in the individual person’s life as well as in the society as a whole have a secondary importance or even are neglected as being non-serious. One can reason a lot of factors that cause such situation: the person's fear still exists when facing something unknown and that’s why scary for him; also the mighty of this world put their efforts to hide the true knowledge in order to dominate people and not let them gain the inner freedom...

“AllatRa” - is the key to Knowledge

I remember my despair and even hopelessness, my failure to understand the direction and needed actions. But once in the social network Vkontakte on the page of “Good news” I have accidentally noticed a panel discussion on the topic: “The most impressive book for me ever”. I’ve become interested and have started reading reviews. Among them several times I’ve come across the mention of the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh. Both author’s and book’s names have been unfamiliar to me and have attracted my attention. Instantly, I’ve downloaded the book for free and have started reading. At the very beginning, something has stimulated me to stop doing that on account of thoughts: “You have already read that kind of books”, “It’s just another one of many esoteric books” and so on.. But deep inside I’ve had a very clear and calm understanding that definitely this book will give me an enormous help and support on my spiritual path, so I’ve continued reading.

It has turned out right that way. I have never met and felt such a complete, clear, detailed and sincere answers to my most important inner questions. This book has become for me (and for numerous people, I know it for sure) a priceless help on the spiritual path. It has become exactly the key that has helped to realise that every religion has grains of truth as every religion is based on the true Knowledge given by all prophets and Masters. It has given me an understanding that each person has its own path to God and belonging to the certain religion or religious orientation doesn't matter. What does really make sense is the purity of thoughts and intentions, heartfelt Love for God and, of course, the work on oneself.

I have got another pretty important insight that the theory without practice is useless, that a real work on oneself means day-to-day actions and changes. It doesn't matter what kind of tools I use because a prayer and meditation essentially are the same ways for self-discovery. After all, the most important thing I am not afraid to repeat once again is a purity of intentions, the sincere Love for God and a work on oneself that first of all means self-discipline and being honest to yourself.

I am eternally grateful to God for everything and everyone I've met and will meet on my spiritual path. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to help those people who now are wondering in misunderstandings and fears, as I did earlier, who is looking for answers but now is a little bit confused, tired or disappointed… However the only thing I can do is to share my experience concerning the book that gives a real chance both a person and a society to change for the better. I can share my experience of finding a treasure. A treasure that is available and uncovered to everyone.

The role of the book in the modern society despite the scientific and technological progress and numerous mass media is huge and it is very encouraging. But the key treasure I guess lies not in the book as it is. It is inside each of us, and the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh is a priceless help on the way to that treasure cognition... On the way to God.

By Aleksandra Avdeeva

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