How wonderful that good thoughts and aspirations unite many good people all over the world and give rise to such interesting and informative events as online-conferences under the project “Game of Professionals. Society. The Last Chance”, which are held by participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement. The foundation of this project is an idea of building a creative society.

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The regular conference was held on February 1, 2020, the topic of it was CREATIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE ECONOMY MODEL – A HUMAN BEING AT THE CENTER.

Creative and constructive economy model was discussed in a variety of ways, the center of which is not money as it is today, but a human being.

Let us all reflect on this topic, and everyone will answer the question: "What does it mean – a human being at the center of economy"?

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For many people the idea that this topic is complex and concerns only subject matter experts is close. But one of the speakers of the round table said in a very simple and clear way that all people are directly involved in it, because we pay for recreation, education, medical and other services, buy various products and goods, pay taxes and thus take a direct part in many economic processes almost daily.

So why are we being forced to think it's none of our business? After all, it's us, people, who form our society by ourselves, and everything depends on our choice.

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Let's stop continuing to turn a blind eye to the fact that today's economy is not profitable for people. And there is simply shocking social inequality: 26 people in the world own the same capital as 3.8 billion people (almost half the world's population)! More than 40 percent of the world's population suffers from a drinking water shortage. Although technologies that allow to provide clean drinking water to all people on the planet have already been developed. The problem of hunger is still unresolved. Statistics for 2017 show that 821 million people are starving (which is one in nine people on the planet), while one third of the world's food is simply being wasted.

Let's stop continuing to put up with the fact that by working hard, we earn little. Salaries leave a lot to be desired. Work takes almost all the time, making us slaves, and almost does not leave time for communication with loved ones, with children, for self-development, first of all, spiritual, for which we came to this world.

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It is very important that during the lively discussion the speakers made it clear that today there are already all the necessary technical, technological resources and opportunities for successful formation of an economic model that will serve a human being. Which will be one of the bricks of the creative society, where all the basic needs of people will be met. Where there are jobs and proper salaries, a 4-hour working day, free quality health services and education.

Successful examples of some countries and companies that have already implemented many progressive ideas and, with excellent results, are still working in this direction were shown.There is something to think about. There are plenty of things to change.

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Let’s unite, spread the knowledge, discuss this topic, act and create for us and future generations! After all, it is only through joint efforts that it is possible to build the creative society in which everyone will live comfortably and joyfully.

The full version of the online conference  "CREATIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE ECONOMY MODEL – A HUMAN BEING AT THE CENTER" you can watch on ALLATRA TV.

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    Interesting and very inspiring, thank you! The Macro economy is easier than I thought before. And it must serve people.

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