To my nearest and dearest and loved ones!

To my nearest and dearest and loved ones!

I refer to all people, but first of all to my family, relatives and friends. To everyone in my community who does not believe in the dangers of cataclysms, does not believe in cyclicality and climate change. I refer to those people who think that cataclysms are happening somewhere and that they will not be affected by them. To those who do not believe that humanity is in danger. To those who think that the unification of people and the building of a Creative Society is a utopia.

I refer to all those who want to remain in happy ignorance and drift with the hope that someone else will take care of them or think there is nothing they can do. "What can I do alone, I am so weak". My dears, we have been living this way for many years, leaving it to others to decide our fate...

Just imagine that we are all walking together along a wide road and there are only a few steps left before the cliff and we will all find ourselves in the abyss. But on the other hand, no one is judging us, we are walking together with all the people, all together in the direction approved by society, where we were going many years ago as well. But back then, the cliff was far away, and it was not obvious that there was an abyss ahead, although I think some people foresaw it even then. And now there are only a few steps to the cliff and many people have realized how this road will end.

And then you are told that there is a way of salvation. If we now turn away from this road and go in the other direction we will be saved. Won't you take that chance?

Or another example: your child or loved one is gravely ill, all the men of medicine are unanimous in their opinion and have refused to treat him further. And then a young, progressive doctor comes along and says that he can cure a person you love for free. He gives you hope to save his life. Wouldn't you say yes? I don't believe any of you would refuse.

The path we are following now is the path of the consumer society, where everyone is for himself, where money is more valuable than people, where the life of an ordinary person is worthless.

And the other way is the way of uniting and building a Creative Society.

Tell me honestly, wouldn't you take this chance, even if you had doubts? 

The Creative Society is beneficial to all the people of the planet. It doesn't need revolution, destruction of dissenters, and all sorts of violent actions to build it. It is possible to build the Creative Society in an evolutionary way.

What attracts me personally to the Creative Society and what will I gain?

  • The value of life and safety of each person. 
  • Provision of housing and jobs for everyone. The opportunity to develop in the line with one’s interests.
  • Equal opportunities for all people.
  • Quality, free health care and education.
  • The media provides truthful information, television broadcasts programs and movies aimed at the positive, creative development of our children's personalities (not these destructive movies about gangsters, murders and talk shows where people punch each other in the face).
  • There is no inflation and you can buy the same things for the same fixed price anywhere in the country.
  • Science serves man, not military strength. No wars. It is becoming fashionable to do good deeds.

Who could be against such living conditions?

What do I lose if I choose the Creative Society, the Creative vector of development?

The answer is nothing. A Creative Society is built in such a way that first a new one is built, and then the old, outdated is superseded.

What actions can everyone do now to realize the construction of a Creative Society in a short time?

We need all people to know that there is an alternative to the consumer society, which has outlived itself.

We need to get people talking about it. And if it becomes clear that the majority of people want to build a Creative Society, politicians and deputies will have no choice but to include this in their election programs. After all, politicians' programs always consist of the needs and desires of the people. It is a different matter that they do not follow it, because the format of the consumer society allows them to avoid punishment; it is difficult to revoke the deputies. The Creative Society will be arranged in such a way that a deputy who does not comply with the will of the people will be revoked in a matter of days.

I realize that you no longer believe in anyone's words, but it is realistic to build a Creative Society within 10 years!

Why is it necessary to act very quickly?

Let's go back to the cataclysms of nature. Scientists already understand that they were wrong in their predictions, because the development of abnormal weather phenomena is not linear. Since the beginning of 2020, if we say in the language of computer games, we have reached a new level in our game - "Climatic Apocalypse" (the second level). There is a sharp increase in the frequency and severity of cataclysms now. The synchronization of disasters has begun. Although they had occurred locally from 2011 to 2018 (when we, as mankind, were at the first level).

And if the first level lasted about 10 years, the second level significantly accelerates everything and increases the magnitude of disasters.

And the third level will be a complete destruction, it will pass very quickly and nothing can be done after.

Why is unification so necessary for us?

We can't stop what is coming, but we can soften and ease it and reach a new level of development. If we unite, we can survive. We will save our civilization and the future for our children and grandchildren. We will have all the resources and opportunities. We will be able to build cities in safe places for all people, where we can all fit. We will be able to use new technology to provide ourselves with everything we need.

No one will die of hunger, because science will reach such a level that we will print products like on a 3D printer. But this will only happen if we all, as humanity, choose the Creative vector of development. Where the main value is human life. Because under certain conditions, the unification of people is able to neutralize many troubles.

What can each person do right now to build a Creative Society?

Everyone can express their opinion about what kind of society they would like to live in, join the "Creative Society" project, and tell their friends and acquaintances about it.

If you decide to stand aside, wait for your friends and famous people to join and see what will happen next, then keep in mind that just one voice could be missing, your voice, to change the vector of society in the direction of creation, goodness and peace. Think what you will leave to your children and grandchildren - devastation or a blossoming world?!

And finally, very important information: 

On December 20, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. GMT, there will be an unique online conference "Creative Society. United We Can" translated to more than 12 languages. Live on,, all social networks, and all online platforms worldwide.

Asiya Abizova, ALLATRA IPM participant

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