Musician Manose Singh Newa: "All we want is love, that's the point"

Musician Manose Singh Newa: "All we want is love, that's the point"
ALLATRA TV journalists talked recently to Manose Singh Newa, a flutist from Nepal who is widely known around the world for his inspiring performance of instrumental music. Traveling with Deva Premal and Miten, the talented musician and improviser gives people the music flowing from his bamboo flute "bansuri" and filling hearts with harmony and warmth.

Manose Singh Newa

The interview turned out to be very profound and informative. And it's no surprise. As Manose Singh emphasized, the questions and answers came from soul to soul.

Sharing his vision of what unites all people on the Earth and what we all have in common, Manose said: "We are all the same, we have different skin colors, but we are all beautiful. Look, you have different skin tones, different clothes, but underneath the clothes we're all naked. You know - if you hurt yourself, you'll bleed. But all , what we all want is love, and that's the point."

"If you can plant a seed in your garden, and a flower will grow out of it, you can smell it in spring, you and your eyes can smile, then your life is full" Manose Newa.

And when asked: “What do you think true love is, in the highest sense?”, the talented musician said sincere and deep words that touch the strings of the soul: "Love. There are many kinds of love. We can talk about love for a child, a husband, a wife or a father, about love for your country. But in fact, love is love for yourself. It's very important to love yourself. When you really love yourself, you do not love yourself to make yourself attractive on the outside, I am not talking about it. I'm talking about deep love, an ocean of love that holds us all. A higher love in the highest sense of the word. You can call it God, you can say spirit, but this is what holds us together. 

We know the sun, we know the moon, that we are on the Earth, but at the same time we know nothing. All we know is Love. If this feeling guides you, you are totally free, you have no more fear. You can meet a person and see him/her through his/her external image. You can be a TV presenter now, I can be a flute player, but I can see the real you  behind all this, I can see the essence of the human behind his/her outer shell and this is a revolution, I don't see you as a dressed girl anymore, I see you as a spirit.”

The truth is one for everyone. Even though there are many people on the Earth, but true Love is a boundless ocean and it will be enough for everyone.

When a person is in the state of true Love

Manose Newa also shared his opinion that people should choose more carefully what they watch on television. Because this information can have a big impact on us by imposing and selling a harmful product to society.

The musician noticed that masses of people are like they’ve been hypnotised. "Don't buy frivolous things, be real," advised the Nepali flutist, "and then the world will change. It is already changing. You have to be very kind. Fortunately, there's the internet now and people can see that peace is possible."

Be real and then the world will change – Manose Newa

Open and sincere opinions of people around the world, which they share in interviews with participants of the international Internet television ALLATRA TV, give confidence that we are able to create, respect, value and support each other. And together we really can build a creative society. The society of happy people.

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