We are connected through our Souls, Mommy!

We are connected through our Souls, Mommy!

Good creates good! When one feels the outspokenness of the other person, one begins to disembosom oneself to people and share his positive experience and inner light with them.

Elena has read the article about the inner Sun and has decided to share her inspiring story with “ALLATRA NEWS” readers.

My son, Leo, is 5 years old. Usually, when I put him to bed, I read books to him and tell him a fairy tell. One night, after I had done all this, he closed his eyes and kept silent for several minutes. Just when I thought that he was asleep, he suddenly said, “Mommy, do you know that we are always connected with each other, where ever we would be, for all times?”

I kept silent, wondering what would be next. And he continued, “Through our Souls, Mommy!”
“Sunshine, who told you this? Did you hear it in school?” I asked him.

Leo is a first grade pupil. We live in Germany, and children have religious studies in their first grade curriculum here.
“No one, I know this myself, I have always known,” he answered.

As it turns out, I have learned this at adult age from “Sensei” books, while my little son has always known this. It provides food for thought.



Elena Prengemann,
member of “ALLATRA” International Public Movement

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