Our responsibility for the future

Our responsibility for the future

The consumerist society in which we are living now is the result of our choices and actions. A society in which human life is not valued, where all moral and ethical norms are violated, where such concepts as conscience, honor and dignity are forgotten. This causes a huge dissonance, since almost all people want to live in a peaceful and prosperous society. This desire is confirmed by numerous interviews with people all over the world, which have been conducted by volunteers of ALLATRA International Public Movement for several years.

The question arises: why are our aspirations not aligned to reality? Why is the world filled with anger, enmity and greed? The answer is simple: because we are waiting for someone to come and do everything for us. Now we are all the time delegate responsibility for the management of all affairs of society or to individuals or groups of people. And here we are - every day all over the world a lot of people die from lack of water and food, from various diseases, from armed conflicts and crime!

All of this leads to the understanding that it is impossible to shift responsibility onto individuals for our common future, for the future of our children and the entire planet. It's time for everyone to start building the kind of society that all people on Earth dream of.

Many people started talking about it and taking active action. So, at the online conference “Creative Society. United we can ”, which took place on December 20, 2020, the truth about why we are living in such a consumerist world was voiced. Why is it that when we delegate responsibility for our lives and society, conditions for all of humanity deteriorate? People not only expressed their desire to live in a Creative society, but also took responsibility for building such a society and began to act. These are not some individuals or a group of individuals, they are people from more than 180 countries of the world, representing the interests of the whole society, that is, everyone. People stopped relying on someone and decided to act on their own. Everyone in their place and within their capabilities. Many people began to support good initiatives and actively participate in the life of society, began to live according to honor and conscience, united in an effort to build a Creative Society for all people in the world! And this is a great power: when everyone does everything possible to achieve the goal, then the possibilities of humanity become limitless.

The next important step in building a Creative Society will be the online conference on March 20, 2021 "CREATIVE SOCIETY. WHAT THE PROPHETS DREAMED OF”. It will review how the Prophets saw the structure of the world and society at different times. After all, they talked about the possibility of building a wonderful world in which all people will live like human beings, where there will be no poverty and wars, where care will be for everyone and human life will be the highest value.

At all times, people were given knowledge about the oneness of God and that God is Love. It was said about the unification of all people on Earth in the spirit of Love and brotherhood. About the fact that a person is dual: there is an Angelic part and an animal part in him, and that the Angel in a human should dominate. Also, all the Prophets told that there is no difference between people. We are all brothers and sisters, and our father is God! By His will, we are given a single Knowledge about the world, about our nature. After all, if you dig deeper, then the seeds of Truth can be found in the scriptures of all world religions.

Now is an incredibly joyful time! In the modern world, all the conditions have been created to make the prophets' dreams come true! Having united by the whole world, we can create the world of Love and Unity!

We invite all people to the online conference


which will take place on March 20, 2021.

This is a unique chance for all mankind to make the dream of the Prophets come true!

What could be more worthy than this truly good deed?!

Igor, participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement 

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