The scientists assert that the Sumerian civilization was similar to the modern one? Who has taught the ancient Sumerians?

Scientists have recognized the Sumerian civilization as one of the oldest ones, which are known to date. Modern science has evidence that the ...


Is the Universe just a hologram? A new scientific research

An international group of theoretical physicists and astrophysicists provide evidence that the universe is a huge complicated hologram. The results ...


Ants are able to analyze unfamiliar objects

Scientists from around the world conducted a number of studies and found that ants of the genus Aphaenogaster are able to choose tools for ...


Betelgeuse may have swallowed a companion star

The rotation speed of the supergiant Betelgeuse is about 150 times faster than it was assumed. The discovery is believed to show that in the past ...


Ancient pyramids discovered in Bosnia

In Bosnia, five ancient pyramids have been discovered, the age of which is 40 000 years. It was announced in 2005 by an amateur archaeologist, ...


The cells and space sound as well. The general impact of sound and music on the human body

As a musician, I have always been interested in the nature of sound. After all, what is a sound – it is a wave, and as you know, everything has ...


Imhotep: World’s First Astronomer

On a limestone base, which represents all that is left from a life-size statue of King Djoser, a unique inscription was found. It records, for the ...


To tell the truth or to lie? Researches: How kids’ perceptions on truth and lie change with age.

Canadian scientists have found that younger children have a binary take on truth and lies – while older children take intent and outcomes more ...


In the USA they plan to build an underground city

As reported by "InsideHook" a small team from the USA has designed the underground village called "Trident Lakes". It is quite a common practice now ...


Mary’s Message: the mysteries of the miraculous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Studying the topic related to God’s mother, it always leads to many incredible discoveries. I never stop wondering how obviously the knowledge ...


Good news travels faster than bad

Psychologists and neuroscientists have conducted a large-scale study. During the experiment the brain impulses of volunteers were studied in response ...


Fresh outlook on unexpectedly rapid expansion of the Universe

American astronomers’ researches confirm the information from the books by Anastasia Novykh. The rate of the universe expansion turned out to be ...

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