Independent media. How to form public opinion

Independent media. How to form public opinion

If somebody doesn’t see the point of the matter,
it is easy for them to become its opponent.

The dictum ascribed to Ali ibn Abu Talib

International media without political "front" and corrupt stories. Is this possible? ALLATRA News team members can say for certain that such type of media is a necessity for modern society.

The media have always been a reflection of the spiritual level of society. Any business, any political parties, religious movements are directly dependent on consumers, to be more exact, on their public opinion. If we trace the history of our society, it is easy to see that when people stopped paying attention to the replicated information, the heads of the abovementioned fields had no choice but to create a new attractive scope of activity, whether it is business, a new form of government or a new religion.

Therefore, if we look non-biased at already known history, we can say with confidence that it does not teach us anything. Unfortunately, the stereotype made people think that their opinion is not taken into account and this is normal, when a small group of people determine the fate of entire nations, billions of people around the world. It may take a long time to describe the current situation in the world. And it is quite meaningless, because if every human gives a thought to what he watches every day, he will understand that the world is spinning out of control. In the larger sense , this situation occurs because of laziness, the desire to shift responsibility for his life and decision making on to someone else. This behavior shows the spiritual immaturity of our society. But what can we do in this case?

Citizen journalism

We have already pushed the issue of international journalism, where we've examined the profession origins and its future. Studying this topic, we realized that the "information = public opinion", and it was known from the very ancient times, however, this knowledge has been used (even now) in a destructive way for society. But today, thanks to the development of Internet technologies, there is a real opportunity to change the situation.

The international portal ALLATRA News was established for this purpose two years ago. This non-profit project is a public initiative. It is not financed by any corporate or political forces. We do not have heads and subordinates, all work on the site is made on a voluntary basis. The site team consists of people of different ages, nationalities, different social status. At first many of them were just our readers, but later they decided to join the project team. Each new person gives us valuable experience and becomes a new friend. ALLATRA News is a multilingual website due to its multi-national team.

I would like to note that we do not have professional journalists. Each person brings and shares the experience that he has acquired in his life. To acquire skills at journalism, you can take free courses, which can be easily found on the Internet, as well as tips, articles of professional journalists which they post on their websites.

The main tasks of the International Portal "ALLATRA News" are:

  • popularization of creative ideology of kindness and mutual aid, unification of peoples on its basis;
  • coverage of positive news for a spiritual, cultural and moral world community formation with a positive way of thinking;
  • informational support of good deeds and initiatives, the best actions of groups and humans as Personalities.

As you can see, this website makes it possible for any inhabitant of the planet to change the world society. But what did we face while working on this project?

KINDNESS AND HUMANITY are sectarianism?

Bringing up in our publications the issues of spiritual revival, understanding of the lost essence of ancient artefacts, global climate change, as well as the meaning of human life and many other things, we receive a positive response from our readers. It seems such an association bringing people together on the basis of kindness and desire to know their true nature, the world nature, is not beneficial to certain groups of people.

We have noticed that some Ukrainian TV channels began an active opposition to unifying peoples of different countries. It feels like someone (organizations or other forces, who order reports) just opens «The Overton Window» to reject humanness and life of Conscience. What we will reach by eradicating these basic values? Anyone can imagine, especially when you take into consideration the rapid development of new types of weapons. However, the words « sect», «sectarian», «occultism» discredit such basic human concepts as kindness, humanity, conscience, morality, and, what is more important, spirituality - all things that have been prized in a person and considered his/her main essence since ancient times.

Some people call the participants of the international social movement "ALLATRA" sectarians, and those socially important public initiatives, which they carry out selflessly and in their spare time – the sect activities. The audience is given a distorted, fragmentary information about the activities of the movement, there is an attempt to instill into people’s minds an axiom that "ALLATRA is a sect", thus, intimidating people and depriving them of the desire to sort things out on their own.

On the other hand, they say: «If it weren't for bad luck have no luck at all». We believe that there are a lot of good and thoughtful people. And the attempt to denigrate the work of millions of people on the revival of spirituality in society, will have the opposite effect and awaken interest in independent study of news shaped by mass media.

In conclusion, I want to remind ancient wisdom to our journalist–colleagues: "Conscience is the level of greatness of soul" - and it is worth considering before making an unfair, false, defamatory news report. Let's revive Homo Verus – a Real Human in ourselves and in society.

Arina Kalinina

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