There is a city where you will find everything you desire - attractive people,

pleasures, all kinds of decoration - everything your nature craves. However, you won't find a single wise man there.

This city is a man. A hundred thousand accomplishments may be there, but if there is not the most important thing - a loving heart, it would be better for this town to lie in ruins.


All worlds and universes began out of Love.  Eternal Love lights up and gives all of us life and a chance to return to it, to return Home, to the Spiritual World. Love permeates through and revitalises everything around us. The material world is a reflection of the infinite Love. Love is the light without which there will be no reflection and everything will disappear. Everything begins with Love.

In the material world, everything is fractally repeated, and if we talk about things we do in this world, about projects in which each of us takes part, then here too everything begins with Love. Consciousness says that this is such a small thing: "So what if there’s love in the heart, it is necessary, of course, but that's for later. Now it is a case of committing some deed, some feat in the name of the Spiritual World. So that everyone will definitely remember my greatest deed. And the love in my heart... Someday it will come upon me for a great number of deeds”.

But if it were not for one beautiful loving heart once, there would be no books, no programs, no projects... Every deed done out of Love is an act in the name of the Spiritual World, which we need to do every moment! When we act sincerely out of Love then there is more light.

At one point I realized that the most important thing is our loving hearts, our Love. Because when we have that, when we remember that each person is me and there is a part of Him in everyone, then real unification comes. And then all together we can do very, very much. Because then everyone feels that they are surrounded by loving friends, not judges. When a person feels sincere Love and support, he begins to trust, open up, rejoice and love. And then, lit by Love and support, he can do a lot of good and kind things. It is as if a person gains wings and no longer listens to his consciousness, which has been telling him all his life that he is worthless and can do nothing.

After all, when  consciousness throws into us thoughts  that someone is pathetic, bad, unable to do anything, it torments this person from inside with the same thoughts. For example, a person thinks: "You don't know how to do anything, you disturb everyone, and you are no good at all; you cannot do anything good. Everyone around you is good, and you alone, like a fool, can’t do anything”. He hears these thoughts, but he hangs on and realizes that this is consciousness. But if at that moment one of us tells him that he is bad, that he cannot do anything, then the person is convinced that consciousness is telling him the truth, and he shuts down. And how much good everyone can do! Of course, whether or not to respond to words and thoughts is everyone's job. But our responsibility is to love and support one another. To give one another wings and look with loving eyes. This is what union is! 

At the moment when a friend says, perhaps, something wrong, it is important to remember that I love him. Then it is as if I switch and see in front of me not the image that my mind has painted for me ("he's wrong," "how does he not understand?"), I see my friend. When I remember that we are both a part of Him and that He is in each of us, it doesn't take any effort to love. After all, I love Allah, I love the Spiritual World, so how can I not love a part of Him? This Love is natural to the Personality. And when you love, there is always a way out and the right word. When there is Love, we can understand each other, unite, we strive to support friends and help if needed. That is how we can do very much good things!

It also helps to remember that even if we don't agree on something in three-dimensionality or our consciousnesses don't understand each other, we still love each other! And it's true. Projects may appear, then disappear, change, become something new, but Love always remains. Without Love nothing would exist.

Why did the Prophets try so hard for us, even though they knew that their teaching would distort and people's consciousness would overturn everything? They came to us with great Love and believed in people and loved us to the last.

"Let me tell you this: Imagine that you have been sowing wheat in a stone field all your life, knowing for sure that only a few spikelets will come up. But you are working hard from morning till night, dragging stones, watering the whole field in the hope that somewhere, anywhere, at least one grain will come up”. 

From "What the Prophets Dreamed" video on AllatRa TV

The seed that has risen is everyone who has truly loved the Spiritual World, who acts sincerely out of Love for Him. Eternal Love, which is in each of us, is stronger than consciousness, stronger than Iblis. It is important that we remember it and not change it for hatred and anger. How do we feel it? Simply remember it and turn to it. God's love is not going to come down on us one day, IT’S ALREADY IN US. We are the ones who turn away from it instead of loving in return.

Love came from Eternity

In our youth, when we were infinitely in love, did we make an effort to remember our love? Of course not. We lived ordinary lives, studying, working, and love lived in us, and we warmed that feeling inside. It's the same now. Consciousness keeps telling us that there is some special, proper, spiritual love with which we must love the Spiritual World, this love supposedly comes only in spiritual practices. But that is a lie, it's just an attempt to complicate the simple and confuse the Personality. Love is one. You just love, that's all. We feel Love and we love in return. Love spreads, and there is more light in the world.

All the prophets spoke of Love. And today, thanks to the Primordial Knowledge, we can find life in Love eternal, Love infinite. We can create unifying projects, build the Creative Society and prove that the prophets did not come in vain, show that we are alive and that the spikelets in the field have sprouted.

We can return Home...

Peace of closeness to Allah

All this we can do only together, only by truly uniting.

Everything starts with Love...

Madina, ALLATRA IPM participant

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